Need to prove yourself
You can't just ask for additional seats in the Senate, Mr. Biden. You need to prove yourself. First you need to coordinate and then you need to fight for the right changes and policies in America and then SM will start molding things in your favor. Just striking deals with me won't help ... you have to follow through the process. Don't expect changes overnight ... SM decides the elections not me ... you have to follow through the process to prove yourself.

Not a sudden twist against you
Moreover, we did not turn against you all of a sudden. Since more than two years ... even before the White House was given to you ... we were repeatedly telling you that your policies are disasters ... they are massive economic disasters ... it’s a must for you to change ... but you didn't give a shit. The messages that I had been getting about you from SM Groups were that ...

  • Do you support these multi-trillion dollar mass spending policies?
  • Why don't you say anything about them?
  • Why don't you correct Biden?
  • Trump spent just one trillion and you were sounding the alarms ... why are you silent about Biden?
  • Are these policies right?
  • Should we follow you ... if this is support for Biden ... should we support them as well?
  • It is a catastrophe out there, what are you doing? You should direct strategies, where are you?

I was actually fed up of asking Trump to work with us and I thought Obama and Biden know what has to be done ... they will take care of it. I give them one full year ... and surprise, surprise ... Mr. Biden turns out to be a fraud. Heh.

Terminating the Biden Presidency
We gave you one full year to see, to realize and to reflect on the multi-fold disasters that were being unleashed in the country. Its then that SM Groups started moving forward to terminate your Presidency. Even this was not a sudden decision ... we have been warning you about the termination of your Presidency since about one year now ... about you falling in polls and popularity ... loss in the Midterms ... and eventual removal from the White House.

This is not new information at all ... not sudden at all ... you were informed repeatedly dozens of times again and again ... for two full years.

Impeachment possible
And yes, if Republicans take the House ... they will definitely try to impeach you. Its just another slap in the face from your Guru Trump ... he is very keen on impeaching you. Can't blame him ... you guys impeached him twice.

Following Trump, you became Trump
Since day one, we told you ... don't follow Trump ... you will become who he is. And look what you have become after two years ... a fraud and a thief ... a self-obsessed psycho who blows his horn while his country burns right in front of him. No, I am not defining Trump ... that is what you have become today, Mr. Biden ... this is how SM sees you today.

Don't blame Trump or Republicans
Trump didn't coordinate ... he didn't lead America right ... and he was removed from the White House. The Trump Presidency is over ... Trump is not responsible anymore ... you can't blame Trump or Republicans anymore. It is your Presidency ... it is your responsibility as President to lead right and fight for your people. You are the one who is failing your country and your people ... you are the failure right now ... the fault is all yours.

Thus SM will come after you ... they won't go after Trump or Republicans. They will come after you and terminate your Presidency.

Zero trust in Biden
As of now, there is zero trust in Biden ... nobody trusts you. You have been using us only to remain in power and loot trillions ... that's the only thing that you have done since two years. Now, that the elections have come ... you are looking for every excuse to blow your horn and to show Republicans as the bad guys.

Until and unless your coordinate and prove yourself that you can fight for America to solve its multitude of crises ... no one will trust you and they will continue to flush you out of the White House. Nobody will put up with frauds and thieves in the White House.

Politicians need consequences to change
One thing that I have learnt from Trump and Biden is that ... trusting politicians doesn't really help much. Lol. Until and unless there are consequences ... many politicians don't really care about doing what is right. They are in politics just for the money and try to remain in politics just for more money. It’s a must to use the tool of consequences to keep such politicians on the right track.

Flushing out frauds and thieves from the White House is one consequence that SM has designed.