I think my bro needs some legal counseling. Dad is not there … so, he is treating us like enemies … being as abusive as possible … as if he is taking some revenge on us. There is no control in what he says or does. He needs some control strings that tone him down a little bit … and show him right from wrong.

He was actually one of the best among us. He was a very caring and supportive elder brother. That was until Dad was earning and running the house. But when he started earning, he sees us like a burden … its not that he spent a lot of money on us either … he might have supported the family just for 3-4 years … after that everyone started bearing their own expenses.

But even then, he sees that … the time that he spends on us … the money that he spends on us … all of it is a loss for him … he sees us as “anchors” in his life. So, he has been hating us since two decades … didn’t send a single penny for home expenses since more than 10 years. Now, that Dad is gone … everything that was stored in his heart and mind … it is all coming out loud in the open.

Before he used to support us … now, he is looking for ways to leech and loot from us. He duped Dad with all of his Rs.43 lakhs insurance money … he was forcing my sister to buy property so that he makes commissions out of it … he is holding my and Mom’s property papers since 2 years. He is doing everything the opposite now. Before he used to help and support … now, he is yelling, screaming, looting and abusing. He is seeing how much he can extract from each of us. Yesterday’s hero has become today’s asshole.

There has to be a way to contain his assholery. I don’t care why he hates us … but there is no reason why we should put up with his yelling, screaming and abusive activities. This is not just bad behavior as such … it is calculated animosity. It is “for profit” animosity. He is looking at the profit that he can make through this hooligan behavior.

He probably thinks that … just like he duped his wife and then duped my Dad … by yelling and screaming … he will get to do whatever he wants with my and my Mom’s properties. This is calculated and preplanned abuse.

For now, I am trying my best to rule out criminal cases or legal action against him. But I think I will need to invite him to the Police Station for some counseling. He is not listening to me … I have presented all arguments using religious texts … he doesn’t care … he is not listening to relatives either … so the next step is technically the Police Station.

For now, I am not planning to put any charges against him … but some legal counseling will help him understand the gravity of his abusive activities. His yelling, screaming … his threats for violence … his non-stop harassment and mental torture … he needs to understand that all of these activities don’t fall in the legal boundaries and that this is not civilized behavior. He needs to understand that … just because the father is not present … he cannot become a hating hooligan against his younger siblings and do whatever he wants.

I don’t know to what extent this approach will be successful … but he is leaving me no other choice. Some legal counseling is a must to contain him and to tone him down.