Let’s give an introduction of the Matrix to Elon Musk. You will hear some terms like SM, Matrix and the Establishment in our writings … an understanding of this will help you understand what is going on, how to manage each crisis and how to lead the country successfully. This knowledge is like the Holy Grail of US politics. If you have this knowledge and know how, then your chances of getting the Presidency increases manifold.

It is because of this know how that Presidential candidates who work with me are given the Presidency. Candidates who don’t know this will remain lost … will not know what is going on and their leadership will fail. Thus candidates who don’t have this understanding are generally not given the Presidency.

Obama has no knowledge about SM or the Matrix
There was no need to train Obamas about SM or the Matrix. We provide information on a need to know basis … there are truckloads of information out there … giving all information is out of the scope of one website and one person. Obama was trained about the Establishment as it was required to stop the wars during his Presidency. So he has some idea about the Establishment, terrorism, the War on Terror, Israel and terrorist activities. Know how related to his realm was given to Obama to some extent.

Non-Existent Entities
These entities of the Matrix, SM and the Establishment … they are non-existent … but they also exist at the same time. They don’t exist via one particular physical address but they exist conceptually at multiple places.

The Matrix – Human Management Network
A short definition of the Matrix is … a human management network. It has been designed to track, monitor, improve, excel, direct and coordinate human beings. The entire concept of the Matrix is designed by the Satanic Establishment … they see human beings as sheep and cattle (especially non-Jews) … this Human Management Network was designed to manage human beings … to manage every single aspect and every single second of the human life.

Matrix Technologies
Before I talk about Matrix Technologies … let me give examples of tracking people at massive scales by the same Establishment.

  • Government Sponsored Spying. Edward Snowden blew the whistle on this. Every single call and email is tracked by the NSA … via a classified program. Hundreds of millions of people are spied upon in each and every call and email. This is just one level of spying.
  • Monopoly Based. Establishment entities buy out the majority of software and applications that are used on your computer, MACs, phones and tablets. The moment this device is connected to the internet … you have absolutely no idea of what this software or application is doing on your phone or computer. Every single phone call, SMS, email, data on your phone and PC, everything that the cameras on your phone and PC watch … all of this data can be silently sent to their servers without you ever knowing it. Billions of people are being tracked at this level. This is the second level of spying by the same Establishment.

The recent ban of microchips from China and some phone companies from China is mainly because of the information that I revealed above during the Trump Presidency.

Technology Based
The third level is the most high-tech and fun where billions of people can be tracked simultaneously at any corner of the world with or without any tablet, phone or PC. What makes this level real fun is … the spying is done using nothing but “electricity” in plain sight.

You are a rocket scientist … you should be able to get this. The Neuralink thing that you are doing … using microchips planted in the brain to control objects using the brain … its something like that. What you are doing is just the abcds of what is actually used in the Matrix.

The technologies that are used in the Matrix … they are not even revealed in the market. Controlling and monitoring the human mind is something that the Establishment has been doing since a hundred years now. They have especially set up secret biotechnology labs in Israel of this very research. Even scientists in the Soviet Union were pushed to work on these techniques … of enhancing, monitoring and managing human performance.

Matrix Technologies – Scope
It’s a very very long topic … if understanding Establishment malice is 10 times more complicated than managing Obama, Trump and Biden … then Matrix technologies is 10 times more complicated than the Establishment setup. It will take me a 1000 pages to explain everything to you in detail.

So, let me just … show you the scope of Matrix technologies. If there is electricity in any part of the world and there is internet or any object like a phone, radio or television that can send a signal … then the Establishment can monitor what is going on in that room or place.

The level of monitoring is so much in detail that not only they will know who is doing what, what is being said … but they can also monitor what is going on inside your brains … they can monitor what you are thinking … to the extent of even putting thoughts in your mind. Even the thought in your mind can be induced using Matrix technologies.

Now, imagine this scale of reach in every household in any country you want … every house, every business, every government office, every military location, at every level … including the President, the White House, Secret Service, FBI, CIA, media, judiciary, celebrities … at every single corner of the world where electricity is used.

Welcome to the Matrix. Lol.

The White House, a point in the Matrix
The White House itself is a simple point in the Matrix … the Establishment and SM can track everything that is said and done in every single room of the White House. The fun part is that … not only they have a technological presence but they also have “physical presence” at every level and in every field.

Obama, Trump and Biden are not the only people placed in the White House … there are operatives at every level including the staff to even the Secret Service. Lol.

Like I said … it is a “human network” … these are the just the technologies that are used to track, monitor, support and improvise every human being in the Matrix.

The Establishment and SM
There are two major entities that form the Matrix … the Establishment and SM. The Establishment basically formulated these ideas … used the best scientists from the general public to create the tools for this monitoring and via their monopoly they technically own the majority of the companies in America.

Before I entered the scene SM was the Silent Majority … they were the masses that work in these companies and government organizations … Christians, Muslims and other religions. They were bewildered and scared of the power and influence that the Establishment had over their systems and lives. Saying anything against them would get them fired or prosecuted or abused in several ways.

These masses were “silent” because of this overwhelming power and abuse. I myself went through a lot of grilling and abuse in the Matrix right from 1998 onwards. When I entered the scene in 2007 in America where the Matrix was the strongest and the most powerful … I started showing SM who these assholes were actually. How to control them, how to surpass them and how to use their tools on them and against them.

This was my first revolution … I turned a massive work force against their very owners … and I showed them how to dominate corporations, government organizations, media, legal networks and intelligence.

And then I started pulling them into revolutions that America needs in every field and showed them how to make and dismantle Presidencies … how to control elections … how to get the selected elected as President … how to knock out Establishment malice through every step.

I am not alone, you are not alone
Some of these things happened before the Obama Presidency and some happened during. Obama knows me just as “a popular guy who makes Presidents”. Lol. He has no freaking idea that … this is not a show … it is Nation Management. He is no spectator … he himself is being tracked and monitored by millions of SM Groups with every action he takes and everything he says or does.

The same applies to Trump and Biden … every single second of their lives are monitored, watched and tracked … every conversation, email, call, message … to the extent that even their moods are tracked. What they are thinking is tracked. Lol.

SM doesn’t give you the Presidency and walk away … you become the most important point in the frontend game … who has to be protected, guided, supported or even stopped sometimes. There are millions of entities watching every single move you make … you lift a finger and they will know … you blink, they will know … you smile, they will know … you frown, they will know.

Trump put a few intel guys around me to find out “who SM is … who I am meeting and who I am talking to”. He couldn’t figure out anything. All I need to do to forward a message to the SM Network is … simply tick in the message on my computer and they will track it. I don’t even need to publish it online or market it in anyway.

Trump used to think … “let’s crush this guy … he is just one person”. Hillary used to scream … “I will not be afraid of one guy with one computer”. Lol.

Both of them had no idea what they are actually dealing with. I am not alone. Yes, there is no Presidential coordination yet … but it doesn’t mean that the work from the backend stops. There are tens of millions of SM elements across America that are continuously working on the strategies that we put into place. It doesn’t mean that SM will stop because Trump and Biden are running “pretend contact and pretend to work” schemes.

You are not alone
I am sharing this information with you, Musky … because you should not feel that you are alone if Obama, Trump or Biden are not with you. Don’t feel the necessity to follow them and don’t feel alone and left out if you don’t have them.

There are tens of millions of groups out there … a massive huge entity that will support you, protect you and give you victories, if you are on the right track. You don’t need anyone of them to move forward. SM can structure the entire country to follow you, if you lead right.

They already did that for Trump. Who helped Trump rise in politics? Obama or Biden? Who supported him or guided him or helped him rise? He did it solo. But the thing was … he was not actually solo … SM had chosen him to lead America and they supported him and protected him through every step to give him the victory.

SM did it once and they can do it for you again. You don’t need a Democrat or a Republican to back you … everything will start falling in place, the moment you start taking the right steps and start working on the right policies.

Don’t need Michelle either
If you and Michelle work together … then I would actually love it and welcome it. But in reality, you don’t need Michelle either. I need Michelle, not you. I need security and protection … but the moment you become President, you get Secret Service protection … you don’t need Michelle’s security.

The important thing is … don’t feel alone and left out without Trump and Obama. You don’t have to follow them and you don’t have to feel alone without them either. I will activate a massive force that will support you … other than God that is.

(Michelle should help Elon Musk work independently.)