Yes, owing to Biden’s failures the momentum is towards a Republican President. But its not that the Republican candidates are ready to hit the ground running. In fact, each of these candidates … Trump, Biden and Ron DeSantis have a list of reasons that hold them back from the Presidency. None of them are crystal cut to lead America in this period of several simultaneous crises.

Issues with Trump – Establishment Monopoly
Heh … several SM Groups are freaking out and terrified at the thought of Trump becoming President again. Here’s the list of issues that hold Trump back from the Presidency.

  • Trump’s Presidency was mostly about blowing his horn, looting trillions and using the loot to save his ass. This is the Trump Presidency in a nutshell.
  • Trump liked to win thus he didn’t allow any disastrous policies to be implemented during his Presidency like blowing up trillions in the name of climate change … but at the same time, Trump didn’t address any of the existing crises that America faced thus we got an additional debt of $8 Trillion in a single term under Trump.
  • America’s major problem is the Establishment Monopoly and the resultant multiple crises that it creates and Trump took no initiative against the monopoly or the crises that America faces … which means that … a second term for Trump means more blowing horn, more looting trillions and more saving one person’s ass.
  • Trump ran a very clean Presidency but he is a horrible loser who sat there financing the multiplication of the pandemic, the border crises and the Ukraine war to dismantle the Biden Presidency.

To sum up Trump’s Presidential leadership … he will either work for himself when President or he will sit and destroy his opponent when he is not President … both ways, he will not work on the actual crises that the people face. Trump is always focused on one person … its himself or his opponent. Trump’s slogan is Make America Great Again … but he never made America great … he left America to rot in all of its crises. Trump’s actual slogan is … Make Myself Great Again … there is no care for America or the American people at all.

This is what terrifies and shocks several SM Groups that they have to go through such a Presidency for 4 full years all over again. And this is why, they don’t want to give the Presidency to Trump.

Issues with Biden – Party Puppetry
While a considerable section of SM doesn’t want Trump as President … they are not happy with Biden either.

  • The biggest issue with Biden is that … he should have taken things forward from Trump … but instead he took America back to party puppetry, back to non-stop wars and back to mass spending in several directions.
  • Trump had at least kept a clean Presidency with no new wars and no multi-trillion dollar spending programs … but Biden was not able to manage even that. Biden has taken America backwards and he is currently running a multi-disaster Presidency.
  • To add to that, now that Biden has to show himself in good light to ask for votes … he is praising his disastrous policies as American success. He talks about jobs … but jobs were never the problem under Obama … not under Trump … and not under Biden either. It’s the fact that Americans have to work on 3 jobs and depend on 3 credit cards to pay their bills … that’s the American crisis that has to be solved.
  • Because of Biden’s lack of leadership … several SM Groups call him Greedy Grandpa … and some think that he is simply too old and incompetent to lead America.

This is what holds Biden back from the Presidency. Biden has solved nothing and has taken nothing forward … and several SM Groups want someone else in the White House.

Issues with Ron DeSantis - Originality
Dislike towards Trump and Biden’s incompetence is opening the options for Ron DeSantis as President … but he is lagging severely behind Trump. Why? Ron DeSantis has issues with “originality”. He has done a good job in copying Trump’s policies … but he is not able to show a fight for these policies. People see him as a copy of Trump … thus, they choose to rally behind the original and not the duplicate.

Ron DeSantis lacks the depth of understanding of these issues … thus he is not able to rally or campaign for the same. He is talking about the right issues but he is ending up sounding like a career politician. Trump worked with us in the online mode and he has understood these issues much better than Biden and Ron DeSantis. Trump is not copying other politicians … Trump is a true original self … this is giving Trump an advantage over Ron DeSantis.

Trump has been in the media business … he is a showman … he likes the attention and he works on several ways to attract the attention. Ron DeSantis is a Navy guy and a politician … he is not able to play the media games that Trump plays.

The second issue with Ron DeSantis is … too much dedication to Israel. He is from Florida with a huge segment of Jewish population and thus the pressure to remain pro-Israel … but he doesn’t know that at the Presidential level if you are too pro-Israel and do everything that the Jewish Establishment says … then it backfires on your Presidential chances. Israel should follow America’s lead and not vice versa. America is the leader of the free world … not Israel.

I am not anti-Israel … nor am I telling anyone to be anti-Israel … but no one has to be a puppet of Israeli government. You are being chosen as the President of United States and you should always do what is logically right for the American people. You don’t have to be a puppet to anyone. You are being chosen to lead … not to be a puppet.

Interesting Fact
Now, here is the interesting fact about the issues with all 3 key Presidential candidates. Trump has issues with Establishment monopoly … why? Biden has issues with party puppetry … why? Ron DeSantis has issues with originality … why? Because none of these 3 worked with us directly. Lol.

If Trump had worked with us … then we would have helped him dodge the Establishment to do great things for America. He wouldn’t even be in this phase of having lost the election and be on track to become a convict soon. We would technically be in a Trump second term.

If Biden had worked with us … then we would have helped him dodge party puppetry to do great things for the American people. He wouldn’t be in this phase where no one wants him to run for a second term … where a Republican Presidency is coming ahead. Everything would be different if Biden worked with us.

If Ron DeSantis worked with us … then he wouldn’t have this originality issue with Trump. Because even Trump knows only the “problem statement” … he himself has no idea of how to fix any crisis whatsoever. He knows how to stop wars because we trained him to do so. This lack of depth … this lack of media attention that Ron DeSantis faces … is because he doesn’t know the problem in depth nor does he have any solutions for the same.

Not working with us is self-destruction
Lol. Like I said before … for Presidential candidates … not working with us is self-destruction. The more you stay away from us … the more your Presidency will fall. The more you become against us, the faster your Presidency will fall. Why? Firstly because you didn’t win this Presidency at all … it was literally handed over to you on a plate by the SM Network. The guys who can give you the Presidency … they can also take it away as easily as they gave it to you.

Secondly, because you were chosen as President to work with us … to solve America’s crises … not to go against us and not to ignore us. The longer you won’t work with us, the longer America will remain in multiple crises and more the debt will pile up. By not working with us … you are actually rotting America in a multitude of crises.

Thus if you don’t give a shit about America or the American people … then why do you want to be President? If you don’t care for the people then why do you want to remain in the White House? These are the very obvious questions that any SM Group will ask.

As of now, not only Biden has issues … but all 3 candidates have issues … what everyone is observing is … which candidate will clear his issues and be ready to lead America from 2024?