Happy Birthday Michelle Obama! May God bless you and keep you in His love, mercy and care for all time.


Well, the issue with Harris is exactly the issue that we have with Biden. Biden was chosen to work with Obamas ... so that Obamas guide him in taking America forward. There was been zero progress under Biden.

There are two possibilities in this:

  • One. Obamas are not able to guide and encourage Biden to lead America right.
  • Two. Biden doesn't give a shit about Obamas and he is doing his own thing.

Under both of these possibilities, what is the guarantee that with Harris things are going to be different?

  • One. How are you sure that Obamas will successfully guide Harris to lead America right when Obamas themselves have not contacted us?
  • Two. How do you know that Harris will be committed and work with Obamas when a guy like Biden, who has been Obama's VP for 8 years, doesn't listen to him?

Michelle has consolidated her role in the field of security ... she has proven herself in this section. But when they don't work with us then it means that they will not have any solutions to any of the crises that exist out there ... which means that, the more Obama candidates we put in the White House, the more stagnation and inaction will continue.

Why do you think I put Elon Musk as the top priority in the Presidential race? Because it is easy for him to snap out of Obamas to lead right for America. Its easy for him to contact us ... its easy for him to use logic ... its easy for him to decide what is right ... without being under the influence of Obamas or the Democrat Party. This is the main reason why Elon Musk is at the top.

Till date ... the only thing Obama means for Presidential leadership is ... inaction and stagnation ... and complete party puppetry ... which means that the Establishment will keep on running its nuisance via the Democrat Party.

I am not ruling out anyone ... it might be Harris, Biden, Obama, Bill de Blasio or Elon Musk ... but where is the evidence that they will coordinate and actually solve America's crises?

Be flexible and focus on actual progress
I have kept all options open ... for Obama, Biden, Elon Musk, Michelle ... the decision should be based upon the "actual progress" that they are making in solving America's crises. It should not be just because of my selection or the priorities that I am showing ... if none of them can make any progress then look for someone who can.

You have the tools to track each of them ... track what is going on ... what is being planned ... you will know their plan and objectives very easily. Let's work with someone who can make real progress.

If I endorse anyone ... they are just using my endorsement as a scam ... to take the Presidency, go on a looting spree and not give a shit about solving any crises. This is what's happening repeatedly ... how many times are we going to get scammed and defrauded like this? A few guys loot and 330 million American citizens get scammed ... this is the Presidential leadership that we are getting out there.

This is exactly what needs to change.