So, Trump is losing lawsuits? Let's show him the issues that he faces and how he should continue the fight.

Issue01. Dealing with "Classic Politics"
You are typically dealing with classic politics ... this entire top Democrat team of ... Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and team ... its an entire team of routine classic politicians. Expect them to pull off every gimmick from the book.

This means ... expect convictions. You should understand that we are dealing with "greedy bookish politicians". If there is a gimmick using which they can eliminate the opposition and retain the Presidency with them ... don't expect them to be nice. They will pull off every gimmick possible to hold on to power to continue their loot by the trillions. Losing the Presidency means, losing trillions of loot.

These guys are so desperate for money and power that they are sitting there and creating one genocide after another ... they are channelizing hundreds of billions to continue the genocide. If they don't care about a million innocent people dying under their watch, what makes you think that they will care about one guy from the opposition? 

Greedy career politicians like Pelosi and Schumer will enable convictions for you at the tap of the finger. It has already been preplanned ... expect convictions.

The Barack n Biden leadership has been a complete screw-up and a total disaster for America and the world. We have freakin morons in the White House who are on a looting spree at every turn and creating genocide in several parts of the world. However, it is simply immoral and irresponsible to simply sit back and watch this disastrous leadership. Its time to take the lead … its time for Trump to screw the Barack n Biden shit show leadership and start leading America right away.

A few things to understand
Before we move into the details of the subject … there are some basic things that Trump needs to understand. Firstly, everyone understands that you are behind some of these ongoing disasters under the Biden Presidency … especially in the wars and the border crisis. Continuing these wars may actually backfire on you as well. Biden is already tanking because he failed to lead … he failed to correct … he failed to maintain peace … and he turned out to be a war profiteer.

Its an established fact that Barack n Biden are total failures. But since you also have a hand in the making of these disasters, it may backfire on you as well. For example, if in the last moment Democrats decide to replace Biden with Kamala Harris … then Biden walks away with all of his disasters … Harris steps in with a clean slate while you stand there as the creator of the disasters. The votes might move towards Kamala Harris.

Look at the media ... just a day ago ... "Supreme Court and Trump" were making headlines ... everyone was following what is going to happen to Trump via the Supreme Court. Democrats expected a decision against Trump ... they provided fullscale publicity to the case ... and the moment, they realized that ... ow owww ... things are moving in Trump's favor and Biden is getting reports against him, they immediately changed the topic. Lol.

Why is the Supreme Court not in the headlines now ... why is no one following the developments step by step now? Lol.

This is what Barack n Biden should keep in mind. Trump was not eliminated from politics ... he was simply given a "break" from the White House ... just to see if Barack n Biden can be any better. I strongly supported Trump's role in the Republican Party as he had a massive positive impact on the policies of the party. I did not support complete removal of Trump from politics like Hillary was removed.

Barack Obum-ma is a deliberate moron
Barack is expecting a second term for Biden just like he got a second term. This is another major miscalculation from Barack Obum-ma. He thinks that he was a great President, that's why he got a second term. He thinks what he is doing with Biden is also great and thus, he will get another term. Barack is nothing but a bum ... a total moron ... who stood there deaf, dumb and blind when he was invited to operate intelligently.

Just so that you know ... Mr. Barack ... you were a total bum who couldn't do in 8 years what Trump did in one hour. When a second chance was given to you ... you continued to remain a total bum. The only record that you have created is in being a total bum.

By all means, protect Trump and kick Barack n Biden out of power. This is the right thing to do for America and the world.

Its dawning onto Barack n Biden that they might not be able to eliminate Trump from the Presidential race via legal gimmicks ... they are realizing that they can actually lose to Trump. Now, they are freaking out.

The Obama Team – A team of liars, frauds and thieves
Till date, everything was falling as per their plan. Trump was demonized and ridiculed ... they used it to get the Presidency by making a ton of promises for coordination with us, support and change in America. The moment they got power, they went on a looting spree ... it has been a non-stop looting spree since 3 years ... loot by the trillions at every turn. And now, they thought that they will simply take down Trump via convictions ... and they will smoothly get another 4 years ... another 4 years of power and non-stop loot.

What they failed to realize is that ... SM runs America. Apart from the ruling political party ... there is a parallel force that runs America ... that not only controls who wins and who loses in elections ... but who also works within both parties, intelligence, judiciary, corporations, in almost every sphere in almost every city at every level in America. They greatly under-estimated the power of SM.

Stall, delay and postpone
Trump should not fear losing at any step in the legal process. Your main strategy in the legal field should be ... "stall, delay and postpone" ... use it for every single lawsuit against you. Use every procedure and every court possible to stall, delay and postpone every single lawsuit.

Appeal every decision at every court possible ... don't rush to go to the Supreme Court. If things get decided at the Supreme Court then you have no further courts to approach to. Play with as many intermediary courts as possible. Play with the city courts, the High Courts, the Appeals courts ... play around as much as possible before you go to the Supreme Court. Your key strategy should be to kill time.

Kill time, kill time
Kill as much time as possible with as many legal processes as possible in as many courts as possible. These are the outcomes that you will be dealing with:

  • You will win the case. This is the good option.
  • A decision will be made that is not in your favor. In this scenario, take it to as many courts as possible and play it slow ... winning the case should not be the priority, killing time should be the priority. Don't ask for a decision until and unless you are sure that it will be in your favor.
  • In order to avoid decisions being made against you ... stall such cases ... slow them down with every time killing gimmick possible.

Lol. Its interesting how Barack is turning out to be when actual facts are put together about him.  Its an interesting image that you would never expect Barack Obama to hold. What we basically did was ... we created a phenomenal program for a new era for America and the world ... and chose leaders that would be most suitable to lead the world ... to lead this change ... to bring about several revolutions in several aspects of life and change life for billions of people ... right from Americas to Europe to Asia and Africa.

The dashing, handsome, charismatic and the great orator ... Barack Obama ... was the key candidate chosen to lead this role from the Democrat party in this project. Look at what our program was and look what our wonderful dashing Barack Obama does.

The dashing Barack Obama ... instead of working on a revolutionary program ... he chooses to remain a puppet and a total slave to the Democrat party. He goes on a looting spree by the trillions at every turn ... unleashes several disastrous mass spending policies creating the highest inflation and cost of living than ever before ... piles up trillions of additional debt ... and if that was not enough ... he also launches non-stop genocidal wars and tries to spend hundreds of billions of taxpayer money on these catastrophes.

Instead of stopping these disasters when pointed out ... the only thing our dashing, handsome, charismatic, great orator hero does is ... put his head in the sand like an Ostrich and pretend that there is nothing wrong going on in the world. Our wonderful hero ... replaced our program of revolutionary change and a new era ... by a program of lies, fraud, theft, loot and genocide. Being a total shameless moron is what our dashing hero, Barack Obama, apparently excels in.

Firstly … A very Happy Birthday to my lovely Guardian Angel, Michelle Obama. May God bless you with good health and a long life ... may He increase you in goodness, righteousness and conscience so that you continue the fight for what is right. And may God bless your hubby, Barack, with at least one percent of the goodness, righteousness and conscience that is in you so that he can be a better man than he is today. : )

Coming to the topic of the page … Michelle dear … you must have noticed that … we have increased the “verbal pressure” in addressing the issues that come from Barack and his team. As we mentioned before … its needed … when we talk nice … sometimes nice doesn’t work … nice goes bouncers over their heads. Sometimes these thick skinned assholes need a tweak in the communication style … and that’s when their brain goes “tring! Tring!” … bells start ringing in their brains and they understand what is being told.

All about people, facts and logic
As you know … our work is all about people, facts and logic … there are no exceptions … everyone is evaluated from the perspective of the people, facts and logic. You never asked me for anything but that I continue to maintain Barack Obama in Presidential leadership and that’s what I am doing.

Changing Obama
This verbal pressure is designed to make Barack realize the ongoing shithole Presidency of Biden … the shithole policies and the shithole results of these policies for the people. There are two things that will happen as a result of this process … that is … Obama will change to become a great leader and become the Founding Father of a Modern America … or Obama will be put on the sidelines for a while until he decides to do what is right to become great. Both of these outcomes are good for Barack Obama and they are good for America. Either Barack will change to become great or he will be set aside until he decides to become great.

An overview for Michelle
I think we need to write a page to help Michelle understand what is going on. Let’s start with something nice first. See, my dear lady … its not that I am personally against Barack or Biden. I have nothing personally against them … but I am not alone in selecting the leaders of our country. There is an entire SM Network that gets involved in the process and everyone works based on “facts and logic”. Everyone uses facts and logic to select the best leaders for the country.

For example, you yourself … all SM Groups love you … without any reservations you have unanimous SM support. And that’s because, as per the facts … you have been holding the pillar of security for our work since 4 Presidential terms. Your support has been rock solid doesn’t matter if the President was Democrat or Republican … and doesn’t matter if we showed the issues with Barack, Trump or Biden. You have always secured our work and everyone loves you for that.

SM responds
You have been completely selfless in supporting us but SM is not a one way traffic. The moment they see that a leader is supporting and protecting our work … that leader is immediately showered with lots of love, support, protection and popularity … success is enabled for all the good things that you want to do. SM has responded to your support accordingly.

If you note among all living First Ladies of the United States … that is … Laura Bush, yourself, Melania Trump and Jill Biden … you hold more popularity that all of the others combined. Two First Ladies have come after you but you are still loved and supported much more than the previous and the next First Ladies that have come after you.

Barack Obama is also loved and supported … but he doesn’t realize that it is because … he is the handbag that you carry along with you at key events. Since they love you, they also love what’s connected with you.