Biden should not react to everything that I do ... it screws the activity at the personal level here.

This is what's basically going on ... my sister and some others have been given access to my laptop and phone. They are sitting there spying and watching what I do on my PC and phone whenever they want.

Sometimes, I sit and watch TV shows online. Some of these websites have pop-up ads ... sometimes these pop-up ads are of sexual and adult nature. Its quite normal for these free movie streaming websites. So, my sister saw such some adult pop-ups on my PC ... and she does what she does every time ... look for an excuse to demonize me and create conflict and friction between brothers.

And she goes ... "Ow my God ... look what he is watching!!" and bla bla bla. I am like ... "Owww ... so, you are spying on my PC? Doesn't she know that invasion of privacy and spying on others is illegal and criminal? That too she is using her spying gimmicks to create friction and conflicts in the house ... using it as a gimmick to demonize me." Very good, very good.

Since then, I am like ... okay fine ... let her spy ... let me open some nice nude websites now and then ... lol ... and let's see what she does. Lol. And guess what ... she is still playing her game. Lol. She is blindly crazy to demonize me and create friction in the family. They think that they are great geniuses because they can spy on my phone and PC. Lol.

This great genius thinks that ... we don't know what she is doing ... she doesn't know that we are watching her watch what I do. So, the easy way to monitor and understand her is ... "make her game a subset of your game". We know everything that she does ... we just give her the required feed every now and then ... to see how she plays her game. :)

I was doing this very nicely ... until Uncle Biden got involved ... he is watching my laptop and having a blast. I am like dude ... you don't have to get involved in everything ... everything is not meant for you. Now, just to manage Uncle Biden ... I am having to bust a nice game I was playing here.

Well ... however ... one thing that I noticed in this small game is that ... your true friends are always with you, especially when you are doing something screwed or when you are screwed. I have noticed Michelle to be very consistent in her support for me. And the assholes out there will pounce on you with the first opportunity that they get ... I happen to have assholes in my family itself.

Hypocrite brothers and sisters
This will help you understand the concept. During early Islam, we had 3 types of people … believers, non-believers and hypocrites. The believers were dedicated to Islam … they invested their time, resources and energy to fight for Islam … whenever there was a call for war, they would readily welcome the call and get involved with their resources and energy to do their best in the war.

The non-believers were obviously on the other side … but then, we had another category of people who were “hypocrites”. They were Muslims only for namesake … only for the benefits and not the responsibilities. If there was a call for war … then they would drag their feet … make dozens of excuses not to participate in the war … and even if they participated, then they would make the least effort in the war.

But when Muslims would win the war … they would be on the forefront to receive the benefits from the war. They would even criticize the Prophet (peace be upon him) if others were given a bigger share than them.

Similarly, there is hypocrisy even in relations … I have a brother and a sister who are hypocrites in relations. They love the benefits and not the responsibilities. If they have to serve Mom and do something for her … then they have dozens of excuses not to do anything and avoid getting involved.

But when benefits are involved, they are on the forefront ahead of everyone. All of a sudden they realize that they are sons and daughters of the same family … and they start asserting themselves as elders … take what belongs to others in their custody … ready to yell, scream and fight.

Don’t have any funds to invest nor do they have time to do anything good for other family members … but they have all the time to yell, scream, fight, take what belongs to others and demand & control inheritance shares. Its complete hypocrisy and I don’t think that they even realize that they are being hypocrites … they are just blindly following what gets them the benefits.