So, here's the thing ... you have to maintain a frontend and a backend approach in leadership. You can't share all information on the frontend, doesn't matter how true it is. Some information needs to be contained in the backend database ... and this backend database should provide the intelligence for your frontend actions and policies.

This is how Germany operates ... they know very well everything about the Jewish Establishment, its ideology and objectives. They went through two world wars because of this Establishment. They won't make anti-Jewish statements on the frontend ... but they will make sure to dodge all disasters and do what is right for the German Nation via intelligent frontend actions and policies.

Assange made this mistake
We have to operate like this in the initial phases. This is a mistake that Julian Assange also made. Even he used to follow my writings ... and he used to go after everyone that I would write against. I wrote against war profiteers and war contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan ... he went for that data and released a massive amount of evidence of more than 100K civilian deaths in Iraq. He got a lot of fame for that ... but then going after everyone made his life difficult.

Since Trump was not working with us and he ended up being on the Establishment's side ... Assange wanted to release Trump's tax returns. He started challenging everyone ... even Spain ... when he was taking refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy. Spain has very strong relations with many South American countries ... and Ecuador gave up protecting Assange.

Don’t go public with everything … you will not be able to defend yourself
I have a very strong protective shield maintained by Michelle Obama. I talk about a lot of stuff when it matters ... when trillions are being lost ... when millions and billions of lives are being affected ... I point out exactly where the problem is. Michelle understands this and SM groups as well.

You can't make the same moves that I make ... you can't talk the same talk in all issues that I do. Sometimes, it can backfire. I know that you are tracking what I am writing ... but don't release all of my viewpoints and information that I provide in the public domain.

Learn the game first
Playing with the Establishment is a complicated game ... everything has to be calculated and evaluated before a move can be taken. I have been working on this since the past 15 years ... its pretty easy for me and I have converted this whole thing into a game. But even then, I don't release any policies because it has to be calculated and every possible move of the Establishment has to be taken into account ... all of this has to be done with proper teams from several fields ... and then the policies can be successfully implemented.

If I give these guys the policies ... they will flunk and fail in the first step itself. I know that very well. That's why, I have put an entire process of coordination, planning, strategy and implementation to get this done in each field and in each country.

Prepare to become President
Its nice that you are following what I write. America needs you as President. First, try to dodge Obama, Biden and Trump ... and start working solo with me. This would be a simple first step to start with. Dodging these 3 fine gentlemen will help you eliminate a lot of baggage that comes along with them. Do this ... and then we will take things forward.

Obama-Biden are Trump’s paid puppets
This is something that Biden and Obama were not capable of. Trump has paid them a hefty amount and he has quite a good control over both of them. That's why you will see no indictments or convictions against Trump despite several open criminal activities that he is involved in. Both Obama and Biden just beat around the bush with some investigations and noise making against Trump ... but there is never an indictment nor is there a conviction against Trump.

Even when working with us is concerned ... both of them have to take Trump's blessings first ... and then they get to work with us. Trump says stand ... they stand ... Trump says sit ... they sit ... Trump says fart ... they fart.

Lol ... that's how closely Trump is puppeting Obama and Biden. That was the influence of "cash" over Obama and Biden. Give them a hefty payment and you will get away with mass murder. Trump is an Axed-Republican President ... why does a Democrat President need to follow him or protect him? Moolah ... is the answer.

When I ask Biden to stand up and do things independently of Trump ... he starts talking about "American unity". That's why you have this long list of excuses and bargaining gimmicks from Obama and Biden ... they are operating as Trump's paid puppets. Trump also wants to be a part of the game.

If Obama and Biden say that this information is not true … then I challenge them to indict and convict Trump … and I challenge them to work with me without Trump’s involvement … let’s see.


America is getting screwed by all 3
This is the issue that America is facing. All 3 leaders chosen to take America forward ... they are screwing America. Biden is on a looting spree ... Trump keeps on pushing for more disasters and crises ... and Obama-Biden need Trump's blessings first in order to solve America's several crises. Trump's objective is to screw the Biden Presidency and kick him out of office ... it is openly evident ... but our lovely President Biden is so locked up Trump's payouts is that ... he doesn't care to rise above his puppetry nor does he care about his Presidency. Its as if he knows that he is a one time President ... so what things get screwed up ... getting all the cash that he can get is more important for him.

The guy that cannot rise above a simple hotel owner ... do you think he will rise to dismantle a $500 trillion Establishment with tens of thousands of outlets? He was the best that we had on the platter and we gave him the White House ... and America is getting nothing but disasters from all 3 guys ... 2 Ex-Presidents and one soon-to-be Ex-President.

So, the first thing that you need to do ... to lead America out of its several crises is ... to rise and dodge these 3 fine gentlemen who are screwing America. If you can do this ... then you qualify for the next steps.

Go solo
That's why, I am telling Michelle also to go "solo" ... completely independent of Obama, Biden and Trump. Solo is an extremely powerful and successful mode in this era of multiple crises. Sometimes, team building creates baggage ... try to avoid the baggage and go solo.

And then ... in the next steps ... we will see who to incorporate and how to incorporate them. Michelle should help Elon Musk.