Dad’s training
It wasn’t like complete zero training from Dad … of course, he used to guide us sometimes. He used to work from 8am to 10pm … he used to work quite hard. The free time that he would have with us was in the car … when going to and fro from school. That’s when the counseling sessions used to take place.

Observe your environment
When I used to be alone with him in the car … he used to start his counseling sessions. I noticed that he would be telling me to “observe your environment” … the same instructions were not being given to other siblings. I thought it was because my complaints used to reach Dad. I used to feel dumb that Dad had to lecture me … “Why did you do this? Did you observe anyone else do something like this? See how others behave … observe and learn. Observe your environment.”

I was in my 4th grade when I started getting these counseling sessions … to observe my environment.

Plotting Patterns
Maybe Dad used to observe his environment to learn right from wrong … to follow the best practices. But when I started observing my environment … my mind automatically started plotting patterns with repetitive activities that I saw. I wasn’t only observing each person … but I started observing how people were acting in “units” … how each family was operating … how other cultures were operating … Hindus, Christians, Arabs, Pakistanis, North Indians, South Indians and so on.

Barbarian Brothers
For example … I couldn’t understand why my elder brothers were barbarians … because when I observed the brothers and families of my friends … they were totally different. For example … my friend and me … we started playing badminton together. I was better than him when we started … but gradually he became better than me … over the next 2 years he was playing 10 times better than me. I didn’t understand how this guy was becoming so good.

And then one day, I saw him playing with his elder brother … that’s where he had learnt how to play. His brother was simply excellent in badminton. And my big bros at home … the only thing that I got from them was … staring at me, yelling at me and even beating me up … if they didn’t like anything that I did or if I didn’t listen to them on anything. That’s the only major contribution that they made in my life … being barbarians.

Exceptional Barbarians
In the beginning, I didn’t understand their barbarian behavior … but when I came back to India … the family background explained a few things. But then I observed members from similar families … even they were not so barbaric. So, my bros are exceptionally barbarian. Lol.

What is your ambition?
Talking about school … an interesting thing happened in 5th grade … we were asked to write an essay on “my ambition”. Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? What is it something that you would like to do all your life?

Some kids said … I want to be an engineer like my Dad … some said … I want to be a Doctor … I want to be a teacher … I want to be pilot and so on.

I wrote some stuff just to complete the damn essay … but the question lingered in my mind … “what do you want to be? What is it that you would like to do all your life?” I would try to think of each occupation and see if I could relate to it … if I could connect to it … if I would like to do it all my life. I checked with Engineer … no … Doctor … no … teacher … no. I couldn’t connect with any occupation that was coming in my mind.

I want to be King
After a while … in our history class … we are being taught about Kings and Kingdoms … the reforms, the changes, the people, the progress and the developments that each King brought about. And then interestingly … I started connecting with this activity … every cell in my body said … I want to be King. Lol.

I enjoyed this moment for a while … and then my brain started working on the feasibility of this occupation … as to how I could actually become King. I looked outside the window of my classroom … I was living in a Kingdom … and it already had a King. He would remain King until he died … and the next King would be his son.

So, there is only one position for this occupation in the country … and it is already taken. The chances of me getting that position are quite bleak. I screened through the map … there were only a few Kingdoms left and the rest were all democracies in the world. I didn’t like the idea of being a politician … as they get a crappy salary and the rest of their income is illegal.

So, I said … screw it … I found something that I can finally connect with … but its kind of not feasible. This was in 5th grade.

Son of Street Vendor
When I came back to India after spending about a decade abroad … after completing my high school … my ambition takes an even bigger nose dive. I come to know that … I am a son of a “street vendor”.

I was like … “aaahh … you are not even the son of a Manager … you are the son of a street vendor … and you want to be King?” Lol … I laughed my ass off … on myself that is. I stop trying to find out what I connect with … and just went with the flow of how things were being done at home.

God: So, you want to be King?
As per my Dad’s wishes, I complete my Engineering. After I complete my Engineering … interestingly, I raise my hands in prayer and I ask God … “You choose a career for me … You choose a path for me … that is best suited for me. You decide for me. I put myself in Your hands”.

God probably said … “So, you want to be King? You have been observing your environment … now, let Me show you a few things.” And before you know it … my travels begin.

First Stop – Germany
The first place that I go next after this prayer is Germany. I am there to study … and I am also observing their people, culture, technology, systems, products, behaviors, manners and so on. Its no more looking only at the family unit or some cultures. Now, I am plotting the entire country in my mind.

The dreams begin
I come back from Germany … after a while … dreams begin. I am being shown a people that is scared, silent and held hostage by wild animals that are 10 times their normal size. The wild animals wouldn’t be killing the people but they had enormous control over the people … and everyone was scared and silent.

I was like … what the hell is going on … what is this dream about?

Next stop – America
When I went to America next … I understood what the dream was about. The American people are held hostage in high cost of living, live in continuous debt and they are scared to speak against Israel or the Jewish Establishment. An Establishment that had grown 10 times its normal size … has created a monopoly … and it fiercely controls and silences the American people.

Matrix Interaction
SM elements started interacting with me … they were trying to pull me in the Matrix. I started showing them the crises that exist in America … the systems of exploitation … and how you need to save America. They would repeatedly tell me … “tell us what you see … tell us what you see”.

Observe your environment
That’s when I remembered my Dad’s counseling sessions of … observe your environment. I used to think that Dad was lecturing me because I was dumb. I had no idea that he was trying to give me the success formula of his life. The most powerful entity in America wanted to know what I see.

Training Kings and Presidents
Today, there are 4 Presidents that track what I write … Obama, Trump, Biden and Putin and there are intelligence agencies from USA, UK, Russia and India that track every move that I make.

God was probably like … “So, you want to be King? How about training Kings and Presidents of the world to bring about great reforms for the people?”

All plans are within God’s plan
Each of us do their planning … but we should understand that … all of our plans are within God’s plan. Nothing is actually a coincident in the world … everything is known and planned by God.

Why this family?
I understood God’s plan for me … I understood that he gave me a genetic advantage of observing systems and fighting for change … but the question that came to my mind was … why did God place me in his family?

In a family unit … there are very few relations that you can actually choose. You can choose your wife … but you can’t choose your parents … or your siblings … or your children. God decides their genetic configuration … He decides where you will be born … and He decides who your siblings and children will be.

So, I asked God … why did you choose this family for me? He could have easily placed me in some royal family … in some President’s family in the US or UK … why India and why this family that is at the rock bottom of the society?

A Perfect Nest
When I observed the Establishment’s control over the West … how the majority of the politicians are controlled … how several countries are controlled via Establishment monopoly … then India was the perfect place to give me a good and free democratic environment and mentality. The family that I was raised in … I was not dictated what to do and what not to do … I was given complete freedom to make my choices. I was trained very early in life to “observe your environment” … which helped me develop my system analysis skills. No one would doubt that a guy from a rock bottom family will stop wars and dismantle the Establishment.

This rock bottom … family of a street vendor … who became a Manager in an Arab country … who put me in the best schools and neighborhoods … this family turned out to be the perfect nest to keep me away from the Establishment that I have to dismantle and also to help me grow a free democratic mind that would analyze systems

Wiped out terrorism and the War on Terror
Nothing is a coincident and everything is planned by God. The fact that I grew up in an Arab country … gave me a clear picture of how lovely, welcoming and hospitable the Arab people are. The first thing that I do when I work with Obama, Putin and Trump is to … wipe out terrorism and the War on Terror. I could easily see through the bullshit and bogus false propaganda against Islam … a religion followed by billions of Muslims.

Its not a coincident that … I was born in this Indian family … that I grew up in an Arab country … that I got a Dad who pushed me to observe my environment … that I got the dreams … that I go to America … that I get picked by the Matrix … that SM starts to work with me … that 4 Presidents of the world work with me. All of his is not a coincident … it is all pre-planned by God.

A diamond needs a coal mine
The small issue that is happening is that … there are 4 Presidents and the intelligence agencies of 4 countries are watching every move that I take. I am living with my family and they are getting shockers of what happens in my family.

So, the way you should look at this situation is that … a diamond needs a coal mine. This family was the perfect nest that God chose for me … to develop me, to build my skills, to keep me safe and secure … but at the same time … don’t expect my siblings to have the same skills.

Doesn’t matter how much you will rub a piece of coal, it will not show the properties of a diamond. My big brother is a not a bigger version of me … and I am not a smaller version of him. My big brother is a greedy barbarian and I am a people centric system analyst. I am not a smaller version of a greedy barbarian and my big brother is not a bigger version of a people centric system analyst.

Stop trying to compare me with my siblings … there is hardly any major similarity … except for a few basic things. Only my younger brother has similarities to how I behave and conduct myself. He also likes to choose to do what is right.

Protecting Moses
This family unit was required for something like … protecting Moses. Do you know what guys from the Matrix used to tell me in the initial days? “Who do you think that you are? That you are Moses? Even if God sends down Moses, we will make him kneel before us!”

They were so confident with their monopoly, political control and the tools that they used against people to control them … that they used to tell me … even if God sends down Moses, we will make him kneel before us!

I told them … “what if I raise a million Moses against you … then what will you do?” And the good ones among them said … “we love you … we are with you … and we will help you raise these millions of Moses”. That’s how we got the Arab Spring, the Tea Party Movement and the Occupy Movement … these movements just lack the soul of the work that has to be done. Otherwise, SM is ready to rip things apart … to create new systems.