You guys must be thinking that … “hey, he is your brother … so what, if your Mom stays with him?” No, no, no … it is not like that. He is my big brother but he is not a bigger version of me … and I am not a smaller version of him. These are a few things that you need to know.

Extreme Miser
My big Bro was actually the best guy in our family … very supportive and helpful with all siblings … and then he got married. Lol. Two things happened when he grew up … Dad lost his job because of a neurosurgery … there was no active bread winner … as all kids were studying and big bros had just graduated.

It is in this situation that big Bro decided to get married … at Dad’s expense. His wife … our new sister-in-law … hated all of us … didn’t want anything to do with us. She wanted to disconnect from our family and wanted our brother for herself. So, she started preaching him that … all of these family members will only be a burden for him and that he should only take care of his wife and children.

Big Bro was very generous and supportive only when Dad was earning. But when he started earning … he turned out to be a complete miser … to add to that, he got a wife that preached and trained him to be an even bigger miser.

He hates to do anything for us … he hates to spend his money on us. This has been the case since the past 30 years. Both husband and wife have been doing everything to get rid of us and keep us away … since 30 years. That’s why, you see that … doesn’t matter how bad things are … I don’t call my Big Bro for help.

Wonderful hospitality
You might think that … these are old things that happened in the past … but even today when he came to live with us for about one year … he was very hospitable. Thinking that he might have to share house expenses with me … one day he starts fighting with me, as to why I have hired cooks and why is Mom not cooking in the kitchen.

He is too much of a miser to spend money on cooks. Apparently, his 76 year old obese mother who cannot even stand for a few minutes … she should go in the kitchen and cook for him.

Fights on every excuse
Now, Dad is not present in the scene to control him … he is fighting with us on every excuse possible. One day he starts fighting with me as to why I am giving Mom medicines. Mom was coughing all night and it seems … I should not give her any medications.

One day he tells me … I should give her only soup, apple and some porridge. I should not give her any fruits, meat, eggs, rotis or whatever. His formula is … no medicines and no food … she should just starve and die … and preferably give her properties to him before dying.

Mom is a bag of Rs.2 Crores
My Mom is not a “mother” for him … she is simply a bag of Rs.2 Crores that he is interested in. The easiest way to get the Rs.2 Crores is to take her to his residence and simply starve her out.

Wonderful behavior in front of Mom
His yelling and screaming is so much that Mom’s hands and legs start shaking with panic. She keeps on telling him … “stop, stop, stop … I am not feeling well … I am getting palpitations.” But my lovely brother doesn’t give a shit.

He did this repeatedly so many times that Mom started getting nightmares about it … even in her sleep she started saying … “stop, stop, stop”.

Duped my father
His wonderful record of being a son is … duping our father with all of the life insurance money that he had and then doesn’t return or give a single penny to his old parents since the past 10-15 years. He initially said that he is ashamed and sorry but then … once he came home … he yells and screams … lives with us for about one year … doesn’t pay a single penny in house expenses and with great difficulty pays about $50 for Mom’s medicines.

He is doing two jobs in Canada … his son is earning … he gets rent from 2 houses … the rent of each room is $500-700 … but paying just 50 bucks of his mother’s medicines is too much for him. This is how he is.

Wonderful daughter-in-law
She hated us so much that … she got a partition built in the house … so that, she doesn’t even have to see our faces. She used to lie and make false complaints about our family to all other family members. She and her father used to run a campaign of false information about us … to an extent that, they were responsible for my sister’s divorce.

His House
You think that Mom is going to my brother’s house … that he is my brother and he will be like me … but that’s not the situation at all. My brother’s house is a construction site that is filled with dirt, dust and mosquitos. Mom has an allergy to dust … she starts coughing in the presence of dust. There is no lift and its painful for Mom to climb stairs.

So, just imagine the chemistry …

a house that is a construction site filled with dust and mosquitos … with no lift … a son who doesn't want to give medicines and food to her mother … who yells and screams so much as to give her nightmares … there will be no staff & Mom should cook for him in the kitchen ... whose only interest is in the property ... and a daughter-in-law who hates all of us. It is in this house that my Bro wants to take Mom while rendering me as an orphan who has to live alone by himself.

I fear for my Mom’s safety … and I have to look for all possible ways to keep my Mother safe from my Brother.