I tried my best and blamed Biden for not cooperating with Obama. But SM is quoting several opportunities where Obama seems to be lacking in action.

First, with Bill Gates ... I showed that this guy is investing his fortune of $100 Billion for the good of the world. He can be a potential sponsor of our work. Guess what happens next? Instead of Obama working with Bill Gates and launching our work ... Bill Gates is used to contact Joe Manchin ... promise him a hefty payment so that he could support Biden's mass spending policy of Build Back Better. Joe Manchin was against Biden's mass spending policies and over night he changes his stand ... and starts supporting Biden's policies.

Second, with Elon Musk ... I showed that he is an excellent candidate for President. He can sponsor the work as well as become President. And guess what ... there is no movement from Musky either.

Third, with Obama himself ... if he is seriously interested in leading America and changing America ... he can simply contact me directly himself and I can show him how to take things forward.

What bothers SM is that ... the fact that Obama doesn't use any potential sponsor to start the work nor does he himself contact us directly ... it shows that Obama is not interested in the project at all ... he has no interest in bringing revolutions in America and he is just exploiting us ... being a parasite on us ... just to remain in Presidential leadership.

They are saying that he is being a "double parasite" in the scene ... he is being a parasite on our work and then he is clinging on to the next prospective President as well. While he clings on to both elements, he has no intention of bringing about any change in America. He is just sitting there and using us ... stalling the work ... and deviating potential leaders away from the main track.

This is the recent complaint I got about Obama. All facts are into place ... and this is what SM is deriving out of it ... that Obama is just a double parasite ... he has no intention of bringing about any change.

Michelle dear ... this is what we have to fix. Obama's parasitic behavior ... stalling the work ... and pushing potential candidates away from the work.


Netanyahu is back in power and attacks are happening on settlements in Israel and drones are being used to intimidate Iran. It is a very routine tactic of the Israeli Government, specifically Netanyahu, to attack its own citizens ... to kill a few Jewish citizens ... and then start attacking Palestinians in response.

This is the War on Terror gimmick that originated from Israel itself. The War on Terror was the global application of the self-attacks by the Israeli government on its own people.

Netanyahu is a war monger who will use Israel as bait to start a major conflict. Its a must to keep an eye on him and restrain his war mongering and war tactics.


Another interesting thing that is happening out there is that ... they are relying on sex info to stall and justify not working with us. Lol ... what they don't realize is that ... they are not even allowed in this territory. Let alone use sex info or create fake info ... this is a territory where they are not even allowed to enter. And they think that ... they are being great geniuses by using sex info. Lol.

That's basically what happened with Trump ... he was busy hatching up one sex set up after another and using these set ups to make up excuses not to work with us. When in reality, he was not even allowed in this territory. Trump spent so much time in this zone that he got the boot.


Yes, I am opening routes to work with Trump ... but Democrats should realize what it actually means. Working with me Trump will make so many phenomenal reforms that Trump will become the Presidential guide thereon ... he might have only one more term to go ... but he will get several Presidents under his hand.

Technically, what this means for Democrats is that ... a complete flush out from power ... and Republicans will dominate for several Presidencies ahead. Obamas should understand this ... do they actually want to miss out on this golden opportunity and give all power and influence to the other side?

I am flexible with working with Trump if he meets the guarantees ... but this is exactly what will happen. It will be a complete shift of power and influence in the Republican hands.


The yelling and screaming at home has actually reduced quite a lot after Midterms. Before the Midterms, Trump and Biden were freely trying to get aggressive against me using my own family.

An interesting thing that happened in the Midterms was that ... I told SM to take away the House from Democrats. Trump and Biden were quite surprised at the influence that I have in the SM Network and how I could control US elections using one single page. To their amusement, the House was taken away from Democrats.

Now, they behave much better. They know that they are not dealing with a nobody. Even then, the experience that they tried to use my family against me was quite ugly. Things are getting better at home ... however, we still have to fix a few things.