There are a few interesting SM Groups emerging owing to the stagnation while several crises plague the country and there is zero progress in the country … these groups are turning into “Political Hit Squads”. They are having a little bit of a different approach in dealing with the leadership crises in America … as we have eliminated Establishment puppets from leadership but we are getting Party Puppets and mass spenders … who are busy looting the country and not creating any reform.

The Political Hit Squads say … “why wait for the next elections? Why suffer under these frauds for 4 full years? Let’s kick some ass … knock the hell out of them … break some bones … teach them a lesson and put their brains on the right track. Let’s use some force and fear to embed some accountability in political leadership in America.”

Since a few weeks, I have been requested to provide some inputs on this new activity gaining support in America … lest they become an uncontrolled criminal organization.

I will provide some inputs from a couple of perspectives … so that all SM Groups understand the full picture. One perspective will be from the personal / official perspective … and another will be from the legal / history perspective.

Before I provide any inputs … these 3 families should remain untouched.

  • Obamas. Obamas are like family to me … they are totally exempted from this … no one will touch any Obama. I don’t care about your complaints about Barack Obama … I am structuring a few ways to work with him correctly.
  • Bidens. I know that the fury is there against Biden as well … but you need to exempt him as well … as I don’t want a bitter wall to be created with the current President. If you become violent with the person I have to work with then the coordination becomes bitter. You are protecting Bidens as well.
  • Elon Musk. There is no fury against him at all … but he will most probably be your next President … and God willing … he will be a phenomenal one. We are protecting Musky.

Two factions of a Revolution
Let me provide some basic information on revolutions … especially in cases where a revolution is needed against an oppressive force in power. Generally, there are two factions who bring about the revolution …

  • Peaceful non-violent factions
  • Armed Revolutionaries

To understand the concept clearly and to understand how things will enfold … let us use the example of the Independence of India from the British.

Peaceful / Gandhi
Gandhi basically led the peaceful and non-violent factions … their features were non-violence, use of arguments, reason, dialogue, protests, civil disobedience and so on.

Armed Revolutionaries
They didn’t follow Gandhi’s methods although they had the same goal of an Independent India. They didn’t believe that Gandhi’s ways were effective enough to get rid of the British. They wanted to inflict pain & losses and use force & fear to get rid of the British.

These armed revolutionaries literally used the concepts and campaigns of “you give me blood and I will give you freedom”. They literally asked the people to step forward to risk their lives … fight against a powerful force … kill or get killed, life in prison, facing the firing squad or getting hanged. These revolutionary fighters literally signed in blood … they cut their thumbs and put their thumb impressions in blood … committing to fight against the British despite facing such risks.

Gandhi was able to pull the masses and the Armed Revolutionaries were able to pull smaller crowds but both were very effective in making an Independent India.

Personal / Official Perspective
Now, coming to the perspectives … am I a follower of Gandhi? No, I am a follower of God. All of the dreams that I have been shown … there is no blood in any of these dreams. I have not been told to follow an aggressive and violent path … but I have been directed on a peaceful, non-violent path of reason, logic, dialogue, discussion, reforms and systemic change.

Thus, my official position on any armed or violent activity against anyone will be that … it is a criminal activity … and those involved in it risk legal repurcusions.

If you observe how Gandhi operated was that … he fought against the British using non-violent tools, mass publicity and civil disobedience … but at the same time, he did not fight against the Armed Revolutionaries in any way. He actually allowed them to fight in their own way … and the Armed Revolutionaries operated at their own risks.

Legal / History
What we are basically dealing with is a major change in government and how things will be run in the country, thus revolutionizing several systems as we move forward. In such scenarios there are two types of legal fronts.

  • Pre-Revolution. Before the Revolution, these armed factions are considered as criminals, terrorists and they face jail and death.
  • Post-Revolution. Once the Government and systems change … the same Armed Revolutionaries are known as freedom fighters, martyrs, heroes, go down in history and are glorified even in school textbooks.

It all depends on “who is talking” … for the British they were terrorists and put on a wanted list … but for the Independent India … they are heroes.

Both factions helped
Both factions helped in getting rid of the British … the Armed factions started creating so many losses in monetary benefit and lives that ruling over India became useless for the British. There was no gain and continuous trouble for them … and thus they eventually gave India to Gandhi and ended their rule.

Personally, I will not endorse, support or approve any armed factions … but this is the full picture of how revolutions are effectively implemented.

Coming to think of such an armed movement … I think you should also consider the issues that come along with such an activity.

  • Jail or Death. Its basically a criminal activity which might lead the connected person to jail or even death.
  • How and who will decide who should be taken down? The second issue is … how and who will decide who should be taken down. How are you going to evaluate that the target deserves it?
  • Establishment’s factions. SM Groups might be showing interest in this for the good of the Nation. But if you have observed the #metoo movement … even this was a movement created by SM Groups. You guys have very effectively targeted millionaires and billionaires using this movement … but then the Establishment created its own factions within this movement and started targeting the good guys as well.

How are you going to control the movement and manage the Establishment’s malice within this movement? Going after the bad guys sounds good … but it is equally important to protect the good and the innocent.


Yes, I remember … that’s how the movement began initially during the Obama Era … a few SM elements started hunting down malicious politicians. Yes, I had condemned it then and stopped this kind of a movement. Why?

Because … those were the initial years … I got the info that some politicians got their asses kicked. I was like … “okay fine, this also happens in America”. But after a few days, Bill Clinton goes on a talk show and says … “let’s do this … let’s change America”. I was like … “Holy Moses! This is not how it is supposed to be done.”

Yes, I remember condemning it and stopping it … because SM thought that this is what my movement was about … and that this is how things were supposed to be done. They were shedding blood but there was no blood in my dreams … and this was not the way it was supposed to be done … this was not my track. Thus obviously, I condemned it and stopped it.

It was a good thing that I stopped it … as later on, I moved forward to create a much larger movement … a peaceful movement, a people’s movement … and we were able to overthrow entire governments, change Presidencies and knock out Establishment puppets from key positions. We were able to get mass publicity and create a wider movement … and thus get a massive base for the work. It was the right thing to do.

Yes, the drawback of this “peaceful movement” is that … our selected and elected leaders are turning out to be frauds … and we are losing several years of work in just replacing the fraud with the next leader. We have lost 6 years because the elected leaders are not giving a shit about why they were chosen to lead America or about solving any of America’s problems.

This is the biggest drawback of a peaceful movement … we are losing 4 years at a time … we are losing trillions of taxpayer money … getting the highest cost of living, inflation, debt and trade deficits. Now, at this moment in time … if a few SM elements out there … want to kick some ass to put these frauds on the right track … which will save trillions of taxpayer money for America … then why should I say no to this?

Why should I condemn this and why should I stop this … especially when they want to go for the malicious and criminals in politics? Especially when it will save trillions of taxpayer money? Especially when it will save several years of time? Especially when it will bring benefits to millions and billions of people … and put the fraudulent leaders on the right track?

I won’t stop it nor would I associate myself with it. Let them fight for their Nation, knowing the risks that they will face.

May God bless and protect the righteous, the good and the innocent.