Is there a change of plans?
Yes, I am designing the millionaire plan for my family members … but I can’t force them to become millionaires, isn’t it? My big brother is still adamant in being aggressive and negative towards me, despite me showing him how we can work together in making millions ahead.

I think his strategy is … keep yelling abuse and negativity towards me so that he can deprive me of my inheritance share … loot whatever Mom has and then go to Canada. I don’t see any other reason for this continued baseless and needless negativity and conflict from him. It seems to be based on greed and fraud.

No jail for my brother
No, I am not planning jail for my brother. Yes, the things that he is doing … all lawyers that I have spoken to … they are asking me to file an FIR and get him arrested. But if I follow that route, what am I going to tell my nephews? He has a wife and 3 kids … who will take care of them if he goes to jail?

I love his eldest son … he is one of the best among us in our next generation. What will I tell my nephew, if he asks me … “uncle, why have you put my Dad in jail? Couldn’t you forgive him? Couldn’t you find another way to deal with this?” What will I tell my sister-in-law if she asks me why her husband was taken away?

It would be like punishing his family for the stupidity that he is doing. My priority right now is to settle things in an amicable manner … end all of the bullshit that is going on … and take my family members who want to work with me in investing in Turkey along with me.

If some of them are not interested then I can’t force them. Maybe they will learn and join later on.

Keeping Mom safe is the top most priority
Through this entire process … the top most priority is to keep Mom safe. If anything happens to me in these conflicts and quarrels … then who will take care of Mom? I have already seen how they conduct themselves with Mom … I can’t allow that to be repeated.

Let’s see how it goes. I think my brother’s actions are directed mainly by greed and fraud … otherwise, there is no reason for a conflict. If he had to do things neat and clean … then he wouldn’t be in a conflict with me at all. There is no reason to be in conflict with me.

He actually made lakhs of rupees via conflicts with Dad and his wife. He took all of Dad’s insurance money and duped him … he started fighting and quarreling with Dad when he asked for his money. Then he took all of his wife’s gold … when she asked for it back … he started fighting with her and her relatives. I think he is just trying to repeat this cycle of greed and fraud.

Fraud Tactic One
This is basically what he did in the beginning … he started telling everyone about me that “he hasn’t done anything for the family since 15 years … he left the family … so, he don’t deserve anything in inheritance from Mom.” But it was all bullshit … I literally showed all bank transactions of the support that I gave in the family. So, he lost in making this argument.

Fraud Tactic Two
Since he lost in his first tactic … his second tactic is … “no, no, no … we don’t want anything in inheritance … we are in no hurry … he is the only one talking about inheritance … he is the one wants the inheritance.” So, he is planning to give my property papers which he has been holding illegally since the past two years … and then apparently, I should go to Turkey and I am not allowed to take Mom along with me.

When I go to Turkey, he will carry out his fraudulent program using Mom in my absence. This is his fraud tactic two. He doesn’t think and work on the right channels in making money … he can make 100 times more if he works on the right channels … but he apparently likes these fraudulent gimmicks since he already benefited from them twice. He likes the immediate moolah that he can get from fraud.

The honest track
The simple and transparent honest track is that … okay fine, these are the properties that Mom has and this is how we will distribute it … so that all brothers and sisters get their due share. This is how any honest person would operate. This is what everyone is telling me whosever advice I am taking.

But my brother … he doesn’t like this honest track since he makes more money via the fraudulent track. He likes to maintain the conflict with me to deprive me of my share. He doesn’t want Mom to go with me anywhere, since he needs Mom to sign the papers for him.

My brothers took my parents to Muscat and to UK … they lived in whatever accommodation that they provided since the past 30 years. I never objected to any of it. They are my brothers and they have the right to keep our parents with them. But now, when I want to take Mom along with me to Turkey then they are objecting … they are teaching and scaring Mom not to go with me. Why? It is all malice … they need Mom for the paperwork … they need Mom to sign her properties in their name.

If I tell him to do what is honest then I am the bad guy. It seems that I am the one who is greedy. Lol. This is basically what Dad had done … even before he reached his old age … he put all properties in his children’s names … so that, his children don’t fight over property. Dad didn’t keep anything on his name. He made the proper distribution even before he reached old age. But since Mom has properties on her name … and she is in an old and feeble stage … and I have brothers like this … this is what’s happening in the house.

I am trying to manage it from a few other channels. Maybe he will change … maybe he won’t … don’t know … let’s see.

Current Activities
As we speak, he is working on constructing a lift in his building. There is no lift in his house … Mom cannot climb stairs … so, his top most priority the moment he came to India is to construct the lift, in order to take Mom to his residence. Lol.

This is how crazed he is about money … about looting his own mother and defrauding his own brothers and sisters. It is sick and sad … but it needs to be stopped.

Involving Relatives
I spoke to several people about this issue at home. Most of them are advising me to involve close relatives first. I spoke to some close relatives … they are shocked at what is going on and they are keen in helping me in this issue.

But what my brother is doing is … he is telling Mom not to allow them to get involved. They are putting fear in her and telling her that … there will be fights and quarrels if relatives get involved. She is getting scared and she is hesitant in getting them involved.

At the moment, we are in a stalemate … the issue is there … the solution is also there … but it is not getting executed because of two factors:

  • Greedy and fraudulent brother
  • A Mom who is weak and feeble … who cannot handle tension and conflicts

There are relatives willing to help … but then again … brothers are threatening Mom not to involve them. Mom is not able to make an initiative to solve this crisis.

Breaking this stalemate
I think the best way to solve this issue is that … I should take the initiative and ask for my share in the inheritance. Mom also has no problem with it … she is saying, you can do whatever you want without involving me … as she cannot handle much tension. Islamically, every son and daughter has a share in the property … forcing your Mother not to give a share to any rightful hire is simply forbidden.

Dad had already distributed his property even before reaching this age. Dad didn’t sit and ask anyone what had to be done … he did everything on his own … he was not afraid of his sons nor did he take dictates from his sons. Proper property distribution is the solution … Mom is the one who should technically initiate this. But since I am the son … even I have legal rights and a share via Sharia … even I can ask for my rightful share. Mom cannot handle the tension … but I can … Mom cannot handle the quarrels, but I can.

If I break this stalemate … demand my share … then it solves everything. Mom doesn’t have to bear any tension … the property gets properly distributed … and all of these fights and conflicts in the house come to an end.

Two options ahead
My elder brothers will have two options ahead.

  • If they are honest … then they will say yes … please take your share. They will either arrange for the funds themselves … or they will make proper property distribution. Or at the most, they will try to postpone it … even in this case … I will ask them to put everything in black and white … and register that agreement.
  • But if there is loot and fraud in their minds and hearts … then they will try to start calling me greedy and bla bla bla … and try to make an issue out of this as well.

This is a very easy technique of separating the good from the bad. They will come out in their right colors instantly.

The genius tactic that my brother is trying to play is … construct a lift in his house … take Mom to his residence … and then do whatever he wants as he has all of Mom’s property documents. But once I make my move to demand my share … then everything will come out in black and white.

Let’s see … if he is actually a fraud … or if he will do things right.