So, where were we? Talking about the shit that goes on in my family … its not that God allowed my brothers to abuse me and then turned a blind eye to them. No, it was not like that … yes, I got a lot of “tolerance training”… but then God always followed a rule of “you get what you sow” … how you treat others is exactly what happens to you.

You get what you sow
I have seen this again and again and again with everyone around me … each of them got what they had sown … the worse their behavior, the worse their life became. The better they behaved, the better their lives became. Its not about abusing only me … however you treat others, that’s how God treats you.

So, yes even if God used them for tolerance training … it doesn’t mean that their life is bliss right now. Its something like Satan … Satan is an important element in the training of human beings to learn right from wrong. If there is no Satan then it becomes difficult to learn what is right from wrong.

But God is also just … just because Satan is an element being used to train us about what is right from wrong … it doesn’t mean that Satan will enter Heaven. Those who do wrong will bear the consequences of their deeds … it doesn’t matter if it is Satan or a human being.

Forgive abuse towards me
I generally forgive the abuse done towards me … I have better things to do in life than sit and take revenge. I generally forgive and move on. If it is something really shitty … I just allow God to take care of it Himself. Time is not a constraint for God … He has a lot of power and He can use his creativity to handle such miscreants.

Abuse towards parents will not be forgiven
I will forgive abuse towards me … but abuse towards parents will not be forgiven. Its not like one mistake or two mistakes … its not a one time thing … where someone lost temper or whatever. This has been systematic and planned abuse since several years for their own benefit. And that’s what outrages me.

Look at my bros wonderful record …

  • Dupes my father with all of his life’s savings. Takes all of my father’s life’s savings … doesn’t return a single penny nor does he give anything for their expense … making my father’s last 10-15 years of life very difficult.
  • Toss Mom in the hospital. In India, if patients were tested positive for Covid, their relatives would simply get them admitted in the hospital and bid them farewell. If they survived Covid then they would be sent back home or the hospital itself would make burial arrangements for them. This is what my brother wanted to do to my Mom … just toss her in the hospital.
  • Eat poison and die … but don’t come to my residence. During the pandemic, several items in the market were infected … my sisters were given such items to my Mom. I informed this to my big bro … asked him why we are living in our sister’s house … why not move back into his house … guess what he says? “Eat poison and die … but don’t come to my residence”.
  • Covid Infection. He got Covid once … fell severely ill with cough, cold, body aches and fever … was in bed for two days. The third day he gets up … sits next to my 76 year old Mom and starts coughing and sneezing right in front of her and at her. He blows his nose in a tissue paper and puts all of the tissues right in front of her. He deliberately infected her with Covid … and I also got infected because of that. This was attempted murder. We took medications for 10 days to recover.
  • Hikes sugar levels … once infected, refuses medication. Mom is diabetic … he sits right next to her … eats sweets and leaves a box of sweets right in front of her on the table at night. Mom gets easily infected when her sugar levels are high … once she starts coughing with infection … he refuses to give her medication. This is again attempted murder.
  • Verbal abuse and mental torture. He yells and screams non-stop for hours in front of Mom … doesn’t stop despite repeated requests … even if her health starts to deteriorate, he keeps on yelling. Mom started getting nightmares because of his yelling. He did this for a full year when he was here.
  • Move Mom to his residence. He duped Dad with all of his savings … now he is eyeing Mom’s properties. He wants to move Mom to his residence and force her into giving her properties to him. This is again abuse and fraud.

Why am I suing him for damages?
Someone asked … why am I suing him for damages and not putting him in jail directly. My priority is not putting him in jail … my priority is taking his money from him. If you see … he has done everything “for the money”. Duped his wife for the money … duped his father for the money … abusing and trying to dupe his mother for the money … trying to sell off my property for the money … its all “for the money”.

So, if I put this guy in jail … it won’t matter to him that much … but if I take away the money that he has been hoarding by abusing and duping others … then it breaks the very foundation of his activity. He will no longer abuse others “for the money” … as he may lose all of the money that he has hoarded in one shot. He will learn how to earn his money in the right way.

Related to shit?
The first thing that actually went through my mind seeing the shit that my brother was doing was … “So, this is my blood, is it? This is the shit that my own blood does? I used to proudly tell SM elements in the initial years that … system analysis is embedded in my genes … it doesn’t matter if they try to brainwash me … I will still get up and kick their ass even harder.”

But now, I see that my own blood is full of shit … this put a huge question mark on the very authenticity of my work … that the dreams are from God … that everything will fall into place … that we will change the world. It put a break on everything.

That’s one of the reasons, I didn’t guide Biden much in his first year … I was trying to contain the shit that was going on in my own house and coming to terms with my responsibilities. Its not only extremely shameful what was happening in my house … but it put a question mark on my main work.

Hold the question in my heart
Sometimes, I get questions that no one can answer for me … I cannot ask anyone such questions … I just simply hold the question in my heart and expect an answer from the Big Guy. Weeks and months pass by and there is no answer … no clue or hint for this issue.

After a while … God takes my attention to Joseph and his brothers. The guy was a Prophet … his father was a Prophet … and his brothers were assholes. They dumped him in a well in a desert and walked away. Its attempted murder … and this is happening in the family of a Prophet. Their Dad was a Prophet and their brother was a Prophet … and this is the shit that they were doing.

So, if Joseph had shit going on in his house despite being a Prophet … then some shit going on in my house is not new. This is what relaxed my mind and heart … that shit happens … it doesn’t mean that you stop doing what is right. If others related to you are doing shit … it doesn’t mean that you are also shit. Each person is what he chooses to be.