Biden goes after Al Qaeda

Mr. Biden ... Al Qaeda and terrorism is old story. It has been taken care of by Trump on day one itself. The entire concept of terrorism and the War on Terror has been wiped off. After the entire battle is won ... going around and hunting down a few remnants will not help you in any way. It will not help your Presidency or polls or popularity.

Its a stupid gimmick that Obama used when he reportedly killed Osama bin Laden. Osama bin Laden was a thing during Obama because Obama kept the wars going on. An entire Presidency has lapsed since terrorism has been wiped out ... now, it won't do you any good.

Your work on Al Qaeda is nothing but scavengers on a 5 year old battle field. Its like crows and vultures looking for something to eat on an old battle field. Lol.

We are in new times ... the biggest terrorist that exists today is the one that lives right under your nose ... whose ass you worship very loyally and dedicatedly ... its Donald Trump. Trump is the biggest terrorist of this time ... he has killed millions and displaced millions ... created several waves of the pandemic and created wars ... to the extent that he also planned and pushed for a nuclear world war.

Take down Trump ... lock him up ... indict him and convict him ... that would be actual news today ... that would be some accomplishment worthy of a US President today.

Heh ... the interesting thing is that ... given the impeachment activities being planned against you by several groups ... it is Trump that might actually kick you out of office even before you convict him. Talk about lack of action and sitting on your ass while the kick is coming for you.


Biden tests positive again

Get well soon Uncle Biden. The thing about Covid tests is that … they are not entirely accurate. Since the samples are taken from the mouth and nose … it might be that “that particular sample” didn’t contain the virus … but your body still contains the virus. There are many cases of “false negatives” in Covid testing. That’s why many Doctors say that the efficacy of the tests is merely 50%.

The main thing is that … you should beat the symptoms. If you are not showing symptoms then its good … it means that your body is winning over the virus. Just continue to take the medicines for a week more and you should be fine.

The key to winning against Covid is “instant treatment” … start the anti-biotics and meds the moment you see symptoms. You should kill the virus in the budding stage itself.

Impeachment on the way

Other than that … the news for you is that … options for impeachment and jail are being explored for you by several different groups out there … Establishment elements, anti-Biden SM Groups, pro-Republican groups … the interesting chemistry would be of how Republicans and Trump would jump at this opportunity.

Impeachment of Biden is being planned to be a major game changer in the dismantling of the Biden Presidency and the dismantling of your mass spending policies. I am giving you a heads up … several groups are actively working on all routes to impeach you and as well as working on jail options for you.

I got this news a few weeks ago … you guys don’t seem to be taking anything seriously … and step by step everything is turning against you.

The impeachment track is being designed to completely decimate the Biden Presidency … you literally have to step down and allow someone else to lead the country … as that’s the only way Democrats will have a chance in 2024. An impeached President means a sure shot loss in 2024.

Well, will give details later … just focus on getting better … things are not good out there. I give the info in advance … so that, you know what’s coming next and you can prepare for it.