"If you do your part then I will do my part".

Nobody trusts you Mr. Biden ... that's the problem with your hollow tweets. You never took any trust building measures that I asked you to take. All you ask for is votes, votes and votes so that you can remain in power.

I have been alerting you since more than a year now that "your Presidency is on track to get terminated". You didn't give a shit ... you didn't make a single move to coordinate ... or to change any policy ... or to bring about any major change for America ... all you do is stick to your multi-trillion dollar disasters and promote them as success for America ... and expect to remain in office.

Even today ... despite everything being told to you very clearly and very openly ... you still make no move and ask for votes ... more votes to stay in power. Nobody trusts you ... SM Groups say that ... "this is guy doesn't give a shit about any reform ... he is in just to loot America. The worst thing that can happen to America right now is ... Democrats getting both the House and the Senate. It will be a catastrophe for America."

I will call you on day one!
"You do your part and I will do my part" ... this reminds me of your promise before 2020 elections ... "get me elected and I will call you on day one of my Presidency". Well, half of your Presidency is over ... did your "day one" come yet? You didn't give a shit and went for the trilions in loot. And now again, just before Midterms you say ... "you do your part and I will do my part" ... heh, you expect anyone to believe you?

You used us to get power and now you are trying to use us to remain in power ... you are a complete fraud, Mr. Biden. You are taking America for a fool.

I am not the sole authority in changing America's power structure. SM does it ... and I have informed you all of the issues about your Presidency. One year ago, I could use the excuse that the guy doesn't know anything ... but not now ... now, you know everything. Everything has been explained to you in pretty good detail.

SM will decide your fate
I have put all configurations on the table for SM ... they will decide what has to be done. When the President doesn't give a shit about coordinating and changing anything ... I put the ball in SM's court ... I tell them to decide. If you were working with me ... then I could fight for you ... put a plan forward and pull everyone on the same page ... but that's not the case you see.

So, in such scenarios ... I tell SM to decide. Even when Trump was refusing to work with us and ended up protecting the Establishment instead of dismantling them ... in the final months of 2020 ... I told SM to decide ... and they wrote FU*K Trump on the US electoral map.

Flush out Biden for the good of America
I have been informed that the Midterms are not in your favor ... how much of hammering is going to happen in the Midterms and after that ... I have no idea. The only thing I have been informed are the reasons why you are going to lose support. Its for the good of America

The most interesting option that is being considered out there is ... "the flush out Biden option". In this option, they take away the House and Senate ... and put you in a "do or die" scenario. Either you change your track and lead America to solve all of its crises ... or you get completely flushed out from the White House. This option is again being considered for the good of America.

Obama won’t matter much
Obama is on the campaign trail for you. That's interesting as well ... it only shows that Obama supports your disastrous mass spending and that he is in on the loot. Obama hitting the campaign trail in 2020 helped you a little bit ... but I don't think that it is going to change much this time ... because Obama himself is supporting disasters and financial catastrophes for America.

Managing the selected and elected frauds
We told you so many times before ... the American President is "selected" not elected ... the selected gets elected. But when the selected and elected President turns out to be a fraud then the power reconfigurations begin. Its doesn't come as a sudden bolt ... its an incremental process.

Only Establishment puppets are flushed out via sudden bolts ... the good thing now is that ... it might be Trump, Biden or Obama ... none of you are Establishment puppets. Thus an incremental process is used to flush you out from power ... so that, while flushing you out ... time is given to you ... to reflect and to change ... so that, you can change tracks to solve America's crises.

It wasn't a sudden bolt for Trump either ... he was given a lot of time to change. First everything was explained to him in detail ... and then he was taken down in polls and popularity ... and then the House and Senate were taken away from him ... and then some interesting groups and the Establishment even impeached him ... and then eventually he was removed from the White House.

The good news for you in this flushing out process is that ... its not going to be a sudden bolt. I have explained everything in detail to you ... you have been taken down in polls and popularity ... and now, most probably you will face losses in the House and Senate ... and after that ... things can get interesting.

At this moment in time ... if I were you ... I would think twice whether to follow the routine conventional politics ... or get on board with the new norm. A simple change in track can change your fate ... Mr. Biden.