So, Bill Gates wants to join the game? He is welcome in the game. He is a nice guy … his money is clean … he works on good causes … who doesn’t like him?

  • He made a phenomenal entry in the corporate world as a child genius.
  • He has phenomenal record breaking accomplishments.
  • He has a phenomenal philanthropy … he has been helping many good causes on the go. He didn’t wait to retire to help those in need … helping others was a part of his lifestyle.
  • Now, if he wants to support revolutions in America and the world … he is more than welcome.

He is Establishment independent … he is practical … has limitless talent … he is excellent material. He will be a great asset.

Presidency? Will have to talk it out.
I don’t think that he is interested in going for the Presidency … but if he is … then we will have to talk it out. For sponsorship … its an instant yes … but the Presidency is a little bit more challenging … it’s a new sphere … we have to share info and ideas … and evaluate the feasibility.

Elon Musk is a frontend guy
If you look at Elon Musk … then he is more of a frontend guy. He likes the spotlight … he likes the public interaction and he likes to fight for what is right. As of now, Elon Musk is challenging both Trump and Biden … which is a good thing.

America needs a guy who can pick a fight … a fight for what is right … this is the need of the time. This is why we offered the Presidency option to Elon Musk directly. We already have a Mr. Nice in the team … and he is not being as productive as expected.

On the other hand, if you see … Bill Gates is more of a shy person … he is more of a backend guy … who is very careful with his words. It’s a war in a shark tank out there … Mr. Nice won’t cut it. Forget about nice words … you need to be able to kick ass out there. The Presidency can be very stressful with a lot of opposition and ridicule in an open public mode … being Mr. Nice won’t cut it.

However, nothing is off the table … as long as the candidates commit to learn and fight for what is right. Look who we are dealing with right now … Mr. Biden … he is no Elon Musk or Bill Gates … but still … we have designed a leadership option under him … as long as he commits to learn and fight for what is right.

If the candidate commits to stop what is wrong and fight for what is right … then anything is possible.

President Michelle – Managing 3 Presidents
While we work on welcoming new candidates in different suitable roles to take America forward … the most important role in taking America forward rests with President Michelle. One wonderful Black lady has to manage 3 Presidents tactfully to take America forward.

Managing Trump
The only thing that we need from Trump is to … stay out of the way. We need nothing from him. The more he stalls, blocks, misleads, creates mischief and disasters, the more it is going to backfire on him only. Staying out of the way is the best thing that Trump can do for America right now.

Managing Obama
Obama is turning out to be a bigger problem in the team. If our key candidate who is supposed to lead the team along with Michelle … if he himself starts contaminating candidates and starts making Party puppets out of them then he starts channelizing Establishment malice via the Party … unknowingly of course.

Obama cannot stick to his old ways … he needs to stop creating his duplicates … he needs to stop getting involved in policy making and he needs to stop pushing for Party policies. Because … this is exactly what’s screwing every new candidate that we are bringing in the game. This is one of the key reasons why Biden is lagging behind and he is on the verge of his Presidency being terminated.

So doesn’t matter if we pull Elon Musk or Bill Gates in the game … if Obama keeps on trying to create his duplicates … then everything keeps on getting screwed again and again.

The best thing that Obama can do right now is … play his role … of being the First Gentleman. Stand next to President Michelle … support her, empower her with everything that you have got in everything that she wants to do. She is a phenomenal person that can be pure treasure for America. America needs her and you need to help her play this extremely important role to take an entire country forward … a country that is plagued by several simultaneous disasters needs to be saved.

She needs your support … to do new things … to bring phenomenal change. You can’t oppose her or try to do your old stuff all over again. You yourself will enjoy and love the new change that will come … just sit back … see it happen. Just observe everything for one Presidency and you will learn everything to come back in the lead position again.

We like you and we have great hopes and plans for you … but right now, you need to play the role that is needed of you. Please.

Managing Biden
If we can manage both of the above extremely talented and phenomenal leaders … then we can help Mr. Biden become President Biden.

Winning Saudis on your side
Its important for Biden to win Saudis on your side … we already gave him the info on this page:

Sanction Iran ... root out Houthis from Yemen … stop Iran’s malicious terror activities in the region and the world … provide military and intelligence support to Saudis for defense purposes … and then oil production and everything should fall into place.

Managing all 3 Presidents … is kind of important at this moment in time.


Abduction and kidnap of my Mom

While we are working on saving and changing the world ... this is what's going on in my residence ... reportedly Trump is also involved in this shit.

Getting reports that my brother is working with my sisters to abduct my mother and take her to his residence ... to threaten, abuse and bamboozle her in giving her properties to him.

They are repeatedly trying to take out Mom outside under any pretext ... for a ride, for shopping, for buying ear rings, for getting fresh air or for grabbing a bite. It seems this is a false pretext for pulling Mom in their car and then take her to my brother's residence.

Mom is repeatedly rejecting to come with them ... she has no interest in staying with my brother ... but their requests to take Mom are getting more frequent and more coercive.

Reportedly, this is abduction and kidnap ... force and abuse against someone to defraud them of their properties. Several criminal activities seem to be involved in this process. Please check what is going on.

If Mom has no interest in going out with them then why the repeated requests and coercion?