I got an interesting request from one SM Group … “you need to stop calling them bums … all 3 Obama, Trump and Biden want to work with you. They want to strike a deal but you don’t stop trashing them.”

Okay … let’s take things down a notch and analyze this piece of information.

Trashing the trio
Firstly, when you say that I am trashing all 3 … you seem to be saying that I am against them or something. The basic point you should understand is that all 3 are chosen by me only … I chose them and supported them for Presidential leadership. Each of them became President because of my support and the plan that I had for them.

We didn’t choose them to trash them … we chose them to make them phenomenal leaders. There is no me against them … we are actually one team … that is supposed to stand against the Establishment. So, stop thinking that I am pitched against any of the 3.

It is for their own good … that we stop them from making disasters and encourage them to solve the current crises … do great things for the people … so that they become phenomenal leaders who create great countries.

We are one team … I am not pitched against any candidate that I choose.

Bum is as decent as it can get
Yes, this one SM Group wants me to stop calling them bums … but what they should know is that … this is the most decent word being used to define the trio among the entire SM Network. Most of the groups use pretty explicit terms to define their incompetent leadership. Since I have to work with them today or tomorrow … I don’t try to make things explicit.

SM Groups say whatever they want … they are not the ones who have to directly work with the President … but I do. Yes, SM Groups are pretty influential … apart from using explicit terms, they can also dismantle the Presidency itself … but that is their zone. In my zone, a little bit different parameters apply … I directly have to work with these wonderful gentlemen … thus, I don’t mention everything that goes on in the SM Network.

Pissed off firefighters
See … there is not only you and me in the game … if you want to understand the full picture and understand the frustration that exists among SM Groups … then you have to look at how they think as well.

Apart from the Presidents and me … there is SM, the Establishment and America as a whole. The situation that we have out there is that … America is a burning building … that has been burning since George Bush … since 23 years now. If you look at each of their inaction and failure to solve these Establishment based problems … then it is 14 years for Obama … 6 years for Trump … and 2 years for Biden in Presidential leadership.

If you cannot save the burning building then at least work with the firefighters and let’s solve the problems together. But instead of that … they stand in front of the burning building … go on a looting spree and refuse to allow the firefighters to do their job.

Since years … America is going trillions in debt every year … since Trump a thousand American citizens are dying every single day … there are several crises simultaneously in play … and what you worry about is … these people who refuse to save the building that they are being called bums?

Is that something of a concern or a thousand American lives that we are losing every single day?

Another pretext?
What you should also see is … these 3 fine gentlemen have created a long list of excuses and pretexts not to work with us and not to do their job. If they couldn’t find any pretext … they have also created false information to avoid working with the firefighters.

If you look at this new piece of information “stop calling them bums, they want to work with you”. If they wanted to work with me, they should have simply contacted me, nah? Why use these one or two innocent and naïve SM elements for the messaging?

The building is burning and 40 Americans are dying per hour … and these guys refuse to allow the firefighters to save the building and the people. Now, you tell me what they should be defined as.

‘Bum’ is the most decent word in the SM Network that is being used to address them. I would reject it and fight in their favor … but where is the ground level action from them? Where is the change from them?

Stop writing bad, start blowing horn to create the next President
Here are more practical things … if I stop writing bad about them and start blowing their horn and create a leadership role for them to solve all of these crises … then among the 3, the next President will be chosen. This is probably what they want.

They want me to stop writing bad and start creating the next President among them … and make all SM Groups believe that this candidate should be the next President of the United States … that’s Trump or Biden. They want this done … without working with me directly … without knowing how to solve any crisis … without making any effort to solve any crisis in any direction, they want the Presidency again.

Now, tell me … why the hell would I do that? Are you not seeing all of the disasters that are happening out there? Don’t you see their inaction and incompetence in every crisis? Is it right and justified for them to be President again?

Aren’t we supposed to play by facts and logic? Is this what logic tells us to do? To give the Presidency to someone who shows no action to solve any crisis whatsoever?

Not me against them
Its not me against them … everything is about solving America’s crises … its all about dismantling Establishment monopoly. If they can do it … then they will get the support for the Presidency … else even if I support them, then SM Groups will scoff and mock.

We chose them and they are failing to lead. We give them popularity, polls, votes, support them against all odds, protect them from all Establishment malice, give them the Presidency … and then … bingo … they flip and refuse to lead.

So tell me … aren’t SM Groups justified in their anger against them? After everything we do for them … they don’t care … they allow America to burn.

Its not me against them … it’s the entire SM Network that is against them … and collectively, we have to figure out who is going to lead and how these crises will be solved. That’s the key thing that all SM Groups are worried about. That’s why I am pulling Michelle and Elon Musk in the scene … to rectify a few things and take things forward.


I don't really care about the bum issue ... the priorities should remain the same ...

  • Elon Musk
  • Bill de Blasio / John Kasich / Another suitable alternate
  • Joe Biden

The priorities should depend upon the potential and the progress being made. Till date, everyone that we chose had potential but none of them made any progress. So, don't rely only on the potential ... also see the progress ... and if there is no progress ... then work on how to enable progress. If none of the above can make progress, then get someone else who can. There is no need to remain stuck on what's on the platter ... get what America needs.

Michelle will obviously be a part of the game ... she has won a permanent role. Since Michelle is there, Obama will also be a part of the game. Obama comes by default along with Michelle.

Haven't thought anything about Trump yet. He has too much baggage that needs to be worked upon. However, he still continues to be the best and the worst in the game, simultaneously.