Michelle Obama. I don't shoot photos nowadays Ma'am ... I shoot down Presidencies nowadays. My profile got a little bit of an upgrade.

Obama is probably talking about photo shoots. There are two things that you should learn from this. Firstly, see how Obama's mind is still stuck 10 years behind in time. Secondly, this is probably another excuse to delay the revolutions that America needs.

Both of these points show that Obama needs to take a back seat. He needs to first learn how things are actually done and what reforms have to be made ... then, we will bring him in the game.

An Obama stuck 10 years behind in the game will be mostly baggage to the game ... we don't need an Obama who lives and sees things 10 years behind in the timeline. We need an Obama who understands the present and works with us to move into a new future. For this to happen, we need to first put a break on this Obama who lives 10 years back in time and help him learn and understand things how they have to be taken ahead ... once Obama is in sync with the work ... then we will pull him in the game.


Yes, yes Mr. Biden ... the Midterm voting has already begun ... so, what's the point of contacting now, isn't it?

What your statement basically says is ... that you care only about holding onto power ... the only thing that you are bothered about is the election and its results. You don't give a shit about changing anything or solving any of America's several crises.

That's what your fearmongering basically says ... "Republicans will take away your Social Security and Medicare ... Republicans will take away your abortion rights ... therefore vote for me, vote for me, vote for me". The thing with your Presidential style is that ... Mr. Biden ... you use fearmongering, values and morals to get the votes and remain in power ... but the moment power was given to you ... you went on a looting spree by the trillions in every scheme possible. What you are basically running there is "conventional politics", which actually sucks.

Do you know why the House and Senate was given to you? Do you know why you got the House by a huge margin and the Senate was maintained at a border line? It was done for mainly two reasons ...

  • Firstly, because we told all SM Groups that Democrats will work with me at a push of a button. All SM Groups expected Biden backed by Obamas are going to revolutionize America and take all of us into a new era. To do this, you would need the House and the Senate to create new laws and regulations. That's why you were given the House and Senate.
  • Secondly, you were maintained at a borderline victory in the Senate ... because SM was not too sure if you would actually coordinate and go for the revolutions. What if ... just what if ... this guy also flips like Trump and goes on a looting spree ... then how are we going to contain him, having given him a sweeping majority in both Houses?

Mr. Biden ... you have actually made their worst dreams come true ... you have made the worst possibilities come true. Not only you turned out to be a fraud ... and not only you are running your own schemes of loot ... there are 2 other Ex-Presidents running their own disasters. Obama is playing his stagnation gimmicks stalling everything and allowing all disasters to continue ... while Trump is pushing and creating new disasters for America and the world. You are running a triple disaster Presidency.

To add to that ... now, when the Midterms are near ... you have the audacity to use "fearmongering" against your opposition ... and show that this "triple disaster Presidency" is the right and good thing for America? Many SM Groups say that ... you deserve impeachment Mr. Biden ... not only the House and Senate should be taken away from you ... but you deserve to be impeached.

Here are some of the priorities taken up by SM Groups that don't support your fraudulent Presidency.

Number One Priority. Flush out Biden. Take away both the House and Senate from Biden and flush out Biden from the White House ... give him no further support to loot America by the trillions ... his fraudulent Presidency needs to end. No House and no Senate for Democrats means no more power for Biden to loot America by the trillions. This option is gaining support.

Even some Pro-Biden Groups are supporting this option as it puts you in a "do or die" scenario. Either you will change or you will get booted from the White House. Taking away both the House and Senate from Biden will enable this option ... it helps in moving Biden away from his fraudulent path and helps him to do what is right for America.

Number Two Priority. Elon Musk Presidency. If Biden continues to show no change and continues on his disastrous policies … then the second priority is to immediately start pooling in alternate candidates to lead America … the top candidate being Elon Musk.

Number Three Priority. Impeachment. The moment you lose the House and Senate … “impeachment” is actually one of the objectives of the same … reportedly. Just letting you know what I came to know.

Why are these tracks in motion?
Well, Mr. Biden … you should understand that … there was zero pressure on you. If you look back at the Trump Presidency … he had impeachment issues right from the day he stepped into the White House … he was showered with lawsuits, investigations and committees throughout his Presidency by the Establishment. There was enormous pressure on Trump.

Yes, it was a National embarrassment that Trump still sucked up to the Establishment despite the humiliation they showered on him … but then he had a genuine excuse not to take action on the Establishment. He had the “human factor” supporting his inaction … he was scared … he didn’t have the balls to manage so much pressure.

But what is your excuse, Mr. Biden? Who is impeaching you? Where are investigation committees against you? Where are the lawsuits against you? Who is trying to put you in jail? Is the FBI raiding your offices? Nothing whatsoever … there is no Establishment pressure on you … you are protected from everything … and despite that, you are on a looting spree and not giving a damn about the problems and crises that the American people face.

The issues and disasters in your Presidency are not because of any Establishment malice … but it is because of your own designed disastrous mass spending policies and your own inaction against the Establishment. You have zero pressure from anyone.

When everything is nice and calm … you don’t give a damn to do what is right … how are you going to behave and lead America when actual pressure comes into action?

In this scenario of multiple crises in motion … you are sitting there making up false information and lying to Michelle Obama to derail coordinating with us. You are standing there trying to use fearmongering among the American people … trying to show that Republicans are bad … to pull votes in your favor … when in reality, it is you who is the biggest disaster out there.

Your craze for money … you greed is not only creating disasters for America … but it is simply outrageous for many SM Groups to watch this fraudulent leadership. Anything can happen ahead.

Push of a button
This is what SM Groups are saying about my comment that “Democrats will work with me at a push of a button” … they were seeing how you were “pushing the button” since the past 2 years and this is reportedly what they saw …

  • “Give me trillions! Give me trillions for the pandemic! Give me trillions for infrastructure! Give me trillions to recover the economy! Trillions!! Trillions!! Give me trillions!!” No one expected that this is the first button that Biden would push.
  • Obama was chosen to guide Biden … Obama doesn’t stop Biden’s crazy trillions in spending … but reportedly, he himself is in on the loot.
  • Trump sits there creating his own list of disasters and wars … which Biden doesn’t seem to be able to stop at all.
  • A multi-disaster Presidency is the last thing that anyone expected from the combination of Biden backed by Obamas.
  • When asked to fix these crises … Biden, Obama and Trump have a long list of false information and excuses not to coordinate.
  • “Work with me and you will get the White House” … this statement used to sound like music … Biden was all excited, making all kinds of promises. But now when we say “don’t work with me and you will be removed from the White House” … this statement is a threat … it is harassment and probably, they should explore ways to abuse me, stop me and silence me … so that they can continue with this disastrous leadership.

These are the buttons that Obama and Biden will push … this is what will happen under the Biden Presidency … this is the last thing that anyone expected. So, please don’t blame SM Groups for not supporting your leadership … its only you who has to be blamed for the loss in support for your leadership.

Expect power restructuring, Mr. Biden ... expect power restructuring.


Biden, a multi-trillion dollar fraud trying to stick to power using fearmongering

Obama campaigning for Biden is not going to help Biden in any way. The moment Obama stalled our work, didn't push Biden to change and didn't help Biden to rise above party puppetry ... the very purpose of placing Obama in key Presidential leadership has been nullified. Obama himself has nullified his role and value to lead America.

I had told Trump also something similar. Everything that he would say or tweet ... it would make headlines. This much amount of attention was being given to Trump only to help him surpass Establishment malice and create new systems. But he also turned out to be a fraud.

After his Presidency, Trump was banned on Twitter and Facebook ... so, he started creating his own Social media platform of "Truth Social". Trump was missing the spotlight and he was thinking that ... the moment he started saying something, he would create headlines again.

Heh, you know what I told him ... "Trump can hang himself upside down on Main Street and no one will give a shit about it". They will talk about it in the sidelines for a couple of days and then forget about it. This has been the case with all Trump media appearances ... it might be statements on his Truth Social or TV interviews or speeches in campaign rallies. Now, no one gives a shit about Trump. Why? He turned out to be a fraud for the purpose that he was chosen for.

The same applies to Obama and Biden at this moment in time ... both of them are also seen as frauds. They have been misleading America into disasters and lying to stall working with us since two years. Biden is being defined as a multi-trillion dollar fraud trying to stick to power using fearmongering. Now, doesn't matter how much Obama will campaign for Biden ... its not going to make much of a difference.

What is going to happen to Biden has already been decided based on his horrible 2 years of leadership. The only thing that can change Biden's fate is a change of his track ... which Biden doesn't really care to do. So, all of these media campaigns, rallies and interviews ... all of this is secondary ... it won't matter much. What has been decided for you ... it will be delivered for you.