Some SM Groups are complaining that I am being Pro-Biden only because he is being nice and maintaining security for me.

Firstly, it is Michelle Obama that maintains my security. Biden doesn't even know who I am and what work I do. It is because of Michelle that Biden is not pulling strings against me.

Secondly, I never said that I am "Pro-Biden". We only put Biden in the White House so that he could coordinate with us to make great changes for America. I am for a Biden that will change America ... not for a Biden that is running this bullshit leadership.

Thirdly, I am not writing many articles against Biden ... this is mainly to avoid "destructive negativity" from SM Groups. Just because I am not writing too many articles against Biden's inaction, bad policies or the loot of the country ... it does not mean that I am Pro-Biden.

As it is, there is a lot of fury against Biden among SM Groups ... now, if I start publishing a ton of articles against his flawed and ridiculous leadership ... then we can enter a phase of destructive negativity.

Instead of wanting more fury and more destructive negativity against Biden ... I would suggest these SM Groups to work on alternate options to lead America. Yes, I agree ... we are failing Establishment puppets from enterting the White House ... but instead of getting good leaders who would make phenomenal changes for America ... we are getting frauds and thieves in the White House.

I understand this point ... but only fury and negativity will not help. The positive way of handling this situation is ... flush out the frauds and thieves ... and pull better leaders in the White House. This is a more positive track of channelizing your time and energy.

Yes, if you see Biden and Trump to be frauds and thieves ... then you don't need to put up with them. Flush them out and bring in better leaders. Work on this track.

As far as I am concerned ... I keep myself open to all tracks of taking America forward. This gives us several options of getting the work done. The good thing about Biden is that ... he is not an Establishment puppet ... so, it is still possible to take America forward with Biden in the White House.

I am also open to working with Elon Musk or Bill de Blasio or any other better candidate that we can pull in the game. I can't make you guys to stop being angry with Biden ... but if we remove Biden then who is going to lead America? This is the immediate next question that we should prepare for.

The Establishment already knows that you will flush out Biden. If we don't prepare the next candidate then we can end up getting the Establishment's candidate in the White House. And nobody wants this to happen.

Always look at the next 5 to 10 steps ahead of how things will work out. The urgent situation that we may face in the next couple of months is that ... if SM Groups fail Democrats in both the House and Senate ... then the Biden Presidency will be toast. We will be headed towards a sure shot victory for Republicans in 2024. If Trump is not convicted then we will get another 4 years of one person looting trillions, blowing his horn and saving his ass. Not only we are going to lose the current Presidency ... but we are also going to lose the next Presidency. This is the most urgent scenario that must be addressed.

Fury and negativity against Biden can create this scenario. Its a must for us to balance out things. Those Groups that are pissed off at Biden ... let them look for and bring better candidates for the White House. Those Groups that still support change for America under Biden ... they should make sure that Democrats should win either the House or the Senate ... at least one of them should be with Democrats.

That's how we can balance things and prevent further crisis ahead. And don't worry, I will continue to show the issues that come from Biden's flawed Presidency.