Got an interesting question from one group … “How can your barbarian brothers be a part of God’s plan? Its nothing but just bad behavior.”

Okay so … let me show you of how it worked.

Tolerance Training
Sometimes, doing good in the public domain requires a lot of patience and consistency. If you don’t have that patience and consistency then you will lose, doesn’t matter how good or right you are. The first step in the public domain is to have patience and consistency … if you have this then your goodness and righteousness matters … otherwise, nothing matters.

Let me show you a few phases of how this tolerance training helped me … to put up with bullshit and continue to do good.

Childhood Phase
Yes, the aggressive and abusive phase with my barbarians began as early as 3rd and 4th grade. I used to get yelled at, smacked behind my head and they used to slap the shit out of me … this week, if not next week. I was locked up in a home where I had no other option but to put up with it.

Eventually, I had to forgive them because they were my brothers and because they were like that … I had to look beyond the abuse … to continue to be good with them. I had to find a reason to forgive them … and that reason was … yes, they are my brothers and this is how they are.

Matrix Phase
The moment I become an Engineer … the Matrix phase begins … I get picked up by the Matrix. They were like … “hey, this is an interesting young guy … he doesn’t want to be a part of the Matrix … doesn’t give a shit about the money or women that we can provide … and he wants to do his own thing.” From being nice and supportive … they became nasty as I would not give in and I would not join their system.

Now, the Matrix started its own abusive ways … tweaking my food, putting pain and ailments in my body and abusing me with EMF. The abuse was of a totally different level than the slaps that I put up with during childhood.

However, abuse was nothing new for me … had been facing abuse since 3rd grade. I would put up with their shit and try to get rid of them while focusing on my work. Then I see a split in the Matrix … two different types of activities would originate from the same system. The abuse would continue but a huge section would try to warn me and protect me.

That’s where I understood that the abuse was being channelized by the key entities that created this system while the members of the same system would be protecting me. I later on understood how the Establishment and SM elements were operating within the Matrix.

I found a “reason” to continue to guide the Matrix about the crises that America faces … it was SM elements … they themselves were abused, scared, silenced and made a part of the Matrix. They knew exactly what I was going through and the puppetry that would be waiting for me in the Matrix.

Even during the Matrix phase … I was putting up with bullshit but continuing to do good.

Obama Phase
It was in Obama’s first term that I got the dream to work with SM elements to revolutionize America and the Establishment’s exploitation systems. There was no additional physical abuse being channelized during the Obama phase … but the abuse was more psychological. One war after another … one war after another … millions were being killed … tens of millions of people were being displaced from their homes and Obama wouldn’t stop the wars. Almost every day I would get up … telling myself … “people are dying, we need to do something”.

It was in Obama’s second term that the anti-Russian propaganda began … its then that Obama realized that these wars will lead to America’s destruction via a war against Russia. Obama clearly understood where this war train was leading to … otherwise, Obama was probably thinking that “I was a Muslim trying to stop wars against Muslim nations”.

I was fed up with Obama’s wars to the extent that I didn’t want to do anything with America again. But no one would rise … no one would do anything to stop the wars … so, I only had to do something. I looked into Obama … he didn’t seem evil at all … he was not like Bush or Hillary. If you listen to Obama for 5 minutes, you will know that he is a good person. But then, what the hell was the source of these wars?

This investigation led into the uncovering of the entire Satanic Establishment … its monopoly, its Satanic ideology, its hate towards Christianity and all religions, its abusive and exploitation systems, its control of several public domains and so on. This information led training SM elements to root out Establishment puppets from the White House to start with.

Tolerance started bearing fruit
Here is where the tolerance training started bearing fruit … working with patience and consistency started helping. We brought a massive section of SM Groups in favor of our work … started knocking out Establishment puppets from key positions … started creating revolutionary groups … put protesters by the millions on the streets in scores of cities around the world.

For the first time in my life … I started liking what I was doing … I could connect with what I was doing. Yes, it required tolerance … patience and consistency … to put up with Obama’s inaction and to help SM work on revolutionary concepts of people power.

Trump Phase
Trump made some very good and quick moves … that ended all wars and also helped in stopping all new wars from starting. But then America entered a phase of leaders who were “sex obsessed crooks”.

Trump got scared of the Establishment … he started protecting them and doing favors for them … and also started pulling strings to stop our work. He started using and making up some bullshit sexual excuses not to work with us … it helped him to stick to the trillion dollar lottery while avoiding any responsibility that comes with it.

During the Obama phase … we put up with inaction … during the Trump phase … we put up a new type of bullshit which was either hatched up or shitty sexual excuses to avoid dealing with the responsibilities that come with the White House during this time of several crises.

However, we had a genuine “reason” to continue to help and guide Trump, despite his repeated sexual bullshit … and that was … he was not a Satanist … his very victory was an accomplishment against the Satanic Establishment and if he had made one move in the right direction then he could become a phenomenal leader that the world would love.

So, we put up with Trump’s bullshit for 4 long years and continued to do good for the greater good of the people.

Biden’s Phase
Because of Trump’s failure to lead and solve America’s crises … Biden backed by Obamas was chosen for the Presidency. Unfortunately, Biden continued Trump’s legacy of being a “sex obsessed crook”. Biden also used some stupid sexual bullshit … to stick to the trillion dollar lottery and avoid the responsibilities that come with it.

Yes, we do have a reason to keep options open for Biden and that is … Obamas … if Biden works with us then we have to consolidate Obamas role in creating the next Presidents of the United States.

The journey of creative abuses
If you see my journey from childhood … it has been experiencing all of the creative ways of how elder brothers can abuse you … and then how the Matrix used its creative ways of abusing me via chemicals, food, drinks, medications and EMF … and then, how war after war will begin even after you write hundreds and thousands of pages of content to stop the wars … and then the wonderful creative sexual bullshit that can be thrown at you because the other guy doesn’t want to work on the responsibilities entrusted to him.

Think Jesus
Its not an empty journey of lifelong abuse. The fantastic accomplishment is SM … of how we have a massive entity that controls elections, decides who will be placed at key places, getting our guys in the White House and putting millionaire and billionaire Jewish criminals in jail.

If you want to understand what this accomplishment means then … think Jesus. What was Jesus’s biggest obstacle in his work and in his life? It was “Satanic Jews in power”. The Satanic Jews in power stood against Jesus … they ridiculed him, suppressed him, oppressed him, tortured him and even crucified him … and thus ended his work very early in his life.

Let’s just imagine that … if Jesus had a massive entity working with him, protecting him, helping him and knocking out the Satanic Jews from power … if Jesus had a super powerful and a wonderful lady protecting him from all kinds of abuse and oppression so that he could do his work without obstruction … then isn’t this everything that Jesus would want?

No more Satanic Jews in power … no more obstructions … no more suppression or oppression … no crucifixion … that Jesus would be free to do his work? Isn’t this the best thing that could happen to Jesus?

Well, look around yourselves … we have already accomplished that … we have already knocked out Satanic Jews from power. We have repeatedly failed the witch’s government that too on Christmas Eve. We are putting millionaire and billionaire Jewish criminals in jail. If Jesus was witnessing this … alive along with us … then wouldn’t he be happy?

Sex obsessed crooks
Of course, Jesus would be happy. No more Satanic Jews in power and powerful Jewish criminals are getting tossed in jail … it couldn’t get any better. But unfortunately, we are facing a problem that even Jesus didn’t face … we got rid of the Satanic Jews from power and instead we got sex obsessed crooks in power … who obsess with sex so that they can stick to the trillion dollar lottery and not have to deal with the responsibilities that come with it.

This problem doesn’t come from the Satanic Establishment … but it comes from our Chosen Ones.