No, I am not destroying my "relationships" with Obama, Trump and Biden. Just because you are nice to me, you do not get the Presidency. That's too much to ask for one simple thing. Yes, my security and the security of our work is important ... but the primary reason why you are given the Presidency is to solve America's crises and to do great things for the people ... that's the core reason.

Now, if you take the Presidency and then don't do shit ... then SM will pull you down. I can't tell SM that ... they are nice to me so let them loot by the trillions and not a give a shit about solving any crisis that the people face. It doesn't work that way.

I am not alone in managing the Nation ... there are several other directors and millions of SM Groups involved. You have to see the full picture and understand the impact of your leadership on the people. If you are able to solve all crises and do great things for the people ... congratulations ... we will support you ... otherwise, SM will look for alternate options. And I cannot stop them from that ... because everyone's priority is the Nation and the people.

If I refuse to work with them ... then you can say that I am cutting off relationships. But that's not the case ... I have opened routes for all of them including Trump. They are the ones who don't step forward ... who don't make any efforts in solving America's crisis ... so, don't blame me on this.


So, Don Lemon wasn't removed from CNN? He should stay. Bring back Chris Cuomo ... give Megyn Kelly her primetime slot again.

An interesting thing that happened was ... Trump continuously shot down his critics in the media ... and the media shot down Trump in the media. Nobody talks about Trump anymore. At least the good that was coming from these Trump media critics like Chris Cuomo and Megyn Kelly was that ... Trump was being mentioned in the mainstream media. Good or bad ... he had some presence. Now, Trump has been completely muted in the mainstream media.

Trump muted his media critics and the media muted Trump.


The main reason why Trump was being given enormous media publicity and support was because ... he was chosen to revolutionize America and create a new era for America. But our lovely Trump didn't play his role ... so, he has become just another aspirant for the White House. This is the other aspect of it.


Will and Kate lookin great at BAFTAs. Both of Diana's kids are awesome. The world loved Diana ... let's hope that the world will love you both as well.


Anti-war protesters crash Biden's dinner out in Washington DC: 'I hate to bother you but people are dying'

Keep it up Code Pink ... I thought that all anti-war groups in America were dead and you showed up. Thank you.


Ron DeSantis is pretty much similar to Trump on major policies. But I think Trump would be more flexible to change than Ron DeSantis.

Both of them share the anti-Muslim, anti-Palestine and pro-Israel stand ... but I think Ron DeSantis' views are more embedded from his origins from Florida, which has a lot of Jewish control. Whereas, Trump just incorporated these views on the go as it suited his platform.

The same applies with NRA ... both of them are pro-guns ... but then again Trump was more flexible when the NRA was getting thrashed ... he was ready to take action to control guns in a major way. Trump changes stance based on the win that he can get. I am not sure if Ron DeSantis has that same style.

However, Trump changed his stance only after he became President ... so, maybe we can expect the same from Ron DeSantis.


If Elon Musk doesn't run for President, if Michelle doesn't work with me with another candidate and if Biden remains on his current track ... then we will get a Republican President in 2024.

Democrats are literally canceling out all of their options to win 2024 ... it will obviously lead to a Republican President. Dems will lose both Houses and the Presidency in this scenario.

Another question was ... are we actually going to support the Devil this time? No, it doesn't have to be the Devil ... any guy who can use some commonsense to do what is right should be enough. I don't care if it is Ron DeSantis or anyone else.


I would suggest SM Groups to stop feeling frustrated with Obama, Trump and Biden ... instead, start supporting candidates that can work independent of Obama, Trump and Biden. That would be a more constructive line of action.

I am keeping routes open for them ... but if they show no progress then SM is right ... it will be a waste of time with them in the lead. Support options that don't include them. Just make sure to support Michelle ... she is already a part of the game.


They are sending strong signals that they will contact me and work with me ... they are doing this using "indirect signals" via Twitter and road signs. Lol. The simple question is ... if you are actually serious in contacting me and working on solving America's crises ... can't you simply send one message via email or skype or whatsapp ... and let me know when you will contact? Its commonsense, isn't it?


By the way, why is the US shooting down objects in the air? Why don't they work on a mechanism to "capture" the objects in the air?

We are not dealing with armed drones nor are we dealing with fighter jets. Most of the time, they are harmless and unarmed objects. They should simply be captured and pulled down to the required airbase. Its not like someone is floating a nuclear bomb over America. Even if it is ... pull it down in a desert.

First, we shoot it down ... and then we spend endless hours in searching for what we shot down? Doesn't this waste more time and resources?


We give these guys the Presidency to work with me to solve the world's largest crises ... and the best they seem to be doing is playing with "indirect signals" on Twitter or by the road side.

They need to stop paying too much attention to what's happening in my personal life. There are ups and downs ... good and bad in everyone's lives. Just because there are some interesting things going on in your life, it doesn't mean that you ignore the lives of billions of people that depend on you.

You don't just sit back and allow thousands of people to die every day ... you don't sit back and allow your country to be looted by the billions every day. You guys are happy to get the power ... but where is your responsibility?


Musky wants to see my browser history? Lol.

He can check it with my ISP. My system is slow and Chrome starts to hang when there is a lot of cache files ... and thus, I delete my browser history every now and then.

I guess Abraham Lincoln was not computer savvy enough to assume this possibility. Lol.