Yes, I remember my promise to Michelle for keeping Obama in the game. I remember very well. Just because SM Groups are looking for candidates who can work independently of Obama and Trump ... it doesn't mean that Obama is out of the game. It only means that the President may not be directly controlled by him.

Obama still has some control over the Democrat Party ... he can still be very useful in pulling votes in crucial legislation.

Second question ... I am asking Trump not to hold any grudges but do I hold a grudge against Trump?

Well, I don't understand why you would ask me this ... have I done something against him or am I doing something against him now? We have always helped him, guided him, protected him, showed him how to dodge all disasters and become a great leader.

Why would you think that I hold a grudge against him? There can be two reasons ... firstly because he pulled strings against me. If this is what worries you guys ... then if you remember well ... I had endorsed Trump over Biden ... I preferred him over Biden ... despite not working with me and despite pulling strings against me. It was only when Trump paid Obama n Biden not to work with me ... I told SM to make the decision.

Second reason ... I don't like him coz he cannot be a good leader ... that's why I am not guiding him? Well ... its not that I did not like Trump ... I actually loved him ... I loved the leadership that he brought to Washington. He did stuff in one hour what Obama couldn't do in 8 long years. So, don't think that I don't like him.

Why I am not guiding him? Well, you should understand that ... it is not simply about the President and me. SM is involved ... SM is the country ... SM are the people. Facts matter ... the major things that you have done matter ... everything is taken into account by SM Groups.

When Trump has genocide, waves of pandemic, border crisis and the Ukraine war created and sponsored by him ... then it matters. I opened the options for Trump ... along with appropriate guarantees so that I can pull SM support in his favor.

Generally, when someone has genocide and wars under his hood ... we don't even consider him for the White House. I made an exception for him because Biden turned out to be a disaster ... and if Trump changes at a few places then we can give him a second term.

All decisions are people centric
Keep in mind that ... all decisions and planning is made while keeping "people" in focus. All decisions are people centric ... most of the time, it is not about my relations with them. If they can do great things for the people ... then I will make ways for them.

The main issue with the Trump and Biden saga is that ... Trump should have worked with me and he didn't ... that's the main reason why he was removed from the White House. Since Trump didn't work with me then I argued in favor of the Obama-Biden leadership configuration ... SM approved and supported that. Biden repeated the same blunder that Trump committed ... Biden should have worked with me ... and he didn't. Now, even Biden is planned to be removed from the White House.

The major leadership crisis out there ... is not about helping Trump or Biden. The issue is that ... none of them worked with me ... none of them solved any crisis ... and both of them have piled up trillions of debt every year. If we give them another term ... it only means that ... no crisis will be solved for another term and we will get another $8-10 trillion in additional debt.

So, I am not to be blamed for Obama or Trump or Biden ... it is their lack of leadership that has to be blamed. They are responsible for it.


No, dear Michelle ... the work cannot be done under the Obama Foundation. We had discussed this in 2016 itself. Obama himself can't stand up to his party ... he will allow somone within his foundation to kick his party's ass?

Lol ... it won't work that way.

You know very well how this work is ... the entire project is people centric ... it is not party based nor is it candidate based. We have openly criticized Trump ... and we have also criticized Hillary, Obama and Biden. The configuration of this work is independent of the party and the candidate ... its all about the people.

The work will never move forward under the Obama Foundation because the moment I criticize the Democrat Party or any Democrats ... then immediate pressure will come on Obama from different directions to control what I am doing. I don't think it is reasonable to expect Obama to give up everything to fight for this work. The more the independent the work is, the more the liberty, the more the chances of survival and the more the chances of progress & success.

The work has to be totally independent from any party or politician.


Obama has to get involved

We can save Obama even if Trump works with me and we get a Republican President. The only thing that Obama has to do is ... be involved, coordinate, understand the changes that will come in America and help in pulling Democrat support for the same.

What I would suggest is ... for example ... Trump contacts me to restructure his campaign and to create a second term for him. Then don't just sit there silent and passive. If you don't play any role then SM will continue to scale you back. You have to step forward and play some role.

We told you well in advance that ... if Biden fails to lead then it will backfire on Obama. So, just in case ... Biden is dropping out as he will be 82 years old by next elections ... another Democrat will run for office ... or if Trump works with us ... in all scenarios "get involved" in the making of the next President.

If you continue to remain silent and muted ... not only Trump can become President ... but Trump can also become a powerful force in the creation of the next President. The more passive you remain, the more support and leadership role you will lose.

If you want to continue your leadership role from one Presidency to the next ... make a few hundred billion in each Presidency ... then step forward and play your role. It takes two to tango ... SM needs to see you playing your role.


If Zelensky cannot take back territory then there is no point in sponsoring a stalemate where both sides are busy killing each other.

Zelensky needs to show that occupied territory can be quickly taken back and the war can come to an end. If he cannot take back territory then there is no sense in sponsoring a destructive stalemate. Its better to negotiate ... make new border lines ... and end this war.