Some SM Groups are worrying about my security if Trump gets re-elected?
Here are a few things that you guys need to know about Trump and Obama.

One. Chose security over policies
The strategy that I proposed to the SM Network during 2020 elections was that … maintain Trump in the White House … he is doing an excellent job. He might not be taking America forward but he is holding the fort very well. Democrats are a total disaster in terms of policies … Biden is a greedy asshole and it was like hitting your head against the wall to get freaking Obama to make any change at all. Obama was a deaf, dumb and blind President who wouldn’t change shit … and Biden is a greedy asshole with disastrous policies … helping these guys take over the Presidency is nothing but enabling disasters for America and the world.

Trump was dodging all disastrous policies … he was stopping all new wars … he should have been maintained in the lead … while Obama should first “prove himself” that he is not a deaf, dumb and blind moron … that he could change … that he could actually support and fight for the right policies. Fail Biden so that they abandon these crazy mass spending policies and climate change crap … so that, Democrats can work in the opposition party with the right policies while Trump will filter them out and support their right moves.

Well, let's just say ... desperate times require desperate measures. Lol.

Firstly, trust me ... I myself didn't expect this guy to be so much hard wired into following his party. I had no idea that he was simply using me to get the Presidency. I was putting the complete strategy forward of how America had to be taken forward under Biden, Obama and Trump. But Obama simply using me to go on a looting spree with his buddy Biden and giving America the finger ... this was the last thing that I expected from Mr. Long Moral Science Speeches ... Barack Obama.

Trusted Barack Obama
Secondly, as per my calculations ... okay we gave them the power, they know the issues and they know that they have to get in touch with me. So, I didn't care to push them much to work with me. Also because I was totally fed up of asking Trump to work with me again and again ... instead of working with me, the guy was turning against me. I didn't want the same thing with Barack n Biden. I gave them all the time they needed to get in touch with me.

President Trump ... we love you ... we are with you a 100% ... and we will support you in every way possible. Here are a few things that you should know.

One. Drop the negative activities
If you want us to increase the level of protection for you in these lawsuits then the first thing that you have to do is ... drop your negative activities. That is ... all activities where you are involved in creating disasters under the Biden Presidency. This includes both wars ... Ukraine and Gaza ... and also the hiked border crisis.

Why do you have to do this? Its mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, we have to activate SM support in your favor ... SM will not protect someone who kills innocent people. The more SM groups we activate in your favor, the more security will be stronger.

Secondly, because how these lawsuits operate is that ... you are technically not being convicted for the stated charges. What these guys do is ... they will use intelligence services to track and record your involvement in the wars and border crisis ... and they will show that evidence to the judges and to the key people involved in the legal process. They will push these key people to sentence you for your activities against innocent people and the said charges are only a pretext for the same.

Why do you think Barack ODonkeyBama’s activities are filled with indirect signals and sexual garbage? Because he has absolutely no intention of doing anything … he is in it only for the money. Follow the party like a donkey and continue the loot.

Calling Ellen – Check what she is doing in her bedroom first
Let me show you how ridiculous this guy’s sexual garbage is. For example … ODonkeyBama has to call Ellen DeGeneres. She is a close friend and they often talk to each other on the phone. So now … before making the call does DonkeyKong check what Ellen is doing in her bedroom? Does DonkeyKong spy in Ellen’s bedroom and computer?

Ow, ow … Ellen is a lesbian … she is playing with her girlfriend’s pussy … let’s wait for some time and let her finish. Owww, its been an hour … she can’t get her hands off her girlfriend’s pussy … damn. Should I call today or should I call tomorrow? Maybe I should call tomorrow.

And then tomorrow … let’s wait for Ellen to calm down … snap out of it and sober up a little bit. She can’t talk to President DonkeyKong while she has her head in her girlfriend’s pussy, can she? Let’s give her a couple of days.

And then the third day … ooops, Ellen is back to playing with her partner’s pussy again. So, should President DonkeyKong call Ellen or she has too much of pussy going on in her life? Lol.

How President DonkeyKong operates
Some guys are asking me … “why are you against Barack Obama? He is going to contact you and work with you.” Ow, is that what you think? Now, let me explain how President DonkeyKong operates.

Maintain power to mint money
This is Barack ODonkeyBama’s political mantra … this is his objective … his goal … and his very purpose of being in politics. In fact, this is how most career and textbook politicians operate. They are in politics for the money … that’s all that they care about. Screw the people … screw the Nation … screw the reforms … screw solving any crisis. The only thing that ODonkeyBama cares about is money … remain in power for the money.

If you leave his speeches aside … and see all of his real time actions and policies … then is what ODonkeyBama does.

Why indirect signals?
Let me explain with examples … it will help. How did you get this information that … “Barack wants to work with me and that he will contact me?” You got it via indirect signals, isn’t it? I have seen these signals hundreds of times. I haven’t got a single phone call … not a single email … not a single message on Whatsapp or on Skype or whatever. There is absolutely no actual movement in real time. He plays only via indirect signals. Why?

OBumBama's sexual garbage
Now, watch Obama sit there making excuses ... not doing anything ... allowing genocides to continue and trillions to pile up. Sexual garbage is the excuse that he is using to remain incompetent and do nothing.

Lol. He is not doing this since now or since one month or since one year ... he has been playing this gimmick since more than 7 years now. Yes, Barack Obama turned out to be a shitty liar and a fraud ... a typical Washington politician, I must say.

Get rid of the Donkey Team from the White House
The first thing that we have to do is ... get rid of the Donkey Team from the White House. Barack n Biden need to pack up their bags full of sexual garbage and need to get out of the White House. We have no place for donkeys in Presidential leadership.

Michelle, Putin and Trump will lead the world for life
No, this is not about choosing Trump ... Michelle, Putin and Trump have already been chosen to lead the world for life. All of these 3 candidates have proven themselves again and again to use commonsense ... follow facts and logic ... and do what is right. These 3 candidates are chosen to lead the world for life.

I know, I know … most SM Groups are furious with Barack Obama … the guy turned out to be nothing but a donkey tied to a pole who can’t do shit for his country. You guys are furious because we save trillions for the country and save billions of lives … he ignores working on this project and uses some sexual garbage to avoid working with us … and then goes on a looting spree.

Barack’s victory formula to remain incompetent … “sexual garbage”
This is actually the idiot’s victory formula … that’s what he thinks … that’s how he probably justified his buddies as to why he is not working with us … “sexual garbage”. He uses us to get victory in elections and then uses sexual garbage to avoid working on anything … because working with us requires to fight for change … stand up to the Establishment … fight for the people … why do all of that, when you can simply use some sexual garbage and go on a looting spree? This is how this donkey, Barack Obama, has been operating since the past 15 years.

The donkey is married to Michelle
“Not only he screwed up his Presidency … he screwed up Trump’s Presidency … and then he also screwed up Biden’s Presidency. The idiot is a record breaking screw up.” I understand these emotions … yes, Barack is a freaking donkey … we all have seen, we know and we understand that. But before you guys take any drastic step towards Mr. Spectacular … you should understand that he is not another Romney or Hillary. The donkey is married to Michelle and she is already a part of the work … she manages a key part of the work. We can never ever take any step against Barack that may also impact Michelle … never ever.

Wow, Barack is turning out to be quite amusing with his creativity of pressurizing me to write nice about him.

  • Road Accidents. He started threatening me with road accidents.
  • Marketing Clients. Then he started to threaten me by taking away my marketing clients.
  • Physical Abuse. He is threatening me with physical abuse by tweaking food products.
  • High Voltage. They play around with electric voltage in my area. They increase it to high voltage to abuse me using electricity. High voltage causes muscle pain and dry skin. This is an old gimmick that was used during the Obama Presidency as well.
  • Family Conflicts. Then he is threatening me with family fights and conflicts.
  • Trump. A newest one is that ... "Trump will put you in jail, Trump will shoot you in the head."

Obama is getting more creative than the Establishment in trying to use pressure points against me. He is trying to keep me busy with abuse and chaos.

The only thing that this incompetent bum wants me to do is ... blow his horn, write nice stuff about him ... so that SM maintains him in power and he continues the loot ... continues the wars and genocide ... and continues to benefit from the mass spending on these crises. The bum has no intention of changing anything at all ... all he cares about is remaining in power to continue the loot.