Trump was a good looking guy when he was young. Given the fact that he is approaching 80, he isn't doing that bad as well. He isn't technically a "bad person", I would say.

By the way, Ron DeSantis and Casey DeSantis would make an excellent Presidential couple. She is from the news business and he is a politician ... both of them are extremely well spoken. I think this is the couple that would match Obamas in their conduct and communication. Obamas were lawyers from Harvard ... apart from having a good education and they are super good people. Just like Obamas, DeSantis' seem to be quite good. The DeSantis couple has a chance of touching the Obama level.

America under two extremes
America has seen two extremes under Trump and Biden. Trump was like a volcano ... super dynamic and super energetic ... Biden is like a canyon where you stand at the top and wonder what the hell is going on down there. When Trump started speaking, we used to pray that he wouldn't blow up the world. When Biden started speaking, we would pray that he would come down from the stage without tumbling down. Lol.

After these two extreme Presidencies ... just imagine the dashing DeSantis' taking the White House. Everyone would be like ... ahh thank God, the world is not going to blow up and the guy can finally speak a sentence without looking at the teleprompter and come off the stage all by himself. Lol.

Trump and Biden don't worry me that much. But when Trump and Biden are turning out to be vultures ... Obama is being partly blamed for this inactive and stagnant leadership. I think Obama wants me to work via his foundation. Mr. Barack ... do you understand that this is a "hit two birds with one stone" strategy for the Establishment?

Whoever is putting this in your head ... that my work should be a part of your Foundation ... he is pulling you in a trap. Let's assume, I agree to move my work under the Obama Foundation. After a while, once the work moves into the limelight ... the Establishment will cry "Barack Obama sponsors an anti-Semite!! Barack Obama sponsors a holocaust denier!! The Obama Foundation supports anti-Semites and holocaust deniers!!!"

Tell me, what will you do when they will put this in the headlines across all newspapers in America? With one stone, they will target two birds. They will screw the Obama Foundation and my work simultaneously. You will turn away from me ... they will spoil our coordination, security shells and team work.

Bidenomics Vs MAGAnomics? Really?
Mr. Biden ... there is nothing like MAGAnomics ... Trump himself didn't use this term. It is your content writers that are pulling such terms out of their asses. Want me to tell you something interesting that I told Trump in his first year?

Republicans wanted to abolish ObamaCare and Trump wanted his own version of a healthcare system. I told him don't call it "Trumpcare" ... in fact, think 10 times before you give your name to anything. Don't give your name until and unless it is created by you and you are certain that it will result in good and positive things for the people. Its only then that you give your name to something.

For example, ObamaCare ... it is nothing but a rip off from RomneyCare. Obama copy pasted a healthcare system from a corporate leech ... modified it ... created the most expensive healthcare system possible and gave it his name. Now, Obama struggles to save ObamaCare ... why? It has his name attached to it. Lol ... its not because its a great healthcare system where several things come totally free. Its a pretty darn expensive system and it has nothing much great attached to it. However, Obama struggles and struggles and struggles to save ObamaCare ... just for the name.

Well the good news for Republicans is that even Joe Biden is on track to create an additional debt of about $8 Trillion in a single term. There are two points to be noted in this.

Firstly, Ron DeSantis says "boost oil and gas energy production at home to reduce inflation ... because energy costs add to the inflation". So yes, it might help in a little bit of inflation reduction ... but then again, during Trump, America was the largest oil & gas producer in the world ... even then we got a debt of $8 Trillion under Trump in a single term. "Oil and gas energy production" at home doesn't actually solve the debt crisis ... the debt crisis is not connected to only oil and gas.

Secondly, Biden keeps on saying that "Trump created a debt of $8 Trillion! Trump created a debt of $8 Trillion!" ... but hello Mr. Biden, even you are on track to create the same amount of debt in the same duration of time. So, how are you any better than Trump? You capitalized on all of the ongoing anti-Trumpism ... the ridicule and demonization ... and took the White House from Trump. People gave you the Presidency thinking that any donkey would be better than Trump. But interestingly, you are turning out to be the same disaster that Trump was when it comes to the debt crisis ... that's with your current spending policies. If you come up with more spending, you will create a bigger debt hole than Trump. So, what was the point of giving you the White House when you are no better than Trump?

Protests and mass condemnation under Bush and Trump
Do you know the key difference between Bush and Trump on one side and Obama and Biden on the other side? Bush and Trump were essentially seen as "bad players" ... Bush because of his wars and Trump because of his Pornstar scandals. When bad leaders try to do something wrong ... then the entire country bursts open against them ... there is mass condemnation and protests and calls for impeachment. The entire country keeps an eye on them and the entire country tries to stop the wrong that they come up with. Because by nature ... people already think that they are bad ... they already expect bad from them ... thus the people jump to do what is right by stopping them and by condemning them.

We saw this during the Bush Presidency when millions of Americans poured onto the streets. We saw this with a massive anti-Trump propaganda from almost every news channel in America during the Trump Presidency.

No protests and no mass condemnation under Obama and Biden
But if you look at the Presidency under "good players" like Obama and Biden ... the response of the people is totally different. Its not that Obama and Biden were any better than Bush and Trump respectively. Obama bombed several more countries than Bush ... Biden blew up trillions more than Trump and started new wars that Trump never did. Obama's Presidential performance was worse than Bush and Biden's Presidential performance is worse than Trump.

DeSantis' team is saying that ... it is good enough to be a strong second. Which means that even he is banking on Trump falling due to convictions ahead. That's interesting ... Kamala Harris is banking on Biden kicking the bucket ... Biden is banking on Trump falling ... Trump is banking on Biden failing ... and Ron DeSantis is banking on Trump falling.

Its amusing to see that ... the top political leaders in America bank on the other candidate being failed in one way or the other. Its not that they have something great to offer ... its not that they can provide great leadership ... but their strategy is ... "Okay, so you screwed up ... now, its my turn". Lol.

America getting one failed President after another
The current President is a failure … the next guy being brought into the game is only waiting for the current guy to fall so that he can take his place. Its not that the next guy knows what to do … or that he is a better leader … or that he can solve America’s crises. America is getting leaders who just enjoy and wait for the current guy to fail. Because of this failure to understand … the failure to have any solutions … the failure to solve any crisis … America is getting one failed President after another.

First Trump failed … then Biden failed … and there is no guarantee that the guy next guy will be any different because none among the top American leadership know what has to be done and how things have to be resolved.

Kristi Noem is a good pick for VP. Trump is quite good in hiring ... Kristi Noem or whoever, Trump will make a good pick. Its not that Kamala Harris is bad ... the only thing is that ... she has one of the most challenging jobs in the world ... "not to outshine President Biden". Lol. In order to play her role ... keep a low profile ... so that Uncle Biden remains in the limelight ... poor Kamala Harris has to either shut-up or play totally dumb. Thus, the Biden Presidency is essentially without a VP ... the VP is nowhere to be found ... and if she is found somewhere, she tries to be as stupid as possible. Lol.

How can you blame her ... she is trying to play her assigned role as best as she can. Her role is quite challenging ... if you look at it from her angle ... she has no other choice. She quit her post as Senator to become VP. If she quits being VP then what is she going to do? Look at what happened to Mike Pence ... the guy was a Governor ... and now, he has nothing to do.

The choices that Kamala Harris has is that ... either play stupid and dumb and continue to be VP ... or wait for the golden ticket to the Presidency if Uncle Biden kicks the bucket. I bet she must be on her knees every night praying ... "God please, God please ... I am just one soul away from being the most powerful man/woman on the planet. I can't play stupid anymore ... God please do something."


I am listening Musky ... I am listening. I have been listening to their tweets and signals since more than 6 years now. Till date, they haven't done anything but "signal". If they were genuinely interested in working with me ... if they were genuinely interested in solving America's crises ... then would have got in touch with me directly. They wouldn't sit there doing signals.

I am not the one who is not listening ... they are the one who are not listening. They sit there and do fake signals ... but the Presidency that is given to them ... it is real. And in real time, SM will take away the Presidency from them.

Biden thinks that he is putting Trump in trouble ... but he doesn't realize that he is more in trouble than Trump. Despite Trump issues, Pro-Trump groups see Trump as 10 times better than Biden.

Giving the Presidency to Biden was a mistake
Do you know what they are saying now? They are saying that ... "we made a mistake by trusting the leadership to Biden. We should have followed your advice of maintaining Trump as President as he was running a clean Presidency and he was filtering out all disastrous policies that Democrats were coming up with. Trump should have been maintained as President and Democrats should have been maintained in the opposition."

Yes, owing to Biden’s failures the momentum is towards a Republican President. But its not that the Republican candidates are ready to hit the ground running. In fact, each of these candidates … Trump, Biden and Ron DeSantis have a list of reasons that hold them back from the Presidency. None of them are crystal cut to lead America in this period of several simultaneous crises.

Issues with Trump – Establishment Monopoly
Heh … several SM Groups are freaking out and terrified at the thought of Trump becoming President again. Here’s the list of issues that hold Trump back from the Presidency.

  • Trump’s Presidency was mostly about blowing his horn, looting trillions and using the loot to save his ass. This is the Trump Presidency in a nutshell.
  • Trump liked to win thus he didn’t allow any disastrous policies to be implemented during his Presidency like blowing up trillions in the name of climate change … but at the same time, Trump didn’t address any of the existing crises that America faced thus we got an additional debt of $8 Trillion in a single term under Trump.
  • America’s major problem is the Establishment Monopoly and the resultant multiple crises that it creates and Trump took no initiative against the monopoly or the crises that America faces … which means that … a second term for Trump means more blowing horn, more looting trillions and more saving one person’s ass.
  • Trump ran a very clean Presidency but he is a horrible loser who sat there financing the multiplication of the pandemic, the border crises and the Ukraine war to dismantle the Biden Presidency.

To sum up Trump’s Presidential leadership … he will either work for himself when President or he will sit and destroy his opponent when he is not President … both ways, he will not work on the actual crises that the people face. Trump is always focused on one person … its himself or his opponent. Trump’s slogan is Make America Great Again … but he never made America great … he left America to rot in all of its crises. Trump’s actual slogan is … Make Myself Great Again … there is no care for America or the American people at all.

No idea why Biden thinks that he can get re-elected with his current policies and performance. The biggest blunder that Biden is making right now is that ... he thinks that convictions will help him defeat Trump and get re-elected.

Biden doesn't realize that if he wants to remain in the White House then it is all about the "right leadership" to solve America's crises. If you don't do this then no one sees a reason to support your Presidency or re-election. It doesn't matter about the other guy ... the key thing is that ... you yourself have failed in leading America.

A failed President is trying to fail others
When you are trying to fail other candidates via convictions ... what SM sees is that ... you are pulling down others to continue with your failed leadership. If you were a successful leader ... if you were working on addressing all key issues that America faces ... then knocking down others is not a problem. In fact, you would get support in eliminating others. But that is not the case ... your own leadership is a total failure ... and by failing others ... you are trying to continue on a failed leadership.

So, technically ... its a huge question mark ... whether you will actually be successful in holding back Trump or any Republican candidate via convictions or via the general election. Because on this track under your leadership ... America's crises do not get solved ... America will continue to sink in trillions of debt every year ... your leadership doesn't help America in any way and it is only making things worse for America.

Uncle Biden ... before you focus on knocking out others ... you need to focus on your own leadership first.

Biden fears being perceived as ‘stupid’ – biographer 

So, Uncle Biden fears going down in history as "stupid"? Well, Uncle Biden ... I have good news for you and bad news for you. The good news is that ... no, you will not go down in history as stupid, like George Bush did. And the bad news is that ... you are popularly known as "Greedy Grandpa" among a large network of SM Groups.

They don't see your policies and actions as stupid ... but they see it as simply greedy. I think that you fear going down in history as stupid because you have launched several multi-trillion dollar policies owing to your greed and then in order to praise yourself in front of the public, you show that these multi-trillion dollar policies are a success. I would say that ... this is your "guilt" Uncle Biden.

You are feeling guilty that you are praising your disasters as American success. Its a good thing ... feeling guilty when you do something wrong is a good thing. It shows that there is some conscience living in some corner of your heart ... its knocking on your head trying to help you realize the wrong that you have done. Keep going to Church, Uncle Biden ... keep going to Church. It will help you keep this conscience alive inside you.

I don't know whether you will change or not ... I don't know whether you will follow your conscience or not ... but its nice to know that you have a tiny flicker of light inside you that's trying to guide you. The leaders who follow this light go down in history as "great" ... not as stupid.

So what if Elon Musk is calling Twitter "X"?
Firstly, you should not expect others to follow all of your advice. A good friend is the one who tells you where you are making a mistake. I am not among those who suck up to you and blow your horn while you are making mistakes. Trump always expected me to blow his horn and every time he expected this I told him that I am not of this category. We advice but it is not necessary that everyone follows every advice. There are several factors involved in decision making ... we don't know which factor is pushing them to make their choices.

Secondly, he owns Twitter ... he has the right to call it whatever he wants. I think he likes the letter X ... because he is a rocket scientist and he wants to sound sophisticated ... a little bit complicated and out of the ordinary. Maybe that's why he likes the letter X. Thirdly, we gave him the information on X being related to sex after he had already made the transition. He had already bought and named Twitter X. The input given was quite late.

X is the short form for Sex
Fundamentally speaking ... yes, Elon Musk might like the letter X for whatever reason ... but in the public domain ... in the entertainment industry ... X is the shortform for Sex. That's why XX is used for nudes and XXX is used for porn.