Ma'am ... you don't need to make any public signals ... we love you ... you are always welcome to work with us. You don't need to make any public signals ... just pick up the phone and call me any time.

I think she is mistaking our criticism of Obama as being addressed to her as well. No, that is not the case ... we see Michelle and Barack as two different entities with a common base. Our criticism of Obama only refers to Barack Obama ... its not Michelle Obama included ... its never included.

We criticize Obama sometimes ... for his own good ... its not because we dislike him or anything. We like Obama as well. If Obama can be open minded ... and if he is open to doing things that will not coincide wih his Party and Establishment elements ... then Obama can be a part of the game from day one itself.

We are not benching Obama ... that's a request we got from SM Groups for his own good, for the good of the Party and for America's good. If Obama can be open and flexible ... if he can operate in Active Democracy using facts and logic ... even if it means going against the norm ... against the party ... against the Establishment demands and pressure ... then we will instantly welcome him in the game.

Ma'am we love you ... don't bother making public signals ... you can contact me any time.

Drawbacks of "public signals" for coordination

I think we should inform Michelle Obama about one drawback of public signals for coordinating with us is that ... it is generally seen as fraudulent activity by SM Groups ... thanks to Trump, Warren and Biden.

In the beginning of the Trump Presidency, everyone would be excited of Trump tweeting about protecting us and coordinating with us ... SM Groups would be so happy that they would start protecting Trump from all of his lawsuits and investigations ... in the hope that Trump would lead America into a new era.

Trump would tweet that "he loved us, supports us and would definitely work with us" whenever he was in trouble ... but then he never followed through his promises ... it was just a gimmick that he was using to pull SM support in the troubles that he was facing. Once the troubles would go away then Trump would also totally ignore working with us.

This was repeated so many times during the Trump Presidency that ... public signals for coordination have become synonymous with fraudulent and misleading activities. The same was repeated by Warren and then again the same was repeated by Biden ... promises for coordination but then no actual coordination at all.

So, when a leader tweets or makes other public signals of working with us ... the only thing that goes through SM Networks is that ... "aha ... so this guy is trying to use us now? He wants our support to remain in power or to get power? If you actually want to coordinate with our guy ... then why are you tweeting about it? Why don't you just pick the phone and call? Don't you have his contact number?"

Making public signals for coordination is actually seen as exploitation, parasitic behavior where there is no true intent and SM sees that you are only misleading them only to use them. You can't blame them for this because this is exactly what has happened in the past 6 years hundreds of times with Trump, Warren and Biden.

I trust you ... I believe you ... but when you make public signals ... SM is also watching ... after a while, it started backfiring on Trump, Warren and Biden ... because SM Groups view this activity differently today.

What I will suggest for Michelle is ... firstly, try not to use these public signals ... and set up a direct line for coordination. Secondly, even if you make any public signals ... make sure to follow up on them, don't let them be hollow tweets or signals ... as hollow tweets backfire. Thirdly, this activity of "public signals" has been exploited so many times that it is seen as fradulent activity ... I would not want a clean person like you to be associated with something that is seen as a fraudulent activity.


Thank you Pelosi ... its high time we got someone who can rise above Party puppetry and try to do things practically and logically. You were a disaster for America ... under Trump and as well as under Biden. Thank you for stepping down.

The next guy being selected as the Opposition Leader for the Democrat Party in the House ...

  • He should preferably be younger ... who doesn't stick to conventional politics.
  • He should have an open and flexible mind who can use facts and logic to do what is right for the people rather than be a Party puppet.
  • He should be preferably someone who can work with Michelle Obama.


Don't believe anything that Poland says ... its an Establishment stronghold. They were one of the factors that led to the creation of World War II. They hate Russia and they will be used to create another world war. They will create attacks on their own soil to blame Russia. Russia has absolutely no reason to attack Poland.


Don't worry Mr. Biden ... don't worry. We have not totally eliminated you from leading America. We have designed this strategy of only marginal victories to disable your further mass spending but also to keep options open for you to lead America.

Both options are possible ahead ... leadership via Biden as well as via Elon Musk. The only thing is that ... you are in a do or die scenario. If you don't lead now ... then its over for you. SM might use pretty creative ways of ending your Presidency as well ... over which, I will have no control.

I can fight for you ... protect your Presidency and help you get victories ... only if you work with us to fight for America. If you don't then I will not have any reason or tool to support your Presidency. I have told you this before ... you sat there doing nothing ... first you lost your approval ratings, now you are on track to lose the House, next your policies will be shot down and then you will be removed from the White House ... during this, impeachment and investigations may also happen. This is your current track that you have chosen to follow.

Please don't blame me for your inaction and failures. I try to protect you and help you ... but when you don't act then what I can do for you becomes pretty limited. This is nothing new ... it also happened with Trump. You are following him and thus you are pretty much on his track.

Options for you are still open. If we are pulling Elon Musk in the game, it doesn't mean that we have ruled you out. This is the best that I can do for you at this moment in time ... keep options open for you while we explore other leadership options.