Biden: I may drop dead tomorrow

Its nice that Biden realizes that he may drop dead tomorrow. It would be more useful if Biden realizes how dumb, dead and disastrous his policies are. Everyone understands that Biden will end up in his grave today or tomorrow ... but what nobody understand is ... why is Biden taking America to its grave along with him?



Michelle needs to stop seeking approvals from Obama, Biden or Trump

Michelle ... I think we should get started with just one person first. Getting approvals and getting 3 Presidents on the same page is taking forever. Just leave aside who are making excuses and refusing to work with us ... we don't need all 3 Obama, Biden and Trump to start the work. We can simply start the work with just you.

Just pull funding from anywhere and contact us ... let's start the work. Once we get started, we will discuss and evaluate the roles for Obama or Biden or Trump, if any. If they work with you then well and good ... but don't allow them to hold you back with any excuse whatsoever.

The same applies to Elon Musk. Go solo ... the solo mode is actually the most powerful and successful mode in this mesh of several crises.

Let's start with one person and then will build up things from there onwards.


Let me give you an idea of the blind disaster that Biden is. As per Biden ... he has reduced the defict by $1.5 trillion ... in his first year, the deficit was $3 Trillion and now, he has reduced it to just $1.5 trillion. As per Biden ... this is a fantastic accomplishment ... a historic reduction of $1.5 trillion ... and thus, he went ahead with a press conference ... to convey the American people the phenomenal success that he has achieved.

Now, let me show you the same scenario from a practical perspective. Let's assume that Biden is the CEO of a company ... in his first year, he creates losses of $3 trillion. What would you do with a CEO who brings losses to the tune of trillions ... that too, of about $3 Trillion? You would simply fire this disastrous CEO.

But this CEO is allowed to continue somehow ... and the next year again he creates a loss of about $1.5 Trillion. There is no profit ... no surplus ... he delivers only massive multi-trillion dollar losses. Now, what would you do with this CEO when he creates more than a trillion in losses even in his second year? You would simply fire him.

But what is actually happening? This CEO is bragging to the world ... that he hasn't screwed America by $3 Trillion this time ... and he has screwed America by only $1.5 Trillion ... which is a historic reduction in the amount of screw-up ever ... and thus, this CEO should hold a press conference to brag about his fantastic accomplishment.

Biden brags about the reduction in deficits as if someone else created a deficit of $3 Trillion. It is Biden's own mass spending programs that created these deficits. He should actually thank everyone for holding back his mass spending and make him spend as less as possible ... it is this intervention that led to a reduction in deficits ... not Biden's great and historic leadership.

This is the "blind disastrous" leadership that Biden is providing. He stands there bragging about his disasters and tries to portray them as success to the American people.

This is what Obama is allowing to continue ... he is working with Biden in making excuses and providing you with false information ... not to work with us and not to fix any of America's problems.

Yes, I see that you can pull Obama on your side. I know that very well and I will never dishonor your request in support of your hubby. Its not that I don't like Obama ... I like him ... he is a nice guy ... but what's going on in America is a complete disaster. We need to come into action ASAP ... we can't afford to wait for approvals and pre-conditions from 3 different Presidents.

Currently, the Biden Presidency is a combo of disasters of all 3 Presidents ... of Obama's stagnation ... of Biden's greed and mass spending ... and of Trump pushed disasters and conflicts. There are several simultaneous disasters. The last thing that we need to do is continue with this kind of disastrous leadership.

That's why I am telling you again and again ... try to make the first moves solo ... keep the team small. If Obama and Biden want to work with us ... I am not rejecting them ... but what I am saying is ... its important not to keep waiting for them.

Going solo ... I am not going to put you on the mantle. I need to start setting up my teams and start doing my research to create the policies required ... then we will team up with Elon Musk or Bill de Blasio or Biden or Kamala Harris ... whoever is willing and seems fit.

I would highly prefer Elon Musk ... that's, if he is geared up to be President. We will work it out.

Contact fail gimmicks

Let’s update Michelle Obama about some “contact fail gimmicks” pre-planned reportedly by Trump, Biden and Obama. It seems this is how they have been using their agents placed around me … to fail the contact from happening.

Phase One. False sexual information. I have written in detail on this … you already know it. Agents placed by Presidential candidates are instructed to provide any false information whatever it might be … true or false to fail the contact from taking place. Generally, false sexual information is used for this.

Phase Two. He’s not interested. When you pass Phase One and move ahead to make the contact anyhow then … reportedly, they are using another set of gimmicks to fail the contact from happening. Some of the reported gimmicks are …

  • Not answering the phone. He is not answering the phone … we tried calling but he doesn’t answer his phone. He is ignoring you.
  • Busy doing household chores. We informed him about the meeting time as to when he will get the call … but he is busy doing household chores. He doesn’t bother to wait for your call … he is always outside his residence doing something or the other. He is not interested in receiving your call … he has probably given up … he doesn’t want to do this work.

The above is what Michelle is informed … when in reality this is what happens at the ground level …

  • Not answering the phone. No one has ever called me yet … I have received no calls as such till date. The information given to you is “pre-planned false information”.
  • Busy doing household chores. I have repeatedly requested for someone to come down and set the time for the call. Reportedly, the person does come to the residence but what he does is … simply goes upstairs to another floor or simply walks out of the door without even talking. Or he talks about the clinic timings and availability of the Doctor on the first floor and then walks away. No one has told me about any call.

Reportedly, they say that I am ignoring … not answering … not waiting at the residence at the allotted time … but it is all false information. There were no calls received nor were any appointments taken. This is something they are being told to do by Trump, Biden and Obama.

This is some malice that our Chosen Ones are doing at the ground level. Two Ex-Presidents and one soon-to-be Ex-President are sitting there playing with pre-planned false information. What they are basically trying to say in these gimmicks is that ... "no, no, no ... we are trying to get in touch with him ... but he is the one who is ignoring, not answering calls and not being at home at the alotted time. It is not our fault ... it is his fault. Probably, he is giving up and not interested in the work anymore."

The tip I will give you on this is … if I am not talking to you directly … then everything else is false information. Don’t listen to any bullshit from anyone … including Obama, Biden and Trump … about me ignoring or whatever … trust no one … believe only what you hear from me directly. Try to make direct connections … eliminate everyone in between including Obama, Biden and Trump … and trust only what you hear from me.

Secondly, please ignore the “signals” about calls. The more direct you work, the better it is.