What SM complains is that ... till date, Obama's record has been that ... the best thing that he has done for us is "go get some, we have you secured" ... and the worst thing that he has done for us is "why are you against us? Should we pull your security?"

Reportedly, these are the two things that Obama shuttles in between ...

  • Go get some
  • Should we pull your security?

Either it is all about sex ... this is the best that Obama can offer ... or if he gets pissed off ... should we pull your security?

Is this what our work is about? Either we go banging or we should be treated as an entertainment channel and no change should be brought about? In both cases Obama is being redundant and useless for America.

Let us use the "million people formula" to understand this.

  • If I go get some ... how many millions of Americans are going to benefit from it? Zero. So, Obama's generous offer is technically useless for America. Whether I go get some or not ... it doesn't affect any American life.
  • Treating our work as entertainment ... how many millions of Americans are going to benefit from it? Treating our work as entertainment means that Obama has zero interest coordinating or changing anything in America ... which means that zero change will come as long as Obama is in the lead.

Either Obama wants me to get entertained by getting some ... or he wants me to keep entertaining him. SM says that Obama sees us either ways as "entertainment". Lol.

This is what SM is reporting right now ... they say this is what Obama did during his Presidency and this is what the Obama-Biden combination is doing ... not giving a shit about solving any crisis ... either I should go get some which is apparently the best thing possible under their Presidential leadership ... or they will use "security" as a gun to my head while Biden runs multiple disasters which I should not push him to change.

Obama-Biden don't care if trillions get drained from the country ... because this information is "entertainment" for them. Obama-Biden don't care if a thousand Americans die every single day ... because this information is entertainment for them. The know-how of America's crises is only of entertainment value for them.

A mess in the family
The new addition that Trump and Biden have added to the above is ... creating crises in my family. Using my brothers to start yelling and screaming at the slightest excuse ... land grabbing and property theft ... inheritance theft and fraud ... abusing my Mom in front of me ... and probably, legal issues ahead. What Biden is saying is ... "if you are against us then this is what we can do". This is literally like using my peace and security as a gun to my head and threaten me to support his disastrous leadership.

It’s a circus that I am having to manage at home.

Why is Obama in the lead?
SM question ... is this why we brought Obama in Presidential leadership? What effort have they put in till date to solve any of America's crisis? Zero. No coordination ... no know-how ... no solutions ... all crises are to the max and a total different circus is being run out there.

Look what Obama-Biden are supposed to do and what they are doing. They are supposed to understand the nature of several crises out there, understand how to strategize and break Establishment monopoly in each sphere, strategize how to create new systems, how to pull votes, how to eliminate Establishment control, how to win, how to change America ... but what are they doing? Go get some and be entertained ... or keep on entertaining us about how America is getting screwed.

There is zero intention of making any change ... there is zero effort in making any change. Its just entertainment for them.

Michelle n Musk
Firstly, one thing that I thank God for is that ... Michelle is never going to run for President. I never have to analyze her actions and policies. Lol. God and Michelle maintain my security and thankfully I never have to grill Michelle for her actions and policies.

Because of the lack of action from Obama, Biden and Trump ... Elon Musk is being pulled in the game ... but till date, he has not been anything different. Its been almost a month since the adverse nature of the crisis has been informed to him ... and he is chilling and tweeting. This further adds to the confusion among SM Groups as to who should be President next.

Get someone new
Some groups are suggesting that ... we dump this entire gang of Obama, Trump and Biden ... and pull someone totally new in the White House. The logic that they are using for this is that ... its not that a chance was not given to Obama, Trump and Biden. The chance has been given and they have established themselves to be stagnant, non-cooperative and inactive leaders who will not solve America's crises ... so what's the point of giving any of them another Presidential term when we know that they will stagnate America and not change anything?

Why not flush all of them out and bring in someone new? Get someone who listens, who cooperates and who will change America ... instead of wasting time with known disastrous leaders. The more the inaction and stagnation ... the more the SM is splitting up into different groups and working on different combinations.

Do nothing leadership?
Its not that I am against Obama ... but when you don't act ... when you don't show any concern at all ... then everyone questions your leadership. They ask why are you even in the leadership role at all if you don't want to do anything? How am I supposed to support you ... how am I supposed to defend you when you don't do anything at all?

To hell with what happened during your Presidency ... dude, wake up and see how you have act and lead today. You cannot sit at the top of every crisis not doing anything at all. No one will support a do nothing leader. You have to be incredibly active and dynamic ... in stopping disasters and in also doing great things ... you have shown action in none of them.

Wanting to be in Presidential leadership is good ... everyone wants that ... but you also have to show some responsibility ... you also have to do something.