Since Biden is playing nice … let us give him some information on how the dynamics work with SM and Active Democracy.

Common Ground
This is something that I used to tell to Trump also. When things get tipsy turvy … when there is fury coming from SM Groups … then you need to understand who does what … so that you can clearly distinguish between SM and Active Democracy.

SM and Active Democracy … we are not one entity … and we are not the same entity … we are separate entities. Here is the common ground between us.

  • Facts and Logic. Since I trained SM Groups on how to operate in leading the country … both of us operate using facts and logic.
  • Make and dismantle Presidencies. Yes, both of us are involved in the making and dismantling of Presidencies … as well as managing key leadership positions in the country.
  • Dismantle the Establishment. Both of us have the objective of dismantling the Establishment in every sphere of life.
  • Create a New Era. Both of us also aim to create a new era for America and every country in the world.

Our mode of operation, activities and goals are pretty much the same.

Key Differences
Here are the key differences between us.

SM … evaluate and respond

  • Right moves. If the President makes the right moves … then SM responds with support, protection and victories for the President in that particular action or policy.
  • Wrong moves. If the President makes the wrong moves … then SM responds with pulling him down in polls and popularity, loss in elections and complete removal from power.

SM evaluates the President and other key leaders using facts and logic … and then they “respond” accordingly.

Active Democracy … evaluate and mold
Just like SM … even we evaluate the President and other key leaders using facts and logic … and then we advise, guide, strategize and mold the candidate in a better direction. We connect the Presidency with SM and show the President what is going on at the ground level, so that he understands the support system that sustains his Presidency.

SM doesn’t do much of “guiding and molding” … they just respond … either they support you or hammer you out. It is only we that have to step in … to change, to guide, to strategize and pull the country in the right direction.

SM evaluations can be brutal
The most powerful thing about SM is that … it exists and it also doesn’t exist. I have designed them to be like the waves in the Ocean. When the wave rises, you see what it is doing … but when the wave subsides back into the Ocean, then it doesn’t exist anymore. The waves in the Ocean exist when needed and then they don’t exist after that.

Pretty cool, isn’t it? Lol.

SM has been phenomenal in defeating all Establishment puppets in Presidential elections … they have rooted out entire governments … also rooted out a Jewish Prime Minister on Jewish land created by Jewish Bankers … and also put millionaire and billionaire criminals in jail.

As far as US Presidents are concerned … their evaluations can be pretty brutal. There are reasons for it …

  • Firstly, they are the ones who gave you the Presidency. You are President because of them.
  • Secondly, all evaluations are based on facts and logic.
  • Thirdly, if you betray them and turn out to be a fraud … then obviously, they will be furious.

Trump. They evaluated Trump to be a Pimp in Chief, who was pimping out America and making money via trade deals. They called him a “thief in a burning building” … a greedy pig … a self-obsessed moron … a psycho who can think of no one but himself … and so on. The list is pretty long to cover on this page.

Biden. Several SM Groups evaluate Biden to be a shameless greedy pig … a fraud and a hypocrite. 

I used to repeatedly inform Trump about SM evaluations and that he would lose the Presidency if he lost more and more SM support. Trump would be furious at me for referring to him as a thief, a fraud and a greedy pig. He would call it Presidential harassment whenever I showed that SM will terminate his Presidency. He would be jumping up and down trying to pull strings against me.

The thing with SM evaluations is that … I can step in and intervene … I am the Strategist … I can change their tracks … but if what they say is as per the facts on the ground then I can’t help. “Facts and logic” is the key connecting and guiding factor in all of our operations.

Whatever they were saying about Trump was a fact … and whatever they are saying about you is also a fact.

Intervention for 2 main reasons
When things get too furious and too negative among SM Groups … then I intervene mainly because of 2 reasons.

  • Too much negativity can become destructive. They were about to toss Trumps in jail … the entire Trump team was planned to be put in jail. If I allowed that to happen then we could get a Nuclear war under Mike Pence. Despite SM Groups having facts on their side … I still step in to calm things down. I direct their fury to working on alternate leaders instead of wasting their energy on one person that is not following through. This is how Trump was removed and we got Biden in the White House.
  • Have to work with the President. The second reason for managing SM fury is that … at the end of the day … I have to work with the President. Too much of fury and name-calling should not affect the overall longterm objectives of the project.

SM doesn’t exist … but I do … I have to work with the President … too much of fury doesn’t help in the long run. SM disappears like the waves in the Ocean … but I cannot disappear and many a times I am the one that creates the waves.

Biden is being nice … that’s why he needs to know who does what. Yes, there is frustration from my side as well … its not that I am enjoying you being a parasite on me. But all of these evaluations of your Presidency are from SM Groups … it is their opinion.

Secondly, SM opinion matters … its very very important. They are the ones who bring you in power … sustain your Presidency … they will either prolong it or terminate it. More the SM support you lose, the more likely your Presidency will be terminated. More the SM support you have, the more likely you will remain President.

As of now, there is quite a lot of fury against the Biden Presidency … everyone is actively evaluating as to what has to be done next. This is the phase I am trying to manage right now.