No, don’t do anything to my big bro yet. God knows what happened to him … it might be my sisters feeding bullshit in his head … he might have lived a tough life in Canada, supporting his wife and 3 kids by working two jobs at a time … he might have become a little bit greedy … or whatever it might be.

The person that you saw a few months ago, he was not our big bro at all … from any angle whatsoever. My big bro was actually a nice person … he was the best among all of us … very supportive of everyone, helping everyone, trying to do what is right, protecting everyone, fighting for everyone … you haven’t seen him as we know him.

The Matrix members saw him … like 15 years ago. At that time, I used to be pissed off at the Matrix … frustrated and angry with them all the time … and they came to know that this guy is my big bro … they were like … “this handsome, charismatic, all smiling, cordial and mixable person is your brother?? If your brother is like this then why the hell are you like that?”

There is a major cash crunch going on in the family … with hardly any of us saving much … no one has a good rental income. I think, I will be using a different strategy to manage the family … I am planning to move each and every one of them into the millionaire zone.

I am charting out a project where each of us become a millionaire. For a change, I think we should work together on something that will be beneficial for all of us. This project will pull the necessary funds into the family and it will help us solve several family issues within each member’s lives. This will relieve this unnecessary conflict and tension that we are going through.

Instead of fighting with each other … we should rather work on something that benefits all of us in an exponential manner. Pulling them in the millionaire zone will solve a lot of issues. And hopefully, it will create some good bonding as well.

I am revising the strategy a little bit … let’s see how it goes.

Behavioral changes are more important than money
The key thing right now is that … behavioral changes are more important than money. They don’t know how to operate intelligently … they don’t know even the basic steps for logical decision making in any scenario.

I have designed the first phase where each of them will get about $5 million. Let us first see how they respond … how they cooperate … how they function using intelligence … using logical thinking that is helpful and fruitful for others as well … and then I will design the next phase of taking them to $100 million each.

The criteria right now is that … they should first succeed in the initial $5 million phase. Not only just in the making of assets … but more importantly in operating logically and intelligently. If they can do that … then I will discuss the $100 million phase with them. First, let’s test them with the $5 million phase.