At least, the good thing is that ... Michelle is trying to make a contact ... unlike the other Presidential candidates who would simply make up false information and refuse to contact under self-created pretexts.

What I have told Michelle is that ... when you are about to call ... give me a heads up at least 2-3 hours before the call. So that, I will be there at home for you ... to attend the call. These 2-3 hours give me the time to freshen up a little bit ... as I generally carry myself in a t-shirt and tracks.

What's basically happening is that ... these wonderful gentlemen who come to inform me about the call ... this is what they basically do after entering my building.

  • They ask me ... hey, is the Doctor available upstairs?
  • Or they just walk in and when I open the door ... they simply walk out pretending to be patients of the Doctor staying upstairs.
  • Or they ask me questions about some neighbors or address and locations.

They are supposed to let me know about the call from Michelle Obama but this is what they do and go away. Michelle is informed that ... "hey, we gave him the information about your call ... but he really doesn't care ... he doesn't care to take your call".

This is the Presidential malice inbetween coordination efforts. Who is getting this done? Don't know ... maybe Biden or Trump ... they might be using their connections in the intelligence to derail the contact. Maybe because Elon Musk is the top preferred candidate for the Presidency and once the candidate starts working with us ... then he is most likely to win the Presidency.

If you look at this from a broader perspective ... then the guys who are supposed to work with me ... they themselves are sitting there hatching false and misleading information so that even the contact doesn't happen.

Michelle is informed something and the truth about the ground level is that ... till date, not a single person has come to me and told me about a call from Michelle or Biden or Trump. These are pre-planned failures.

What I used to think before was that ... I have trained Biden a hundred times on how to dodge sex setups ... and how to make a successful contact. I used to tell him that ... "we trained you a hundred times on something but if you continue to fail on the very same thing ... then it is your fault and not mine."

And then some SM Groups tell me ... "Biden is not failing ... Biden is not falling on the same obstacle again and again ... these guys are themselves creating false information using their own Presidential agents placed around you. They are using this false information to refuse to work with you."

These are deliberate preplanned failures. Why? Mainly because Party Puppets and Greedy Grandpas have no intention of changing anything ... its raining in trillions and its heaven for them ... why should they change?

One thing that I wonder about this is that ... Madam ... we are living in a digital world. Why do you have to send your person to me in person? You have my phone number with you ... can't you just tell your Assistant to pick the phone and prepare an appointment? I have Whatsapp on the same number ... can't you just message me to expect the call at so and so time?

Why the complicated protocol? Why are you following protocols where failures can be created? Not only you have my phone number ... you have my email address, Whatsapp and Skype. (Your intel guys should have given you this instead of false information.) If my phone is busy or not reachable because of any reason ... can't your Assistant try to contact me after sometime? Or via any other channel of email, Whatsapp and Skype?

You talk to your friends like Ellen as well, don't you? Is the same protocol followed to contact Ellen as well? Lol.

  • Sending an investigation team.
  • Giving indirect signals that the call is coming.
  • Providing signals via Tweets that the call is coming.
  • Placing Presidential agents around Ellen to see if she wants to recieve your call or not.
  • And then follow the false information provided by your agents.

Lol. Is this how you call your friends as well?

You should understand that ... whoever is asking you to follow this ridiculous protocol ... they themselves are creating a preplanned scheme of failing the contact. This contact protocol is itself designed so that the contact doesn’t happen … so that, some pretext or the other can be created to fail the contact. The Presidency continues … the loot continues … and they have a pretext not to change anything. This is what’s going on.

I will forward you my contacts of email, Whatsapp and Skype ... just in case, your assistant can't reach me on my phone number ... kindly, try to use any of the other 3 channels to set up a time to talk.

You are kindly requested to ignore these "indirect signals" via tweets or on the road side. We have several easy and open channels to coordinate ... kindly use the same. Thank you.


How you coordinate shows your Presidency ahead

Yes, yes … I remember that I myself told Michelle that it is better if she sends someone personally to the residence to inform me about the call … but its not working, is it? I made that suggestion because our lovely Presidential candidates were taking inputs from the people living with me in the residence … owing to which there was political control and pressure on them … each of them were being used as puppets to provide whatever information each party wanted.

There was a tug of war between Democrats and Trump in the last election … and each team was creating false sex setups and other false information to derail the coordination with the other party. That’s why, I suggested Michelle to send an intel guy or a police officer to the residence to inform me about the contact … someone who was not connected to the residence whom they could easily manage.

But even this measure is not working … there is malice even in this. If its not working … then why waste time in stuff that doesn’t work?

Simple direct contact works
Look how I operate … am I using any intermediary? Am I using any investigation team? Am I trying to use anyone’s family members? Am I trying to investigate what they are doing on their computers and personal lives? No … I don’t give a shit about any of this … I know exactly who I am working with and I publish exactly what I want to say online … so that, they get first hand direct information from me without using any intermediaries.

This is how I am able to work with SM Groups and that’s how I work with Presidential candidates … via simple direct means with no one inbetween.

Now, I don’t understand why Michelle or Elon Musk needs anyone inbetween? That too for a simple call? Don’t they know me? Don’t they know what I do and what we are supposed to do? There are several direct channels that they can use … phone, email, Whatsapp or Skype. The whole world is operating on these platforms … and our lovely Presidential candidates who happen to be among the world’s most powerful people … they cannot operate on the most simple and basic platforms?

The key question here is not about being able to contact … a procedure is being used where the contact can be deliberately failed … that’s what’s going on. It’s a preplanned procedure where one excuse or the other is used not to contact.

The coordination itself shows the Presidency ahead
This is what Michelle should keep in mind … all SM Groups watch every single move of the Presidential candidates. The coordination itself shows the Presidency ahead.

  • Trump. Trump actually coordinated quite well in the online mode. He dodged all disasters and did not start a single new war. Why? He followed what we showed and used his Presidential authority to surpass Party puppetry and dodge all disasters. But since he failed to make a direct contact and refused to break Establishment monopoly we still got the highest debt and trade deficits.
  • Warren. Warren was only using us to get the Presidency by making supportive tweets … she didn’t care to change nor did she rise above party puppetry. She flopped in her Presidential bid.
  • Biden. The same applies to Biden … doesn’t care to coordinate via online mode or via direct mode … his Presidency is a total disaster.

In this era of multiple simultaneous crises … how well you coordinate with us … decides whether you will be successful or a failure. Trump was partially successful … Warren and Biden are complete failures. These candidates failed in making a simple contact … do you actually expect them to succeed in standing up to a multi-trillion dollar Establishment and revolutionize the country? Look at both of them … Warren and Biden … in which field have they stood up to the Establishment? In which field they have revolutionized America? None whatsoever.

The coordination itself shows how your Presidency is going to be. The Obama-Biden combo has failed to lead the world … now, I am designing the Michelle-Musk combination to lead the world. How this combination is going to succeed … how many reforms will be created … the revolutions that will be created ahead … the new era that will be designed … all of it will depend on the basic mode of coordination.

Better and closer the coordination is … the more success and glory you will get. Zero coordination means complete failure. Look at Biden … we already have several disasters at hand … if he had not coordinated with us to stop a war against Russia then the world would be a different place today. That’s the only place he has worked with us … that too only partially. He got only partial success, if he had worked on every element then this war would have ended a long time ago.

Its very basic logic … when the candidate cannot succeed in making a simple contact … then how should anyone expect him to stand up to an Establishment that he has no idea about? How is he supposed to stop the trillions of wealth drain of which he has no idea about? How is he supposed to dismantle Establishment monopoly to create new system of which he has no idea about? How can he stop several crises when he doesn’t know how these crises are created in the first place?

My dear Lady … “coordination” is the very basis of Presidential success ahead.

That’s why, only candidates who can work with us are given the Presidency and the rest are flushed out.