The thing with Biden is that ... as of now, he is in a phase of Presidential elimination ... where things will go against him. So, if I would only praise him and show him only good things ahead ... then I would be lying. It would not be a correct portrayal of things ahead.

I have to show him the bad and the good as well. If he corrects himself and launches a few good policies ... then good things can happen for him. But if he remains on the current track where several disasters are in motion ... then obviously, he needs to know the other side of the coin as well.

I am not doing this to Biden ... Biden has himself done this ... he has put himself in this situation where things don't favor him. In the initial days of his Presidency, we were not taking such a hardline approach ... because he had a clean slate then and he had not put his policies in motion yet.

This situation that Biden is in ... its because of his decisions. So, when we show the good side and the bad side ... Presidents generally don't like it. Trump was in this situation for most of the part of his Presidency and when we would show him the good and bad sides ahead ... he would start shouting "Harassment! This is Presidential harassment!!"

Even Trump did that to himself. He was an inactive President who would protect a criminal organization rather than shut down their malice. Several SM Groups were fed up of his inaction and furious at his looting of trillions. So, I had to show all of the shit that he would be facing ahead in order to give him a heads-up ... so that he could change and be successful.

Whenever we tried to help Trump become successful and dodge the stuff against him ... he would shout "Harassment! This is Presidential harassment!!"

So, Mr. Biden ... if you think that we are harassing you ... then please learn from the mistakes of your Guru. This is one good thing that Trump is providing for current and future Presidents ... "what not to do as President". The Trump Presidency is an excellent role model to learn from.

The next thing what happens on this track is that ... Trump kept on failing ... his Presidency and approvals kept on deteriorating ... and Trump started turning against us. He started abusing us in every way possible ... with chemicals, with politics, with misinformation, started targeting my clients, started abusing my family members and God knows what not.

This phase is tipsy-turvy ... anything can happen at any time. More the candidate remains on the wrong track, more the things happen against him ... and stupid candidates like Trump start turning their frustrations against us. They try to target us ... for revenge or out of hate or thinking that it might help them ... but it never helps them. It only makes things worse for them.

So, Mr. Biden ... if you rather make new moves ... try to do a few great things for your people ... then you can be a turning point in American history. You don't have to go down like Trump.

Again ... this is not harassment.


You want me to forgive Trump?

Does it seem like I am holding anything against him? I am not holding anything against him personally. Its his own actions that are against him. He has created the deaths of millions of people ... created genocide in the pandemic, wars and a world migration. He is completely screwing the Biden Presidency when Biden could have created great changes for America.

When he created the genocide in the pandemic itself we designed a track for repentance for him. We told him to spend a few hundred billion in Africa and save a few million lives so that it helps him a little bit. But instead of saving a few million lives, Trump chooses to create wars and a world migration. He continues to create disasters under Biden and mislead Biden.

I am not the one against Trump ... Trump himself is against him. Look at the facts and tell me how will the logic work out for him? Trump has been self-destructive since his Presidency itself ... his self-destruction activities are only expanding more and more.

Secondly, Trump doesn't have to seek forgiveness from me only ... but he has to seek forgiveness from all the families that he has destroyed and killed their loved ones. If they choose to forgive Trump then its good.

Lastly, by "forgiveness" if you mean that I help Trump become President again ... then I don't think that you know the meaning of forgiveness.