Pretending to contact

Yes, yes ... I see the "signals" that they will contact me ... even SM Groups are seeing what they are doing. In reality, what SM sees is ... they are "pretending to contact" and not actually contacting. If they actually want to contact me and work with me then why the signals? Its simple logic.

They might be trying to assure me that they will contact or they might actually want to contact ... but these signals have continued for such a long time that if anyone is sending signals about contacting me then it is seen as a fraudulent activity of trying to pull support to remain in power or to get power.

How can I blame SM for this? All of them work via facts and logic ... and this is what's happening. Pretending to contact and then go on a looting spree not giving a shit about anything.

That's why I told Michelle n Musk that ... send me a direct message on Whatsapp, Skype or Email when you want to contact me. This signaling thing is seen as a fraudulent and misleading activity.

What am I supposed to say ... thank you for pretending to contact?

Win the trust of the SM Network

Here's something interesting ... I am telling these guys that "indirect signals" is seen as a misleading communication route. Guess what their response is?

They tell me ... "we are not misleading you, we will work with you right now". They tell me this using indirect signals. They are telling me that they are not misleading me using a misleading communication route. Lol.

So sweet, isn't it? The simple question here is ... if you are not misleading me and you want to work with me right now ... then why are you still stuck to indirect signaling? What's holding you back from picking the phone and making a call?

Why are you bothering to use dozens of people on the street to create your indirect signals when just one person can pick the phone and directly connect with me via a call or Whatsapp or Skype?

I am not saying that I don't believe in you ... but I am also not saying that I believe in you either. SM Groups and me ... we are all just observing what you guys are doing. Its not about trust or belief ... everyone is observing how you operate ... everyone works with "facts".

Why is this coordination phase important? Because your initiative, efforts, commitment, techniques and intentions ... all of this in this phase will give us a preview of how you will operate in the next phases of Campaign, Change and Continue.

In this phase itself, if you just chill ... take days and weeks for a simple task ... use signaling and promising but make no actual effort ... then that's exactly how your Presidency will be. We already have two frauds who have done this before ... namely Trump and Biden ... and they turned out to be nothing but scammers and failures.

Michelle n Musk ... everyone is watching what you are doing. Don't think that eyes are only on me. Since I am trying to convince the SM Network that the Michelle Musk team will bring the change that America needs and they will work to fix all of America's problems ... everyone is watching how you are operating and how you are conducting yourself.

The thing is ... you don't have to win only my trust ... you also have to win the trust of millions of SM Groups. Its not that I don't believe you ... I believe in facts ... I am watching the facts as they enfold.


Okay Elon Musk ... let us use "science" to do some reasoning.

The building is on fire ... should you call the fire fighters and work with them to save the people ... or should you stand there avoid working with the fire fighters, not give access to the building and just pretend to contact them with the hope that the fire fighters will start praising you and start blowing your horn and show that you are the savior that's needed in this time of crisis?

Simple logic ... the building is on fire ... should you work with the fire fighters or not?

Its not rocket science ... its very simple logic ... and amusingly our lovely Presidents have been disastrous in this very simple task. That's since 3 Presidents ... Obama, Trump and Biden. All of them have been failures and disasters in saving America and in fighting for America.

Obama stood in front of a burning building ... instead of fighting the fire within the building he was busy burning 6 other buildings (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen) while giving us long moral science lectures on politics of hate, fear and division. This was the Obama Presidency.

It took us 8 years just to extinguish the fires in the surrounding 6 buildings and then Trump comes into office and guess what he does? He didn't give us long moral science lectures ... he was busy building a border wall around the burning building. He didn't burn other buildings like Obama but instead he went on a looting spree inside the burning building that he was supposed to save. This was the Trump Presidency.

Trump doesn't burn other buildings but screws America for 4 long years ... and then Obama-Biden are given the task to save the American people. Guess what? Obama-Biden don't do anything different than Trump ... they pretend to contact the fire fighters and go on a looting spree several times more than Trump ... and then they start burning other buildings as well (Ukraine). This is the Biden Presidency.

Trump was struggling to get a mere $20 billion for his border wall and Obama-Biden blow up $2-3 trillion on every God damn policy that they come up with. During the Obama Presidency 20 American citizens were dying every single hour ... and now, during the Obama-Biden Presidency 40 American citizens are dying every single hour.

Biden doesn't give a shit as he is fixated on the trillions of loot that he wants ... thus, he doesn't want to change any policy that he has created as it would affect his commissions. And nobody gives a shit about Obama ... nobody cares to follow Obama ... Obama is not able to change anyone ... the building continues to burn several times more.

It is in this scenario, that we are designing the Michelle-Musk Presidency. Let's use simple logic to understand what has to be done ... the building is burning since 22 years ... since George Bush ... it is in its worst state today with the maximum number of deaths and debt ... should you contact the fire fighters or pretend to contact them?

Its not rocket science, dear friend.