So, here are the updates on the wonderful property fights in my wonderful family. Lol.

Technically, what my brother is doing is … he is using his children to lure Mom to his residence and making her prolong her stay there. Mom didn’t want to go to his residence … she knows very well his nature and behavior. So, as an excuse not to go to his residence Mom said … “first bring your family then I will come and stay with you … I will not come to stay in your house alone”.

The first thing that my brother does when he goes back to Canada is … send his family to India … as he needed Mom in his house so that he could transfer Mom’s properties in his name. He is playing a game of greed and fraud. Mom didn’t care to go to his house even with his family here.

One day his son calls and tells my Mom … “Me and my brother … both of us are going back to Canada soon … won’t you stay with us even for a few days? We came all the way from Canada for you.” This moved my Mom’s heart greatly … she said … screw everything … I will stay with my son and grandsons for atleast a few days. Thus Mom moved to his place a few days ago.

I let Mom go to his place on the condition that … “I will come, meet and monitor Mom any time I want … there should be no restrictions in me meeting my Mom.” This was important as I had to monitor her health. This was also a good opportunity to discuss property issues as he was not coming to my residence at all.

My property papers
Regarding my property papers … first he says, “Did you give them to me? Check where Dad left them.” I go to his house … check Dad’s room … everything is cleaned out … no documents are there. Then he says … “No, no … all documents are at one safe place”. After a couple of days, I pushed him to handover my documents … he says … “I am marking the plots … once the marking is done … then, I will handover everyone’s papers”. Thus, he clearly admits that everyone’s property papers are with him. He is not handing over my papers but he is prolonging it with one excuse or the other.

Mom’s Property
Here is the interesting part. Mom’s wants to do some good deeds … you know as we say “philanthropy work” with some of her funds and distribute the rest among all her children based on Islamic law. She wants to contribute in the building of mosques, education and marriage of poor girls and stuff like that.

But both of my elder brothers are totally against it. They are against any kind of charitable work. One brother wants the property transferred to his name and another wants the property transferred to his name. They don’t give a shit about charity or giving the due rights of other siblings.

Mom didn’t believe when I told her this. Thus I pushed her last night to discuss this issue with my brother … so that, she hears it directly from him … and guess what his response was? He responded only with abuse and aggression … “there will be no discussion on this! You have no rights on Mom’s property! I will do what I want with this! Bring whoever you want … I will beat up everybody!!”

All relatives that I involved in this issue are asking Mom what she wants to do and everyone want to follow her wish. If my brother had some honesty in him then he would do the same. If he had no malice or bad intentions then he would also follow Mom’s wishes. Apparently, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I am trying to resolve things peacefully and amicably … but the moment I bring up the topic, he is getting aggressive and violent. He doesn’t want to listen to anything else than what he has planned. He has only used his children as “bait” to pull Mom into his residence. He is using their affection to keep Mom there … but inside, he is filled with greed and fraud. The moment his kids will go to Canada next week, he will start transferring Mom’s property as per his plan. Pulling his family to India was a part of this scheme.

No, I will not be attending the function at my brother’s place tonight
It’s a false bullshit bogus show for all relatives to see that we are one happy family … which is nothing but a lie. I told him a couple of days ago that … “you are planning to invite all relatives in this function … before this, solve the issues in the house. Brothers are fighting with each other … you want to showcase this in front of all relatives what kind of greedy assholes we are? Solve issues and end conflicts … so that, we can actually be a unified and proper family.”

And his response was … “you are not my brother … you are not a heir to Mom’s properties … don’t even talk on this subject.” He goes on with … you did this and you did that thing … even Mom doesn’t have any right to say what has to be done with her properties … I will do whatever I want … and bla bla bla.

Now, you tell me … why should I attend this bogus function which is nothing but a lie … a pretend show among all relatives that we are a lovely family … we will make some jokes, smile and laugh as if nothing is wrong. Apparently, I am his brother “based on the situation” … lol … when it comes to parties … I am supposed to attend and be nice. But when it comes to property issues … I am not his brother, I am not a heir … meaning I am not even my father’s son … thus, I have no rights to even talk on this issue.

He is not the only one … both of my elder brothers have teamed up on this scheme. The guy has been hating me, abusing me verbally for an entire year and now he continues this hate … only to nullify me from my rights and loot Mom’s properties. The guy showers hate on me and denies any relationship with me … because he thinks that this is how he will get a bigger share in the property. During this bullshit show … he wants to invite all relatives to show that we are one big happy family. After this function, within two weeks … he will transfer Mom’s properties as per his plan and go to Canada.

I have no intention of being a part of this false bogus bullshit show which is nothing but a lie. No thanks.