Identifying the Establishment and SM in real time
We are talking about non-existent entities that exist. Both the Establishment and SM don’t exist and also exist at the same time. So, how do we identify each of them?

Identifying the Establishment is pretty darn easy … it’s a Satanic Jewish Establishment … if you track the owners of the corporations, media and manufacturing companies … then you will find them to be attached to a bunch of Satanic Jews. There are more than 10,000 media outlets in America but 90% of them are owned by only 6 companies … all of them happen to be Satanic Jews.

In politics and government … if you want to identify the Establishment … then simply investigate the connections of the candidate … he or she will be in one way or the other connected to the same Satanic Jewish network via family or dedication.

This is what creates the Establishment’s “monopoly” … since 90% of the mainstream media is owned by them … then they can simply “create” whatever propaganda they want in the country. Like make the people believe that trillions need to be spent in wars on the other side of the Ocean to catch a few terrorists. Like make people believe that the sky is going to fall and the Earth is going to break open … if we don’t spend trillions of taxpayer money on Climate Change. Lol … both of them are Establishment schemes and propaganda … very faithfully executed by our lovely politicians.

In order to pocket a few billions, our lovely politicians screw the people by the trillions … and campaign for Establishment schemes as the right thing to do.

SM – People Centric
The biggest disadvantage that the Satanic Establishment has is that … it’s a minority … very very tiny minority. Their scripted propaganda through thousands of outlets can very easily be identified, blocked and terminated.

SM thrives on “people power” … the power of working together … collective power. Some examples of SM activities are …

  • The Arab Spring
  • The Tea Party Movement
  • The Occupy Movement
  • #metoo Movement
  • Overthrowing of governments, making and dismantling Presidencies, tossing millionaire and billionaire Establishment criminals in jail

You cannot identify SM activity by virtue of ownership … its by virtue of the “movement”. The concept that I have designed for SM to operate against the Establishment is via collective people power but without any specific leaders.

For example … who led the Arab Spring or the Tea Party Movement or the Occupy Movement or the #metoo movement? Obama? Trump? Democrats? Republicans? None whatsoever … these are people based movements … by the people for the people against assholes that are screwing with the people.

SM – Alternate Realm of Nation Management
The Matrix contains the data of almost every entity and individual in the country. Any guy they want to target … support or pull down … doesn’t matter what position he is at or in what field … SM will have the tools to start managing him or her.

That’s why when I used to write against Hillary’s wars … she used to say … “I will not be afraid of one guy with one computer!” Why was she saying it? Because shit starts happening in your surrounding against you when you are the bad guy. I used to sit and write on the other side of the Ocean and Hillary used to get rattled, opposed and failed again and again.

The same thing with Trump … Ivanka used to say … “don’t write against us … you have no idea what happens when you write against us”. Why? The same reason … Trump was on a looting spree … wouldn’t fix America’s problems … when Trump wouldn’t change … the world around him used to turn against him. He became a President at war with his own country.

It was not because of me that SM was against Hillary and Trump … it is because of Hillary’s wars and Trump’s inaction and failure to lead that SM was against them. They have their own actions and policies to blame.

The formula of “people power” became an extremely strong tool for SM to manage any entity and any individual in any segment of life. It became so widespread that … they are managing the Nation now … they see themselves as the “guardians of America”.

They have been kicking the Satanic Jewish Establishment’s ass so well that … at a time when our leaders don’t have the balls to say anything against Jews or Israel … during this time … SM works on Jewish soil in Israel and fails the Banker puppet, the Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu again and again. Never before in Israel’s history that its government has been failed so many times.

Required Configuration
This was a required configuration … to manage the Nation … to knock out the Establishment’s influence and malice in several fields of banking, corporations, manufacturing, politics, media, intelligence and legal networks. I had to channelize SM Groups to move into every major field to track, to monitor, to identify the culprits and their malice … so that we know exactly who has to be hammered out.

This training of SM Groups was done before and during the Obama Era. Our lovely, humble and nice gentleman President wasn’t doing shit … he was taking forever to stop the wars … so, I used my time to do something useful. It ended up resulting in Nation Management. Lol.

Now, you understand why I am one of the key Directors in Nation Management. Before I entered the scene … SM was scared, scattered and silent. They loved me … in the initial days … they used to tell me “shushhh! Remain silent … don’t talk about this … they will create trouble for you”. But I said … “screw them … why the hell should we remain scared and silent? I will show you what has to be done. Let’s kick some ass!”

I had to literally train them of identifying Establishment malice, the patterns, the ideology, the behaviors, the entities, the puppets, the schemes, the resultant disasters, the future planned disasters, the strategies, the techniques, how to win, how to create and fail Presidencies … every single aspect of this project, I have trained them through several years.

Director – Nation Management
Initially, I had just showed them where the problems were … and I expected them to go ahead and solve them. But they stood there … blank faced … afraid … not knowing what to do. I understood that … I had to train them and walk with them through every step … so that, they know what has to be done and they succeed in getting it done.

That’s how I ended up becoming Director of Strategy and Planning. SM does the implementation part … I do the planning.

Why am I sharing this information, Musky?
I am sharing this information so that you need to understand the forces at play. Obama stood there thinking that … “he is a popular guy who blogs and makes Presidents”. He believed what he saw … can’t blame him for that. He had no idea about the massive network of millions of groups at play simultaneously.

Trump thought that he is running the country … he used to tell me … “I am the President and you are not!” Well, the truth was that … yes, Trump was the President … but the President runs only sections of the Government … the Federal Government. But SM operates through every entity in the country … the Federal Government, the State Governments, the media, the intelligence, the legal networks, the corporations and celebrities … they are also within the Trump Administration, the White House and in the Secret Service.

So now … who actually runs the country? Lol. SM is America … SM runs America.

The world works with you or against you
See … I am not trying to blow my horn here. I am not the one with the power here … I am the Strategist. Its SM that monitors and operates at the ground level. They work in their own lovely ways … firing people, shutting down companies, putting culprits in jail, failing politicians, lawsuits, exposure in the media, opposition, intervention … just to name a few activities that I have observed them do. They make your world turn against you when you are the bad guy.

But at the same time … they can make the world work with you … support you, protect you, guide you, give you victories, safeguard you from lawsuits, jail, miscreants & malice, make you a darling of the people, give you billions worth publicity and victory after victory when you are the good guy.

It all depends on actually who you are … it depends on your actions and policies … it depends on your work for the good of the Nation. I have literally seen them do this … in real time.

They supported and protected Trump despite his sex scandals and gave him victory … but when Trump failed to lead America against Establishment malice … they crashed his Presidency. They supported Warren and made her the lead candidate … but when she failed to work with us and came up with disastrous policies … they crashed her candidacy. They supported and protected Biden despite him having two dozen honking cars in his rallies … they gave him the Presidency … but now, Biden is on a looting spree not giving a shit about solving any crisis … just guess what’s going to happen to him. Lol.

System designed to save America
I tell you not to follow Obama or Trump … because the very basic mistake that Obama makes is that … he thinks that “this is a show” … that I am popular … that I make Presidents … something like Ellen’s Show.

He has no idea that my followers are not just an audience … they actively get involved in leading and running the country. This is not just a show that you watch … but the Presidents … they themselves are watched, monitored, tracked, evaluated and responded to with every single action that they take. This is not a multi-trillion dollar lottery that Biden thinks is … we give this power with the responsibility to stop all disasters and Establishment malice and to fix all of America’s problems.

Its an entire “system” designed to save America. I kept telling Trump … “change your track, change your track” … and he didn’t give a shit. Can Ellen terminate your Presidency? No … but SM can. Can Ellen turn your world against you? No … but SM can.

Our wonderful Presidents love the success and its benefits … but they don’t like or care for the responsibility that comes with this power. They go on a looting spree not giving a shit about the people or the country or solving any crisis in the country. Thus, they get booted.

SM – A wonderful entity
SM is a wonderful entity. You will love SM if you are the good guy … who is fighting for the people … who is fighting to fix all of the crises. They will make the world walk with you … the world will support you. But if you turn out to be a fraud and an imposter … then the same entity will turn your world against you … you will be humiliated, ridiculed, investigated, impeached and removed from power … and may be face jail time as well, depending on your disasters.

Whether your world will work with you or against you … it all depends on your actions and leadership.

Merry Christmas!