Decisions being made based on greed and fraud
I am trying to resolve issues amicably at home. The key problem in the house is that … big brothers are making decisions based on greed and fraud … they are not following God’s word nor are they following the law. For example …

  • Holding my property papers. My Dad has given his son and daughter property on his or her own name. My big brother is keeping my property papers with him since two years … he doesn’t give them to me despite repeated requests. He sits there fighting with me … lying and trying to demonize me and abuse me verbally … thinking that all of this fighting justifies him taking what is mine.
  • Doesn’t talk about Mom’s property distribution. My Mom is in a weak and feeble old age stage where her property distribution should be done in everyone’s best interests. Mom has herself told that … “I want some amount to be donated in the building of mosques, for schools, books and in the marriage of needy girls … and the rest can be distributed among all sons and daughters based on the guidance from the Quran”. But my big brother doesn’t even want to talk about this … they are saying that … I am the one that is putting all of this community service in her head … they are not allowing Mom to do any community service with her own funds.
  • Don’t involve outsiders in family matters. I have spoken to several lawyers and many people that I know in good positions. They are saying … first involve your own close relatives … if things don’t get resolved then we will take care of it. But what my brothers are saying is … “no, no, no … these are family matters … no outsider should get involved.” They don’t realize that … they are covering criminal activities in the name of family matters. Family matters contain … what are you going to cook today … chicken or mutton? What are we going to wear today? Where our children will go to school … who will our children marry … these topics are family matters. But when you steal your brother’s property papers … you threaten and scare your mother not to involve others … you try to dupe your younger brothers and sisters of their share in property … all of these are not family matters. These are abusive and criminal activities. Anyone can get involved in this.

The key issue with all of the above is that … the decision making is based on greed and fraud … how to do or say anything that will benefit them the most … it doesn’t matter if it is illegal or not … if it is abusive or not … if it is against God’s word or not. They are not operating using their head.

Honest and decent track
In any normal, decent and honest family … who don’t have any malicious intentions … this is how things should operate.

  • Property Papers. “Okay fine, dear brother … here are your property papers … let me know if I can help you with any issue if you have during the selling or maintenance of your property … I will help.” This is what any honest and good brother would do.
  • Mom’s Property. “These are the assets that Mom has … and this is how God wants us to distribute the property among all key hiers.”
  • Mosques and schools. “Mom wants to contribute in the building of mosques and schools … sponsoring books, education and marriages. Let’s find the best way of doing this.”
  • Outsiders. If the above was the approach … then all outsiders would actually be proud and the good coordination of the family in these matters. There would be no requirement for the involvement of any outsiders … nor would I have to write this page.

Unfortunately, till date I haven’t found this approach. I am trying to involve relatives in containing this crisis … to get things done in a proper and decent manner before things take a worse turn. I have also tried to show them a millionaire program … an excellent opportunity in Turkey where they can be set for life. Guess what is the response from one of my brother?

“You did not marry … you did not make children … thus, you are a failure and we will not listen to you.” Lol. Even cats and dogs make children … two pigeons laid eggs in my balcony recently … are these animals and birds rocket scientists, just because they are making children? Jesus Christ.

They will say anything to feel better about themselves … show the other in bad light … and stick to their greed and fraud. I was like … wow.

  • I am the only one in the family who has a Master’s degree with almost all As from America.
  • I am the only one in the family who has organized and worked in the marriage of several brothers and sisters.
  • I am the only one in the family who has helped and worked with Dad in creating the current crores worth of property that everyone has.
  • I am the only one in the family who created a recurring income for our parents via properties. My Dad himself followed my advice on properties without any argument.
  • I am the only one in the family who has his own business since the past 15 years owing to which I am self-sufficient.
  • I am the only one in the family who has traveled to about a dozen countries while managing this business.

And my brother who tells me that … I am a failure and thus my advice should not be taken … he is trapped in the UK since 20 years … he was dependent on social assistance and donations from the family … he is dependent on his wife’s earnings since 20 years … he cannot practice his engineering and he has been giving tuitions to students to make ends meet since 20 years … he accumulated a debt of about $40,000 just to survive in the UK.

This wonderful brother of mine … is telling me that … no, no, no, you are a failure since you didn’t make any children … thus I don’t want your millions. Lol … now, what am I supposed to say? Goodness gracious.

He is telling everyone in the house not to work with me … not to invest in Turkey. Lol. We have some issues in the house. I am trying to solve them amicably and in a friendly manner. Let’s see how it goes.