Trump and Biden don't worry me that much. But when Trump and Biden are turning out to be vultures ... Obama is being partly blamed for this inactive and stagnant leadership. I think Obama wants me to work via his foundation. Mr. Barack ... do you understand that this is a "hit two birds with one stone" strategy for the Establishment?

Whoever is putting this in your head ... that my work should be a part of your Foundation ... he is pulling you in a trap. Let's assume, I agree to move my work under the Obama Foundation. After a while, once the work moves into the limelight ... the Establishment will cry "Barack Obama sponsors an anti-Semite!! Barack Obama sponsors a holocaust denier!! The Obama Foundation supports anti-Semites and holocaust deniers!!!"

Tell me, what will you do when they will put this in the headlines across all newspapers in America? With one stone, they will target two birds. They will screw the Obama Foundation and my work simultaneously. You will turn away from me ... they will spoil our coordination, security shells and team work.

You have to prepare for all moves that the other guys can take. If you don't prepare well ... then you can get screwed ... they will give you a surprise that you have not prepared for. That's why, I have been telling you since the past 7 years not to try to make this work a part of your Foundation.

Don't let greed guide you ... don't let the money that flows in this work play with your mind. Because the people who we target ... they can destroy your existence in America. Look what's going on with Elon Musk ... he didn't even say anything against Jews ... he is already an anti-Semite and there is a 60% drop in their revenue. The Establishment is trying to control Elon Musk and dictate their terms of operation on US soil. This is how they play with monopoly.

That's why, I work from abroad. As long as their monopoly exists, we cannot take such a chance. Maybe we can do something together once the monopoly is dismantled ... but in the initial phase ... hell no. We cannot take such a chance.

I worry about Obama because of Michelle. Guys like Trump and Biden will come and go ... but we cannot lose Michelle. She is a proven and solid security pillar for our work. If Obama gets targeted in any way then we have to see how it impacts Michelle. Obama is already being blamed for Trump's and Biden's incompetence. Helping Obama remain in top Presidential leadership is itself a task. There is a huge movement against Obama being anywhere even near the President ... as all blame is put on him for their incompetence.

In such a situation, if Obama tries to make this work a part of the Obama Foundation ... then the Establishment will totally kill it. They will destroy the Obama Foundation's reputation and our teamwork with one shot.

This work is complicated … several factors have to be evaluated in every step of the way. Its not something that can be done via one foundation in America. The last person that has to be directly connected to it is yourself. That’s why I keep saying … just pull strings. You will be present and you will not be present at the same time. You will be connected and you will not be connected with us at the same time. We are playing with the Devil … our least performance should be better than the best that the Devil can come up with.