No, no, no … I am not trashing Obama … I am motivating Obama. Michelle wants Obama to remain in the team … this is her dear request. Obama needs to play a role to remain in Presidential leadership … and the two key roles that have for candidates in Presidential leadership are:

  • Stop disasters and catastrophes
  • Bring great change for the people

You have to do either of the two … preferably both. If you cannot do this … then everyone starts questioning your very presence in a leadership role. Its pretty darn obvious.

Secondly, if I am talking about Obama … and showing him what to do … then it is actually good news. It actually brings attention on Obama and opens routes for his leadership. It would be bad if I stopped talking about you … like I stopped talking about Bush, Hillary, Trump and Biden.

When I stop talking about any leader … then it means that leader is useless for key Presidential leadership … no one focuses on you, no one supports you and no cares to give you victories … because you are useless for the Nation.

It doesn’t matter if you are being criticized or being supported … both of them will help you in your leadership role.

That’s my job
That’s exactly what my job is … analyzing every action and policy of the President. If the President is right then support and victories are activated for him … if the President is wrong then support for him is pulled away and he is failed in making his blunders. Both of them are done for his own good and for the good of the Nation. This is a part of Nation Management.

Things become easy when you keep an open mind and remain flexible … and then use facts and logic to do what is right. Don’t try to become bigheaded and hierarchical … don’t follow hierarchy and ignore what is being shown only because your Party or advisers are telling you things different. Always try to do what is right for the Nation.

Our personal lives are out of your boundaries
Another aspect that Presidential candidates should keep in mind is that … our personal lives are out of your boundaries. What you guys basically think is that … “Hey, I am the President … I can easily spy in his life … I can use sexual glitches or make up false sexual stuff to stall … not coordinate and then do my own thing.” This is not a victory formula but it is a major blunder.

Why? When you deal with SM … you are a CEO technically dealing with the Board of Directors that hire and fire CEOs of the company. When the Board hires you for a job … then you focus on the job that you have been hired for. You should not sit there trying to dig dirt in the personal lives of the Board of Directors … it will only result in getting the boot from the White House.

You guys have been repeatedly using sex info and even self created false sex info not to coordinate, not to work with us, not to solve America’s crises and ignore all of the ongoing disasters and crises. This is no victory formula … this is not a great strategy. In fact, it is a major blunder.

Our personal lives are out of your boundaries. You have no business investigating or spying on our personal lives. It will not help you lead … but it will only help you get the boot.

The misconception
The misconception is generally that … “hey, I am the President and this guy is just another guy sitting on the other side of the Ocean. I am more powerful … I will do whatever I want … why do I have to listen to him?” As per the normal routine … this might be true … but there is an alternate realm of the Matrix … where you are just another guy who has been given the White House by SM … if you don’t coordinate and don’t play your role … then you will be given the boot.

Yes, we rely on God, Michelle and SM for security … but at the same time, the Presidential candidates rely on SM to remain in leadership roles.

Understand what a Trump Presidency means
If you understand these concepts then it will help you make the right decisions. Yes, if Trump works with us then he will get the White House … but do you even understand what a Trump Presidency means now?

  • It means that Trump will become President and Biden will get the boot.
  • It means that Trump will boot every Obama puppet placed in the system.
  • Trump will get 4 years in office.
  • And then, Trump will design the next Presidency … yes, the moment Trump starts implementing our policies and reforms, Presidential control will move into Trump’s hands.
  • Which means, even after Trump there will be a Republican President … Obama and Biden will no longer be there in Presidential leadership … but Trump will be guiding the next Presidents ahead.

If Trump had worked with us when he was President … this is exactly what would happened. Since Trump didn’t work with us, he was removed and this chance was given to you to “create Presidents” to lead America.

Now, you guys are flunking big in solving America’s crises … if Trump works with us then the track ahead will be totally different.

Don’t turn against the Board
Another aspect that you need to keep in mind is that … the CEO should never turn against a Board that hire and fire CEOs. Just interfering, spying and using my personal life pisses off the SM Network. But when you turn against me then it’s a red line beyond which the termination of your Presidency is fast tracked.

This is not a threat … this is how things operate.

Michelle n Musk
I tried to defend Obama a couple of months ago using the excuse that “maybe Biden is not listening to Obama” … maybe that’s why there is no proper coordination and change in America. Okay so … let’s assume that Biden doesn’t give a shit about Obama … but then what happened to Elon Musk? Even Elon Musk doesn’t give a shit about you or you are holding Elon Musk back from working with us?

My dear Michelle … I hope you are trying to understand the issues that are coming from your hubby’s leadership. This is why we pulled you in the lead and not Barack Obama. Obama has the tendency of keep on doing the things that he has done before.

He never worked with us, now he doesn’t care to work with us … he always followed the Party, now he continues to follow the Party … he never stood up to anyone, now he never stands up to anyone let alone his Party. The guy is stuck in a repetitive cycle of the past. He doesn’t think new … he doesn’t think outside the box … he doesn’t make efforts in new directions.

I am doing my best to save Obama’s role in Presidential leadership … maybe you can also help. You don’t need to sit back and wait for Obama to lead. It’s a “Michelle n Musk” Presidency … you can simply take the lead and Obama can work in your team.

This way we save Obama’s Presidential leadership … we get a Democrat President in the White House and the next Presidents can also be Democrat.

Sitting there doing nothing is no solution … it will not help you retain your Presidential leadership role. Doing nothing and sticking on to the next President to make your money is not exactly the leadership that SM is looking for.

Eliminate all disasters, wars, pandemics and Establishment malice is what SM is looking for. You have to open your mind and be flexible to new moves and measures.