I am trying to do everything possible to settle issues and not to take criminal action against my brother. But interestingly, he is doing everything possible so that I take criminal action against him. He seems to be blinded by greed and fraud.

He got the taste of money by duping others. He duped my father with all of the life’s savings that he had … and he duped his wife with all of the gold that she had … it gave him a lot of “free money”. Now, he is resorting to verbal abuse and threats of physical violence … probably, to loot as much property as he can.

He is exaggerating any excuse to get abusive and violent with me. Now, Mom is in his residence … this is what he had planned since two years. Yell, scream and fight to remove me from the scene … to loot as much as he can. I tried to show my family members how they can become millionaires with the right investment in the right markets … but he doesn’t seem to be interested in this right track of making money in the right way.

He is playing around and not handing over my property papers … starts yelling and screaming even if Mom discusses what she wants to do with her property. It seems she shouldn’t say anything what she wants to do with her property … he will do whatever he wants with it. Lol. He is trying to get physically violent with me if we discuss this issue.

He is obviously here with a lot of bad intentions … which may create a lot of criminal legal problems for him. Mom is at his residence and he is threatening me with physical violence even if I come to visit her. He is crossing tolerable lines again and again.

He needs to be “toned down” and brought in proper human form again. Someone needs to put his mind right before he blows up the whole thing. He is going ballistic thinking that it will help him scare other siblings and profit off his violent behavior. It’s a must to remove him from a track of yelling, screaming and violent behavior. Someone has to tone him down and put him on a track where he uses his mind to do things right.