Let’s help President Putin understand what is going on. The entire propaganda of the War on Terror, Radical Islam and terrorism was designed basically with the below objectives:

  • Deviate America from the debt crisis. America was going to plunge into trillions of debt during George Bush. All of this debt in the West is created via the Establishment monopoly which drains the wealth from the people and the governments … the Corporations make hundreds of billions in profits while rendering the people and the governments in massive debt. Thus, the War on Terror was needed to keep the West busy with something … that there are dangerous guys out there … they want to kill you … you are under threat … thus, spend trillions in fighting wars against several Muslim countries. The entire scheme was nothing but a deviation tactic.
  • Creation of a Greater Israel. America spent trillions in the war against Iraq … a war that was not required … what did America get from this war? China got the oil, what did America get? Nothing. Google the term “Greater Israel Project” … then you will understand why Iraq, Syria and other Muslim countries were attacked in these wars. As per Israel’s planning, they want to create a Greater Israel that comprises all of Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and huge sections of Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. All of them happen to be Muslim countries … thus the need to make them the bad guys … thus the concept of Radical Islam was created … thus its associated terrorist activities were created and the militaries of these countries were neutralized. America was simply used to do Israel’s dirty work … so that, it becomes easy for Israel to take over these countries if a war against Russia starts.
  • Israel, Banks and Corporations. They made a killing with the spending of trillions in these wars that were carried out in the name of Radical Islam. Israel made a killing via the booming weapons industry who were supplying the weapons in these conflicts. Banks made a killing with high interest rates and trillions of debt being accumulated.

These are the 3 basic points why Radical Islam is created and why “Muslim terrorists” appear as and when needed.

So shocking to know that Kate has cancer. May God give her and her family the strength to deal with this issue. May God give her a speedy recovery and bless her family with health, peace and happiness.

Putin: Everyone behind Moscow terrorist attack will be punished.
This is what's called great leadership. No Islamophobia ... no ridiculing Muslims ... and going only for the culprits behind the attack. The West should learn something from Putin. Good job President Putin, keep it up.

Canada to stop arms sales to Israel – foreign minister

Thank you Canada. Only if the bums in Washington could gear up their balls to do anything right.

Biden is a devout Catholic? Heh ... Biden is a devout greedy fraud.

Congrats President Putin on your re-election.
You are a force for good. May God give you long, happy and healthy life ... and a long long reign over Russia.

United Nations: More children have been killed in Gaza than in all global conflicts since the past 4 years.
Well, there is nothing new in Satanic Jews killing children. Netanyahu is only showing his true colors.

Okay ... the first thing that Trump should understand is that ... I am 100% with you. I want Biden out of power and I want you back in the White House. This is my stand irrespective of whether you work with me or not. Barack n Biden have been a complete catastrophe and a disaster ... they have to be removed from power and you need to take over the reins.

20-30% chances that Biden may win
However, I am not alone on the board ... there are a few other Directors involved in managing the Nation. Collectively, they control who wins and who loses elections. As far as the entire board is concerned, Biden is not yet ruled out completely ... he still has a chance of 20-30% to win his re-election. This is mainly because of the below factors.

  1. Some States vote Democrat doesn't matter which donkey is leading the party. Even if you are the better choice, you lose in such cases because some states simply vote Democrat.
  2. Irrespective of the disaster that Barack n Biden are for the Nation and the people ... they have still maintained my security. This is a very good point that they have on their side.

With the above two factors ... if we look at the baggage that you are coming with then it helps Biden even more.

  1. You have a lot of legal baggage right now. In 2016, you had only sex scandals ... but right now, you have already lost a few lawsuits ... there have been criminal charges and your path ahead in the legal route is not clearly known.

Okay then, what's stopping him? Did I ever say that I don't want Barack Obama to contact me or that I will not work with him?

The key question that you should ask Barack Obama is that ... why does he keep on saying that he will work with me and then he doesn't work with me? He says that he wants to work with me and then why does he look for excuses not to work with me? If Barack truly wants to work with me ... then why is he using all of you in between?

The fact that he is using you guys in between is that ... Barack Obama is still not completely honest in working with me. True fighters don't operate in this manner.

What Mr. Barack Obama has been doing is ... first he says that he wants to work with me and then he makes a 100 excuses not to work with me. If he truly wanted to change America and solve these massive crises then he would dodge a 100 obstacles and work with me. But Mr. Barack does the opposite.

So, the next time Mr. Barack tells anyone of you that he wants to work with me ... just tell him ... "why on Earth are you talking to me about it ... go talk with the guy that you want to work with".

Firstly, congrats to Trump on getting the nomination. Since the stage is set for a rematch between Trump and Biden … I think its time for a dream update.

I think I got this dream in Biden’s second year or so. Yes, Mr. Biden … I get dreams and the thing with these dreams is that … they all come true. It doesn’t matter if I am religious or not … the dreams always come true. You might see this as a good thing … but you know … sometimes I wish that some of the dreams that I see, I wish that they don’t come true. I wish that I misunderstood and misinterpreted the dream. But unfortunately, with time even these dreams come true.

Its like I am not in control and what’s gonna happen has already been told to me … and its just a matter of time that each of the segments of the dream falls into place.

Zero Reforms – Dream about Biden’s Presidency
The dream that I got about Biden’s Presidency is that … Biden will make zero reforms … to stand up to the Establishment or to dismantle any of their exploitation systems or to do anything great for the people … Biden will make zero change.

I am in the game of “making Kings” … one of my roles is the making of Kings. These Kings are shown as “Lions” in my dreams. For example … previously I was shown a beautiful golden and radiant Lioness … who would be protecting me and working on the issues in the world that I would show. This Lioness was the SM Network and a key player in the SM Network is Michelle Obama. Its been 15 years in the game … and if you see … the lovely Michelle Obama is still with me … protecting me and my work.

So, Trump is losing lawsuits? Let's show him the issues that he faces and how he should continue the fight.

Issue01. Dealing with "Classic Politics"
You are typically dealing with classic politics ... this entire top Democrat team of ... Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and team ... its an entire team of routine classic politicians. Expect them to pull off every gimmick from the book.

This means ... expect convictions. You should understand that we are dealing with "greedy bookish politicians". If there is a gimmick using which they can eliminate the opposition and retain the Presidency with them ... don't expect them to be nice. They will pull off every gimmick possible to hold on to power to continue their loot by the trillions. Losing the Presidency means, losing trillions of loot.

These guys are so desperate for money and power that they are sitting there and creating one genocide after another ... they are channelizing hundreds of billions to continue the genocide. If they don't care about a million innocent people dying under their watch, what makes you think that they will care about one guy from the opposition? 

Greedy career politicians like Pelosi and Schumer will enable convictions for you at the tap of the finger. It has already been preplanned ... expect convictions.

The Barack n Biden leadership has been a complete screw-up and a total disaster for America and the world. We have freakin morons in the White House who are on a looting spree at every turn and creating genocide in several parts of the world. However, it is simply immoral and irresponsible to simply sit back and watch this disastrous leadership. Its time to take the lead … its time for Trump to screw the Barack n Biden shit show leadership and start leading America right away.

A few things to understand
Before we move into the details of the subject … there are some basic things that Trump needs to understand. Firstly, everyone understands that you are behind some of these ongoing disasters under the Biden Presidency … especially in the wars and the border crisis. Continuing these wars may actually backfire on you as well. Biden is already tanking because he failed to lead … he failed to correct … he failed to maintain peace … and he turned out to be a war profiteer.

Its an established fact that Barack n Biden are total failures. But since you also have a hand in the making of these disasters, it may backfire on you as well. For example, if in the last moment Democrats decide to replace Biden with Kamala Harris … then Biden walks away with all of his disasters … Harris steps in with a clean slate while you stand there as the creator of the disasters. The votes might move towards Kamala Harris.

Look at the media ... just a day ago ... "Supreme Court and Trump" were making headlines ... everyone was following what is going to happen to Trump via the Supreme Court. Democrats expected a decision against Trump ... they provided fullscale publicity to the case ... and the moment, they realized that ... ow owww ... things are moving in Trump's favor and Biden is getting reports against him, they immediately changed the topic. Lol.

Why is the Supreme Court not in the headlines now ... why is no one following the developments step by step now? Lol.

This is what Barack n Biden should keep in mind. Trump was not eliminated from politics ... he was simply given a "break" from the White House ... just to see if Barack n Biden can be any better. I strongly supported Trump's role in the Republican Party as he had a massive positive impact on the policies of the party. I did not support complete removal of Trump from politics like Hillary was removed.

Barack Obum-ma is a deliberate moron
Barack is expecting a second term for Biden just like he got a second term. This is another major miscalculation from Barack Obum-ma. He thinks that he was a great President, that's why he got a second term. He thinks what he is doing with Biden is also great and thus, he will get another term. Barack is nothing but a bum ... a total moron ... who stood there deaf, dumb and blind when he was invited to operate intelligently.

Just so that you know ... Mr. Barack ... you were a total bum who couldn't do in 8 years what Trump did in one hour. When a second chance was given to you ... you continued to remain a total bum. The only record that you have created is in being a total bum.