I think Michelle needs to know this ... among SM Groups ... the indirect signals that are given by Presidential candidates have only 50% weightage. It might be signals via tweets or road side signals or indirect conversations by strangers ... all of these signals are not fully trusted by SM Groups. There is a reason for this.

Its mainly because the project has been delayed by more than 6 years now and there have already been hundreds of such signals from Trump, Warren and Biden. If we classify the phases of these indirect signals ... then this is how it goes.

Jubilant. This was the initial stage of Trump giving us indirect signals that he will work with us. All SM Groups would enter into a celebration mood ... jubilant and joyous ... that finally the coordination would begin with the President and a new era would be created.

Parasite. The first phase didn't last for long. After a few series of tweets and no real action from Trump ... SM Groups understood that Trump tweets in support of the work only when he needs some help with his lawsuits, investigations and impeachment. They understood that Trump was just being a parasite who was trying to use us via tweets just to solve his problems and he actually no intention of working with us.

In this mode, the trust level fell by 50% ... and SM Groups would wonder ... what this guy is actually trying to achieve from these supportive tweets? What is his actual intention? Where does he need help? Should we actually help him or not?

Zero Trust. After helping Trump several times with his long list of issues ... and even then no actual coordination happened with him ... Trump fell into a zero trust level ... where doesn't matter what he said ... nobody believed him. The majority of the groups wouldn't even care to help him. I had to personally get involved to help out Trump several times ... I had to use arguments like "saving Trump is saving America ... save Trump".

And then again ... this entire process of "indirect signals" of tweets was used by Warren ... and then by Biden ... both of them also went through the same phases. As of now, Biden is in the zero trust level. Nobody really cares what he tweets or says ... they are like ... "if you actually want to work with our guy ... then why are you sitting there and tweeting about it? Why don't you pick the phone and talk to him?" Lol. This is a frustrated phase where there is zero trust and full frustration against the Presidential candidate.

This is one of the reasons I tell you ... don't use indirect signals a lot ... it backfires. Everyone is observing your indirect signals and they are "amused" as to what your actual intentions are. Some of them are already wondering ...

  • Why is Michelle tweeting and not actually picking the phone to contact?
  • What does she want from these tweets?
  • Is she following Trump and Biden?
  • Is she just being playful?
  • Is she trying to push our guy to Biden or Trump?
  • Or is she serious about the coordination?
  • What's the actual intention here?

The thing is ... with too many indirect signals and no actual coordination ... you will lose trust. Its like crying "Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!" again and again ... when there is no actual wolf. I am telling you this because ... Ma'am ... you are too good to lose. Everyone already trust you ... you are already a part of the game ... you are holding the pillar of security.

This zone of "indirect signals" is a highly exploited zone ... it is so exploited that whoever enters this zone then he is looked upon with suspicion. The first thing that comes in their minds is ... "if she wants to contact our guy then why is she tweeting about it? Since when do we tweet first and then call next?"

My sincere advice is don't use this zone at all ... even if you have to ... keep its usage extremely limited.

See ... we love you and trust you ... but this is how SM operates. Whoever has to be evaluated ... firstly, they will create two teams ... one pro and one anti team. The pro team will put all of your good intentions on the table ... the anti team will put all of the negative possibilities on the table. And then they will observe your actual actions on the ground to determine what exactly you are working on.

For example ... in this "indirect signals zone" ... this is what the pro team will put on the table ...

  • She is trustworthy ... our guy trusts her.
  • She might be genuinely working to coordinate with our guy.
  • She is not playing around and she is serious about it.

At the same time, the anti team will put all of the negative possibilities on the table ...

  • May be she is under the influence of Obama, Trump and Biden.
  • May be she wants to push our guy towards Biden and Trump.
  • May be she is using the "weekend parasite" gimmick of Trump.
  • May be she is just playing around.

For you ... nobody will say that ... she wants to win elections or that she needs help with any lawsuit ... as these possibilities don't apply to you.

After creating these teams and putting these possibilities on the table ... they will observe your actual on the ground actions for a week or two ... your actual on the ground actions will determine which team is right about you.

The "weekend parasite" gimmick of Trump
Among all of the options that they have put on the table ... the interesting one is the "weekend parasite" gimmick. Ma'am ... we love you and trust you ... I am sure that this doesn't apply to you ... but you need to be aware of this.

What is this weekend parasite? Trump observed that we generally publish our content on Fridays and Sundays ... that's on the weekend. He also observed that ... when we write in his favor, good things would happen for him ... and when we write against him then shit would happen.

So, what Trump would do was ... he would tweet in our favor before the weekend ... on Wednesdays and Thursdays ... so that, I write favorably for him on the weekend ... and then after the weekend, he used to flip and not give a shit about doing anything.

This is what SM calls the "weekend parasite" gimmick of Trump. Lol. What some SM groups are exploring is that ... if you are using the weekend parasite gimmik of Trump to piss me off and to push me towards Trump and Biden ... because I have stopped guiding them ... I am not pulling SM support for them ... and instead I am pulling Elon Musk in the game.

If this is the case ... I am hoping not ... but if it is so ... then here are a few things that some people need to know.

Michelle is my Guardian Angel. There is no chance of me getting pissed off at Michelle ... she is my Guardian Angel. She is the only person who has been consistent in maintaining security for our work since more than 10 years. Thus, she has made herself a key pillar of our work.

The lovely part of her involvement and contribution to our work is that ... she does it completely selflessly. Unlike other candidates, she showed no ambition for money or power.

Multiple Routes. The second point is that ... no we will not pressurize Michelle for coordination ... we will simply move on with the next guy to lead America. She is already managing a key aspect of the project ... if she doesn't want to get involved more in the game ... then we will not push her ... we will simply open the doors for other candidates to lead.

This is done because ... it is a "network based" operation. No one relies only on one person for critical tasks. Several routes are designed ... if one person is not able to pull it off then we simply explore additional options for the same. Its like ... we gave the opportunity to Trump, he didn't lead ... then we pulled in Warren, she failed ... then we pulled in Biden, he failed ... then we are pulling Michelle, if she doesn't make it ... we are already showing solo options to Elon Musk ... and even if he doesn't lead then we will work on the next option as well. That's how SM operates.

No one sits and waits for only one option ... its a network based effort.

Ron de Santis and Elon Musk. Here is some insider information in the design of the next President of America. Do you know why Ron de Santis from the Republican Party ... and Elon Musk is being pulled in the game? It is because several SM Groups are pissed off at Obama, Trump and Biden ... they want to flush out all 3 from Presidential leadership.

Ron de Santis and Elon Musk ... both of these candidates are independent of Obama, Trump and Biden ... that's the key reason to pull both of these candidates to lead America.

So, forget about Michelle pushing me away and that I will go back to Trump and Biden ... its not going to happen ... there is a different game at play. Both Trump and Biden are in the "no trust level" among SM Groups ... nobody trusts what both of them say. If Biden wants to work with us then he knows what he has to do ... nobody is going to sit and write page after page ... and pull SM support in his favor so that he works with us. 

As far as Obama is concerned ... I am planning to create a role for him ... especially because of Michelle's request. She has helped me since more than a decade ... and now, she asks me for one thing ... I am not going to reject it. I will help.

Use Whatsapp Ma’am … not Twitter
If you actually want to work with us … Michelle should use Whatsapp to connect with us … and not Twitter. Why? Because …

Twitter is advertising and publicity. Firstly, when you share something on Twitter then it is mostly about advertising and publicity of something. You are not contacting someone … but you are publicizing something.

From the SM perspective … there have been 2 major types of scams of advertising on Twitter about contacting us and supporting us.

One. Contact Protocol Scam. The Presidential candidate simply Tweets that he is going to contact us. What SM sees is … this guy is not contacting … this guy is “advertising” that he is going to contact. So, it is not an actual contact in real time … in real time, it is just advertising that you will contact.

The routine scam that has been associated with this is that … the candidate publicizes that he will contact and runs some checks … does some investigations … takes some inputs as per the preplanned contact protocol … all for a show … and then uses a “preplanned excuse” not to contact us.

In this scam … the candidate never actually contacts … he only advertises that he will contact and then he also advertises some preplanned excuse as to why he did not contact. Lol. This is a preplanned “contract protocol scam” … generally done using Twitter and other media outlets. It is just for show … but no actual work.

Two. Weekend Parasite Scam. This scam is already mentioned in detail above … in this scam also Twitter and other media outlets are used … there is no intention of actual contact … the candidate only wants to exploit and use us to support his Presidency.

When a clean, good and positive Lady like you … who always has been a force for good and force for what is right … when you enter this scandalous and misleading zone of indirect signals … which has been nothing but fraudulent activity … then it doesn’t look good on you.

You know … a very good and close friend of mine says … “When they go low then you go high”. This Twitter indirect signals thingy … it’s a low ball. There is too much of love and respect for you out there, for you to be in this zone. Use Whatsapp Ma’am … not Twitter … for contact purposes.


Yes, yes ... I know ... another possibility is that Trump and Biden might be pissed off at losing the Midterms. They might be trying to create a ruckus within my family ... but Michelle is our security shield. That's why, they might be trying to get me pissed off at Michelle so that ... I write something against her and she drops her security shell.

Well, firstly, getting me pissed off at Michelle is not that easy. Secondly, I have nothing to do with Trump and Biden failing in the Midterms. They failed to coordinate and lead America ... and it is SM that is taking them down. I have informed them this a long time ago ... in Biden's first year itself that ... if he doesn't coordinate and lead America out of its crises then he will be removed from the White House.

I am not the one who is failing them ... they themselves are failing to lead. They don't do shit ... go on a looting spree ... and then also get pissed off when they are being removed from office? All of it is their fault and not mine. They are to be blamed for their failure and not me.

My job is to guide and help ... if they refuse the guidance and help ... then they own their failures.