Why are they trying to talk about sex or offer sex? Whoever it is ... please electrocute their balls.

We have the third President who is turning out to be a total parasite ... we are at war directly with Russia on the other side ... on the verge of a nuclear war with the highest debt, inflation and cost living ... all of this happening during a pandemic ... and the best thing that they can do is ... talk about sex?

Is this why we are bringing people in power? Either to be a parasite and create every disaster to the max or talk about sex while being a parasite? Please electrocute their balls if sex is what they want to talk about right now. Thank you.


So, let me put this in nicer words. Lol.

Sex, dating, family ... its a part of life ... a part of almost everyone's life. We need to weigh things based upon their importance ... we need to look at the crises that the world faces around us ... the problems that people face ... and then we have to organize things to make sure that we are solving the problems and also taking care of personal lives.

Nobody out there gives a huge section of their lives to sex ... except for sex workers and pornstars ... because sex is how they make their living. This is what our lovely Presidential candidates should understand ... do I look like a sex worker to you? Or do I look like a Pornstar to you? That other than being a parasite on my work, you try to talk about sex with me?

Am I working with Presidential candidates or am I working with sex workers and Pornstars? I don't think that sex should be the dominant topic for Presidents and world leaders, should it?

Every guy with some commonsense understands that ... there is a limited amount of time, money and effort that you spend every day on each activity. It might be leading the world, making reforms, sex, dating, family, helping others and whatever. Who the hell remains occupied by sex 24/7/365?

I am the guy who is 47 years old now ... who has left the concept of dating and family ... mainly to reform and revolutionize the world. We are changing governments and managing elections to get the best leaders in the White House to make the best reforms possible. And when these leaders don't do shit ... remain a parasite on me ... allow several crises to exist out there ... and then try to talk about sex with me ... it literally makes me want to electrocute their balls.

Its a joke ... but it is also exactly how I feel.

Obama and Biden need to stop screwing around with this bullshit that they call leadership ... and they need to understand how to start solving each crisis ... that's if they want to remain in Presidential leadership. SM will take you down with or without me ... once you are taken down, it will be very very difficult to pull you back in the game.

It is Michelle that needs to fix this bullshit leadership that is coming from Obama and Biden. It was already expected Obama and Biden to screw up ... that's why we have Michelle in the game.


One unintended and unplanned line of friction that is being created in this work is ... friction with Presidential candidates. The entire game is designed to keep me, Presidents and SM on one side ... and then we collectively hammering out the Establishment. That's the basic plan.

But what's happening is ... instead of working together, there is friction among all 3 elements.

  • Presidents stall the work, go on a looting spree, don't end any crisis and make teeny tiny itsy bitsy changes ... this freaks out SM Groups and they start dismantling his Presidency. SM is supposed to protect, support and give victories to the President ... but instead there is a line of friction between SM and the President ... and they start rooting him out instead of working with him.
  • Since I am the mediator between the President and the SM Network ... I have to inform the President that ... "excuse me, some SM Groups are calling you a greedy pig ... a pimp in chief ... a fraud ... a hypocrite" ... and what not. Instead of the President working with me ... I am busy informing him how the country is getting screwed under his leadership and all of the complaints that SM has against him. I have to show him how his Presidency is going to be dismantled and then start working on the next President. This ends up creating a line of friction between me and the President or Presidential candidates.
  • The Presidential candidates see that they are going down in polls and that they will lose the next elections ... they start getting pissed off at me and get more and more eager to figure out what and who the SM Network is.

Eventually, instead of the 3 elements of the President, me and SM ... there are lines of friction among all 3. This didn't happen once ... but its the 3rd time.

First, Trump screwed up ... chose to worship the Devil's ass ... and turned against us. And then Warren ... she was also bent on drastic mass spending party policies and she also screwed her chances of becoming President. She didn't learn what had to be done ... she followed the Party's ass instead of using facts and logic. She also turned against us when her candidacy was being taken down.

Now, the third guy on the line is Biden ... he is also entering a similar phase ... of no coordination, not ending any crisis, busy with mass spending and cash making. Till date, there is no coordination from him ... Michelle is managing the friction quite well ... but there is no guarantee what SM Groups will do to the Obama-Biden leadership ahead.

If we see all 3 cases of Trump, Warren and Biden ... these are the key reasons why we are in a phase of friction among each other.

  • No coordination ... thus no know how of how to end each crisis.
  • Establishment monopoly not broken down and wealth drain continues.
  • Establishment's ass worship or the Party's ass worship.
  • Mass spending and cash making
  • Rise in debt, trade deficits, inflation and cost of living
  • Remains a parasite on our work ... tries to use us just to get power and to remain in power
  • Because of the above SM Groups start turning against each candidate and their leadership is failed

This has been the case with all 3 till date ... Trump and Warren went through this phase and their leadership was terminated. Biden has also entered this phase because of the same reasons.

Biden thinks that I am angry at him ... but he should look at the technicalities and the facts at hand ... then he will understand the "fury" that several SM groups have against him. Yes, its not just anger ... they are furious at you.

How I manage this fury from SM is ... tell them to work on alternate candidates rather than being angry at one ... this will help us to solve America's problems via multiple routes. It helps me to manage the fury but it doesn't protect your Presidency.

You need to look at the technicalities and understand how to move forward.


Yes, about the Elon Musk option ... I don't think it is a good idea to fail Democrats in both the House and Senate to facilitate Biden's removal and to facilitate Elon Musk's entry. This is mainly because of two reasons.

First. Why are we looking for an Elon Musk option? Because Biden is not working with us and some SM groups want Elon Musk as the alternate option to take America forward.

Now ... take a look at the reality ... is Elon Musk working with us? Use the same questions and complaints with Elon Musk as with Biden ... then how is he any different? I would understand support for Elon Musk if he was directly working with us ... committing to launch the right policies ... understands the crises and how to solve each crisis and so on. But Elon Musk is a clean slate exactly likeTrump, Warren and Biden were.

If we move ahead with Elon Musk without any guidance and support for him ... are we going to sit back and entertain ourselves of how the Rocket Scientist is going to fail in solving America's problems?

We simply cannot go full fledged in favor of any candidate until and unless he knows what he has to do and he shows the capability to succeed at the ground level. This is one of the reasons I said ... don't take away both the House and Senate from Democrats. Take away only one ... the House or the Senate ... so that we can leave the door open to work with Biden or Elon Musk.

Second. The second reason why we should not fail Democrats in both houses is that ... if Elon Musk doesn't get activated ... then Trump and Republicans will benefit the most at the expense of Democrats. Even if Biden indicts and convicts Trump ... he will still lose to any Republican. Biden has no lustre, no charisma, no energy and his policies are not good ... we have several simultaneous crises with the highest debt, inflation and cost of living. Once Biden loses both the House and Senate ... a Republican victory in 2024 is most likely. That is, if no Democrat works with us with the right policies.

The more Biden loses, the more it will help Trump. Here is where we have to balance out things. Work with facts ... yes, Elon Musk can be a great President ... but he is not working with us yet ... and he doesn't know what has to be done ahead. I would strongly suggest all SM Groups to manage their anger and frustration with Biden ... and balance out things for the good of the country.


Whose side I am on? Joe Biden or Elon Musk?

Well, I am on the People's side ... always on the People's side. All decisions we make including who shoud lead the country depends on what's best for the people.

Now, when you consider Joe Biden and Elon Musk both of them have good potential to lead the country. This is similar to the case of Trump and Biden in 2020 ... we were open to working with both candidates. I said ... "whoever contacts me first, I will work with him". The blunder that Trump made was that ... instead of contacting me, he paid off Democrats not to contact me. He didn't work with me nor did he allow Democrats to work with me. This was one of the reasons why Trump lost 2020. It was backstabbing at a different level.

We will apply the same formula with Joe Biden and Elon Musk as well ... whoever works with me first, I will work with him. Just like we organized the entire country around Trump when we chose him as President ... just like we organized the country around Obama & Biden ... we can similarly organize the country for any good leader like Elon Musk. It is quite easy for us to pull support and give victories to our chosen candidate ... unless and until of course, there is a critical flaw in him owing to which SM groups don't give him the victory ... otherwise, it is pretty darn easy.

The reason why I am saying not to give too much emphasis on Elon Musk right away is because ...

  • He has not made any committments yet. We don't even know if he will run for President.
  • He is not yet working with us ... its pretty much same as Biden.
  • We pulled in Trump, Obama and Biden in Presidential leadership based on the assumption that they will work with us ... but they didn't. Some SM Groups call them frauds and hypocrites. We don't want to continue on the same cyle of endorsement, fraud, greed and no action.

It makes sense to put things in Elon Musk's favor only if he works with us. Otherwise, it can turn into the same shitshow cycle.

So, the simple formula will be ... "first come, first served." When you show the initiative, then it shows that you have more interest in the project to bring about change. That's what we will prioritize on.


I know ... anti-Biden groups see Biden as a fraud and a hypocrite. They say that Obama is enabling Biden in being a fraud and a hypocrite by not doing anything.

That's one of the reasons I am trying to get Michelle to work with Biden and bring some changes. The only other option we have is ... these groups will root out Biden from the White House with or without me ... we have to prepare for a transition to a Musk Presidency.

If Biden refuses to work with Michelle ... then Michelle has to start working with Elon Musk. We can't simply sit and allow Trump to take over ... it would be back to the same old bullshit. Michelle has to work on both tracks simultaneously.