Technically what happens is ... when you pick the best guys in the team, whom you trust, whom you want to give key & responsibilities, whom you choose to do great things under, whom you have great hopes for ... when these guys turn out to be frauds, when they only use you to get the Presidency, when they don't care to solve any crisis, when they stand there turning a blind eye to a burning America and a turning a blind eye to a thousand Americans dying every single day ... when things like this happen ... it shakes up and breaks your trust in others.

You start thinking ... when the best guy turned out to be a fraud ... then how do you trust anyone else out there? Heh.

Obama might be simply being Obama ... but his inaction has rattled the faith in the SM Network in the best candidates out there. Yes, nobody was rattled or shocked when Trump flipped ... Trump's flip was expected and preparations were made to manage it. But when guys like Obama screw things up ... that too in a second Presidential chance ... then it shakes things to the core.

Obama's inaction has minimized the trust in Elon Musk. Why? Because even this guy is sitting there and "tweeting". Lol. Its been almost one month since Michelle n Musk were informed how urgent and disastrous the situaion is out there with trillions being drained and a thousand Americans dying every single day ... and not a single move has been made yet.

30,000 Americans have died in the past 30 days ... and our guys are sitting there and "tweeting" ... expecting me to praise them and campaign for their Presidency. And all SM Groups are saying ... "isn't the pattern of fraud repeating with your suggested combination of Michelle n Musk"?

I am not supposed to campaign for Michelle n Musk ... all SM Groups are watching if Michelle n Musk will coordinate and campaign for the right policies. And there isn't a single move yet.

The logic is pretty simple ... if you don't know who has created the problem, what the exact problem is, how to solve the problem and how to accomplish change ... then how will you solve any crisis? When you don't care to coordinate ... when you don't care to learn how to solve any crisis ... then it only means that under your Presidency nothing is going to get solved. America will continue to get drained by the trillions and we will keep on getting the highest debt, deficits, cost of living and inflation.

This has been a fact and it has been seen under Obama, Trump and Biden ... all of them have failed to solve any Establishment crisis. If Michelle n Musk sit there only tweeting ... then isn't it going to be another failed combination like Obama n Biden?


Just look at the time and energy these guys spend on sex info ... heh ... if they spent the same amount of time and energy in changing the world then we would be living in a different world today.


We are protecting Elon Musk in his lawsuits. He is a good candidate for President in 2024 ... protect him and help him.


What's with the repeated "signals" that Democrats are going to contact me? Only signaling has no value attached to it.


US demands action after Valieva cleared in doping case

The US should stop going after Russian athletes and performers in their anti-Russian activities. This is plain racism and discrimination of innocent human beings because they happen to be Russian.

America should put pressure on Russia only to stop the war ... it should stop channelizing hate, discrimination and racism from every route possible. We should stand against the war in Ukraine without discriminating against hundreds of millions of Russians who had no say in the war and who did not want this war.

The objective should be to end the war and be at peace with each other. The objective should not be to create hate and enmity from every angle to go for a Nuclear war.


Ladies ... we are helping JK Rowling. She is being targeted by negative elements.


Banning gas based vehicles is plain stupid.