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Pay For Performance SEO

Pay only after you get ranks

Pay for Performance SEO at Ray SEO Company is a 100% guaranteed process of showing results to the clients before they make a payment. If there are no results then the client doesn't pay anything for SEO.

No Risk and 100% Customer Satisfaction

There is absolutely no risk for the customer as they make absolutely no major payments in the initial months. The client can rest assured that we will use strong White Hat SEO tactics to move your site up the ranks and only after the client sees that the ranks are coming on the first page of Google ... it is then that the client starts paying for the SEO work.

How does it work?

  • Step One. We discuss with the client his / her business niche, the target keywords and the target geographic area.
  • Step Two. We formulate a list of keywords to be targeted based upon mutual agreement. A monthly payment is worked upon based upon your target keywords and budget.
  • Step Three. We begin the SEO work and once you start seeing new ranks on the first page of then you start paying your monthly fee for the SEO work. If you don't get any new ranks on the first page then you don't pay for the SEO work.

How long does it take to get new ranks?

It generally takes 2-3 months for the ranking to begin. You can expect your monthly payments to begin from the second or third month. But your payments will begin only after you start getting new first page ranks. 

Unlimited Keywords - Ray SEO Advantage

The unique deal with Ray SEO Company that you get is that ... we don't do nitpicking with each and every keyword. We work on every keyword possible for your business so that you get maximum ranking and get maximum traffic from SEO. Generally, 100-200 keywords are worked upon for each client. You don't have to pay for the ranking of each and every keyword at Ray SEO. We formulate an affordable package for you based upon your budget and target keywords. You simply pay an agreed-upon fixed affordable monthly fee for the work on all keywords. And this payment begins only after you start seeing new first page ranks on

Benefits of Pay For Performance

  • No Rank, No Pay. Pay only after getting first page ranks on If you don't rank then you don't pay.
  • No Risk. 100% client satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Unlimited Keywords. Get ranking for as many keywords as possible for an affordable fixed monthly fee.
  • Affordable Pricing. SEO packages are created based upon the client's budget and target keywords.
  • Clear Cut ROI. Get fantastic returns on your investment.

Proven Results

We have done SEO for Treetops Executive Residences, a 5 Star luxury serviced apartment in Singapore. We brought their site on the first page of Google for 90% of the target keywords and defeated their competitors in 100% of the keywords. When they came to us they had about 20 first page ranks and with our SEO services they got more than 100 first page ranks.

We are also doing SEO for TimeKids, a preschool franchise network in India with franchise in more than 50 cities across the country. We are doing SEO for them for all 50 cities with more than 400 target keywords. Currently, they have first page ranks on for more than 70% of the keywords and we defeat their competitors in 95% of the keywords. When we started the work, they had a few first page ranks and now they have first page ranks by the hundreds.

Please Note

All Pay for Performance SEO clients pay a nominal fee of $100 per month for the Onpage Optimization work on their sites. This small fee is charged only for the first 3 months mainly for two reasons:

  • To cover the expenses of the Onpage Optimization works and the site changes being made to some extent
  • To make sure that the client is truly interested in paying for the SEO after getting the ranking. It helps us avoid scammers or adventurists. 

Generally, a 15 months contract is signed for Pay for Performance SEO works. 


Pay For Performance SEO

Its time to make a move to the top!

Our Services

  • Pay For Performance SEO (PFP)
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Why choose Ray SEO?

  • Pay only after getting First Page Ranks
  • If you don't rank then you don't pay
  • No Risk. 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Long Term Ranking
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Clear Cut ROI
  • 21+ years of Experience
  • Specialists Trained in USA

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