This is the base line that all key Presidential candidates should keep in mind.

Elon Musk
Its an interactive world out there and there are many sources of misleading. Trump is one of those sources ... he is a touchy guy ... he only likes when people blow his horn ... he loves to live in praises and glory for himself ... the guy loves self-worship.

But our job is not about blowing anyone's horn ... its about getting the right things done for the people. This becomes very easy when there is direct coordination ... but unfortunately, that is not the case ... so, everything gets published online.

We stop what is wrong and help you do what is right ... both of these things are done for your own good. When I write, all SM Groups get involved ... when you do what is wrong then your world starts turning against you. When you do what is right, then you are given the support to get victories.

When you try to correct Mr. Trump ... he freaks out ... that I am exposing his issues and faults. Every time I had to stop him from disasters that would destroy his Presidency and probably also put him in jail ... the first thing I had to do was put up with this guy's negative and aggressive reaction. "How dare you say that I am wrong? How dare you right against me? How dare you show my faults?" It was a freaking non-stop headache trying to help and guide this guy.

Today, he is a guy with no new wars, terrorism wiped out, no War on Terror, no Socialist disasters, no Climate Change crap and no ridiculous mass spending ... how do you think that we got this done? It was repeated guidance through hundreds of pages ... through every step ... showing him the issues in each crisis. He had a clean Presidency ... because of whom? Because of us ... and guess who he hates the most?

Yes, he hates us the most ... he freaked out every time we tried to correct him ... we had to manage his aggression while trying to help him. This is the type of the unthankful asshole we had to put up for 4 long years.

And guess what, he hasn't change at all. He tries to push Biden against us ... "ow, he wrote this about you and that about you ... owww, look what he is calling you". He is an egomaniac who cares about no one but himself.

Since you are in his company ... that's how he will try to play with your mind as well. He will try to make an egomaniac out of you as well. All he sees is ... whether the guy is blowing his horn or not ... he doesn't realize that the guy who is trying to show you the disasters ahead, he is also trying to help you. It takes a long time for him to realize this ... and then he will flip with the next line that is written against him.

I am telling you this because ... you the most important entity for Presidential leadership out there. The last people you have to follow or listen to is ... Obama, Trump or Biden. All 3 have no solutions to any crisis ... all 3 have been running disasters ... all 3 have turned a blind eye to the disasters owing to which the disasters have only multiplied.

Beware of misleading ... the Establishment based misleading will come later ... the first 3 that you have to dodge are Obama, Trump and Biden.

Barack Obama
Showing your issues is not about kicking you out of the game ... in fact, it is the opposite. You are important in the game ... not because you are a great leader or because you have solutions to any of the crisis that exists out there. You are important because Michelle is important.

Michelle keeps on insisting and requesting to keep you in the game. So irrespective of the fact that several SM Groups are pissed off at your incompetence and inaction ... whether they like it or not ... if Michelle is in the game, then even Barack Obama is in the game. This is the truth that they have to manage. That's point number one.

The second point is that ... we are creating a lifelong role for Michelle in Presidential leadership. Its important that your role and activities are clearly defined so that her path and role is clear.

If SM Groups are trashing Barack then it should not mean that they are also trashing Michelle ... showing incompetence of Barack should not mean that Michelle is also incompetent ... frustration towards Barack should not imply frustration towards Michelle as well.

I see Barack and Michelle as two different entities with different skills and capabilities ... but since you are married to each other ... things get complicated.

From where I see it ... there are two easy routes for Barack Obama ahead.

Route One. Just chill and let the President lead and fight for America. You don't have to change your "be friends with everybody" style of leadership. You can continue to be friends with everybody ... you don't have to get on anyone's bad side. But what you need to do is ... stop cloning yourself onto the current President ... you are rendering everyone useless and it is resulting in disasters out there.

No one is forcing you to fight against anybody. Just chill and relax ... watch the show ... watch others make the changes that are needed in America. Its something very easy to do.

Route Two. The second option is ... join the fight. I seriously don't think that you have a fight in you ... you can never kick anyone's ass ... I am watching you since the past 14 years and you haven't stood up to anyone. That's the key reason we got Trump in the White House ... because of your inaction and inability to fight.

But however, this option is open ... if you want to fight for change ... change that you can believe in ... then you are welcome.

Joe Biden
Yes, its a do or die scenario for you now ... you have chosen the "die track". I am not going to sit and write page after page inviting you to work with me to solve America's crises. This will only create false hope among SM Groups that Biden could actually be a good leader.

You already know that you have to work with us to fix America's crises and when you choose not to work with us ... then you have automatically chosen the "die track".

So, showing your issues is about helping you realize why and how your Presidency will be terminated. This is something that I had told Trump as well ... he wanted to be only a parasite on our work. He didn't want to fix any crisis, he didn't want to work with us and he only wanted to leech off our work with whatever useful info he could get.

We told him that ... the only thing that he is going to learn by being a parasite on our work is ... how and why his Presidency will be terminated. And guess what ... Trump learned very well ... how and why his Presidency got terminated. Lol.

Since you are following Trump ... you are pretty much on the same track.

However, the good news for you even then is that ... it might not be a complete Trump track for you ... since you are connected to Obamas and we are working on the creation of the next Democrat President ... we might do a few good things under your Presidency which will help in the creation of a Democrat President and give you a proper exit. That's your worst case scenario.

Yes, we do show your issues ... we are not showing your issues to terminate your Presidency. We actually started showing the issues in your Presidency "after" the decision to terminate your Presidency had already been made. Technically, I am not the one terminating your Presidency ... it is already on track to be terminated. I am just trying to help you change that track or understand how and why the termination will take place.

Anyhow, even your worst case scenario will not be that bad, hopefully. Let's see.

Donald J Trump
Yes, Mr. Trump ... we also show the issues that come from you. You were chosen to save America and now America needs to be saved from you.

You hold America hostage, support the Satanic Establishment and go on a looting spree without solving any crisis. You keep on screwing the current and next Presidential candidate ... stop coordination ... create and multiply disasters in America and the world. You do all of this and your campaign slogan is "Save America" ... when in reality, the actual campaign slogan should be "Save America from Trump". Lol.

Don't worry, once you lose 2024, you will become more and more irrelevant ... nobody will care who you are and what you have done. Look ... do I trash Hillary now? No, why? She is irrelevant now ... she has no power ... she can't create wars or destroy others ... nobody cares who she is or what she says. Sadly, she can't even get paid speeches nowadays.

Your criticism will fade away ... as long as you continue to remain useless and disastrous ... you will continue to fade away.