No, no, no ... I will NOT be dating Pornstars. Lol ... Jesus. Its just hypothetically speaking ... just to give them an idea of not paying attention to personal, family or sex activities of the team members. The team should keep its focus on the core work "centered on the people".

Ignore and turn a blind eye to personal lives ... because it is an Establishment gimmick to use anything and everything to create friction, conflicts and stall or stop the work. Its how Satan operates.

An easy formula to understand what is important and what is not is ... put a million people in a box ... and then analyze if the particular activity benefits or harms a million people. If the activity benefits a million people ... then it is good ... if it harms a million people ... then it is bad. If it does not affect a million people in any way then don't pay attention to it.

This is your "million people formula".

Leave your moral science lectures for yourself ... yes, we know that "its good if we have leaders with good morals" ... but you are never going to get a Jesus Christ to run the country. After the Establishment, "politicians" are the most corrupt and the worst segment of our society.

Everyone will have some baggage ... if we keep on using the microscope on each person's life then we will never get the right leader nor will we ever get the right things done. So, the best route would be to "support what is right and hold back what is wrong" under each leader ... this way we get only the right things done for the Nation under every leader.

That's where we use the "million people formula" to decide what to support, what to hold back and what to ignore.

Let me give you some examples of how to use it ... Pornstar banging or fingering your colleagues ... does it affect a million people? No, it doesn't. Leave the mental voodoo aside ... there has to be measurable way where the people benefit or get hurt physically or financially in any way. If one guy is banging Pornstars then it doesn't affect a million people in any way ... that's why we supported Trump in his sex scandals.

Blowing up $2-3 Trillion on every policy ... does it affect a million people? Yes it does ... it affects a hundred million taxpayers who are getting screwed and scammed.

The Ukraine war ... does it affect a million people? Yes it does, tens of millions are displaced from their homes and tens of thousands of people are getting killed.

If I have a bad hair day or if I wear tracks all day long ... does it affect a million people? No, it does not.

The million people formula will help you flush out the junk ... it will help you become people centric ... and it will also help you understand how serious the problem is and how to prioritize what is important.

Some problems affect billions of people ... such as Establishment monopoly, high cost of living, nuclear wars, pandemics ... some problems affect millions of people like ... wars, drugs, crime, gun violence, racism ... some problems are spread across the globe and do not exist only in America but they are spread across several countries.

Measure the problem in terms of the scale of people and how widespread it is. It will help you snap out of the Establishment's mental voodoo of sexual bullshit, petty differences and personal glitches. Focus on the people.

Use the million people formula ... it helps.


If Biden has enacted gun safety laws then why are there mass shootings happening? It only shows that Biden doesn't know how to solve any crisis and his measures are plainly namesake.

Yeah ... I don't spar much with Biden on his failed policies and disastrous mass spending ... because when I start sparring with Biden, I start feeling guilty of elderly abuse.

The guy gets rattled and has no proper response most of the time ... else he starts praising his disastrous mass spending policies as "victories" for America ... else he starts being nice to me, making me feel even more guilty. Heh ... lol ... but he doesn't change.

What am I supposed to do with him? I have simply conveyed to him that if he doesn't change then SM will remove him from office. Its pretty much do or die for the Biden Presidency.


This is what Obama should keep in mind ... there are very very high chances that Biden is going to lose in 2024. If Trump takes office, he will boot every single Obama puppet placed in every government office ... he has done this before and he will do it again. Most importantly, if Trump takes office, I seriously doubt that you will be given another chance at Presidential leadership.

I have been telling you this since Biden's first year ... Biden's failure will be seen as Obama's failure. You need to think from your own perspective of what this means for your leadership in America. This is not the time to play around. You need to seriously think how you are going to lead America with Biden or with Elon Musk.

Biden on his current track has very high probability of losing and you have not even activated the Elon Musk track. This can lead to a complete wipe out for Democrats in 2024. If you want a Democrat President ... then Elon Musk is a very strong candidate. If you want to maintain your Presidential leadership role then Elon Musk is the option.

If you continue to suck up to Trump and continue to do what he says ... then he will flush you guys out very soon. Don't think that indicting and convicting Trump is going to help. Biden is a disaster doesn't matter if Trump gets elected or not ... Biden will be removed either ways and a new President will be elected.

This is the time you prepare for the next Democrat President.


Good good ... get rid of Adam Schiff from all top positions and assignments. He is a hardcore Establishment puppet in the system. Democrats have made zero efforts and progress in rooting out any Establishment element from the system.