Heh ... Trump indictments are actually giving him a boost in popularity ... thus Fox News is covering Trump's indictments with fullscale headlines and full coverage in all of its segments. Lol.

Otherwise, in the previous Trump indictments ... Fox News was watching the birds fly in the sky as if nothing was happening down here ... or it was busy covering how bad the Bidens are. But now, they are like ... "Yay! Our guy got indicted! Our guy got indicted again!! Yay, yay, yay!"

Snail speed court cases
Make hay while the sun shines. The good thing about these indictments and court cases is that ... they are incredibly slow ... they are operating at snail speed. What kind of a judge gives a court hearing date after one full year? Its like ... "Ow, so you committed a crime? No problem, chill for an entire year and see me in court then ... and then, we will decide about the next hearing."

Trump indictments, a political show?
So, there is actually a chance that Trump can dodge the bullet and not get convicted. Democrats have been pathetically slow on this front and its actually helping Republicans and Trump. All of this can eventually be a political show that Democrats are creating ... which Trump can flush down the toilet the moment he becomes President. This political show is actually helping Trump ... boosting his publicity ... bringing him in the headlines again ... giving him a platform to blow his horn and rally people behind him. That's the truth about this scenario.

Ukraine should not be messing with Russia. It shouldn't make the mistake of attacking Russian soil. This slow, stagnant and ineffective war pace is only because it is designed and moves forward based on Trump's funding. If Russia comes into action with its actual force then Ukraine won't exist on the planet.

Ukraine is very lucky that Putin has planned to scale down the operation and stick to a few territories in the East of Ukraine.

Watch Establishment malice in the war
Firstly, these attacks on Russian soil, Crimean bridge and other Russian interests is designed and carried out by Establishment elements who only want to increase this war ... and turn this whole thing into a world war. Secondly, Ukraine should not look at these random incidents of attacks on Russian soil as a green light to attack Russia or Crimea. It would be a very big mistake.

Peace negotiations are a good thing
The good thing that is happening out there is ... Trump is under enormous pressure ... it is quite likely that he will get convicted and go to jail ... and thus, Russia is scaling back this war. Russia is giving signals for a ceasefire and negotiations. This is a good thing.

Zelensky’s dream – a forever war for forever power
Zelensky should abandon his forever war strategy ... enter negotiations to end this war and return Ukraine back to normal. Destroying your country ... getting hundreds of thousands of your men and women killed ... only because you like the power that you have got because of this war ... its a horrible recipe for Ukraine and its future.

It’s Trump’s war
Well, let me break it down for you. This is fundamentally not Russia's war or Putin's war ... it is Trump's war. It will move at the pace at which Trump will sponsor it. The key purpose of this war was to create a disaster under the Biden Presidency in order to terminate his Presidency.

That's why you will see that Putin has been using the old and outdated weaponry ... soldiers deployed were inexperienced ... when Russia could take over all of Ukraine within a week, the war has lasted for more than an year.

Actual Russian capabilities are not used ... actual Russian force is not used ... Russia is not investing a single penny in the war ... all war movements are based on the funding being supplied by Trump.

Trump fears going to jail
Now, Putin is talking about peace negotiations ... because Trump has already been indicted twice ... and there are many more indictments coming for Trump. If Trump gets convicted and put in jail ... then his dreams of a failed Biden Presidency and himself getting re-elected come to an end with his conviction. Trump wanted to fail the Biden Presidency and show the world that he is the champion who stopped the war within 24 hours.

The key sponsor of the war can get locked up
If Trump gets convicted then there is no sense in sponsoring this war any further. It would be senseless for Trump to continue financing a war that will do him no good. Thus the Ukraine war will have no sponsor anymore.

Indictments are good publicity
What's the point of indicting Trump when he can simply rip up all of the indictments against him if he becomes President? The indictments are giving Trump good publicity ... something that he has been lagging since a long time. It has also given him a good lead over Ron DeSantis. Secondly, the indictments motivate Trump to become President even more ... because by becoming President, he will have all the power that he needs to rip up all of the indictments that he can.

If these guys can't convict Trump when he is not President ... do you think they will be able to convict him when he becomes President?
Some SM Groups think that ... these indictments of Trump were designed by some elements from the Democrat party to help Biden win his re-election. But till date, the indictments have only worked in Trump's favor. It is not helping Biden win his re-election ... but it definitely seems to help Trump win his re-election.

Trump was muted in the media
The Democrat Party should realize that ... Trump was kept off the media ... nobody wanted to talk about him or publicize what he says ... mainly because he is a self-obsessed person who is always busy worshipping himself. Giving Trump a platform only means giving him a platform to blow his horn.

Indictments helped Trump
Before the indictments, Trump was running head to head with Ron DeSantis ... but after the indictments, Trump has twice the lead from Ron DeSantis. Technically, the indictments helped Trump. It was already informed to the Democrat Party that ... "indictments are going to help Trump and only a conviction will stop Trump".

Its not going to be tweets but it is going to be Xs now?

Well, seems like Elon Musk is very bad in naming and branding. You can't name something X just because you like the letter X. It should not be about you liking something or not ... it should be about making sense.

Yes, you own the platform ... you can name it whatever you want ... X, Y or Z. But does XYZ make sense? The words Twitter, the bird logo and tweets made sense because it was about "talking" ... a short phrase ... just like a bird's tweet. The entire branding was about saying something short about anything ... it was about conversation.

You can do also "roar" ... but everyone doesn't roar. The word roar has a loud and aggressive theme to it. Tweet is something general, easy and routine ... a general conversation like birds ... something that the general public can connect with.

What does X mean?
Now, what does X mean? What are Xs going to mean? What's the concept behind X ... apart from the fact that you like X? Stuff that you do should make sense, Musky ... stuff should make sense.

The name, the actions, the logo ... everything should make sense ... it should relate to the activity and the purpose of the platform.

Listen to it yourself ... did you check your X? I was X-ing today. What did you X? I like your X. All he does is X. X about it. Don't remain silent, XXX.

Yes ... XX and XXX are about sex and its from the porn industry. Just Google XXX and take a look at what comes up. Lol. And you want tweeting to be X? Don't double X ... don't triple X ... simply X? Lol.

Will save Obama in one way or the other
Yeah, I will eventually save Obama as well. The first thing that we need to do is save America. Once we get our team to save America then we can create a role for Obama in the game.

There are two ways that we can maintain Obama in the game. One ... he should encourage Biden to work on change ... work on new reforms ... he should either get Biden or another candidate on the right track. This way, Obama can take credit for the right Presidential leadership in America and Obama will retain his Presidential leadership role.

The second way would be ... if we work with another candidate that is not connected with Obama ... then we can create a role for Obama within the Democrat party. But there is no guarantee that Obama will have access to Presidential leadership in this option ... as many see that Biden's failure is Obama's fault.

In the first option, Obama maintains top key leadership ... and in the second option, Obama works at the party level and not at the Presidential level. Either ways, we save Obama.

Minimalistic Leaders
We are choosing these guys and giving them the Presidency ... making them the most powerful men on the planet and putting trillions in resources in their hands ... so that we can make great leaders out of them who make phenomenal reforms for the people and create a new era for America.

But interestingly, our chosen Presidential leaders choose to be "minimalistic leaders" instead of being great leaders. Facts speak for themselves ... take a look ...

When America is concerned ...

Look at the jobs! Both Trump and Biden brag about jobs ... jobs is the best thing that they have done during their Presidency. Its not like "they have done" something ... its something that just happened during their Presidency ... but they take the liberty to brag about it.

So if you have a job in America ... you've got the best thing that's possible. So what if you are having to work on 3 jobs to make ends meet? So what if you have to rely on 3-4 credit cards just to pay the bills? Just thank God that you have a damn job in such a scenario ... coz that's the only best thing that's gonna happen for you under Trump and Biden.

Averted a nuclear war against Russia. Both Trump and Biden have successfully averted a nuclear war against Russia ... see, they are super awesome. They just saved your ass and their ass from getting nuked. You get to live and not die ... you get to live a normal life and not in a radioactive wasteland.

So what if we are sinking in trillions of debt every year? So what there will be a major economic collapse on this track of $30 plus trillions of debt? Be happy that you are alive with a job in this scenario. Coz that's the best thing that's gonna happen to you under Trump and Biden.


They are "minimalist" leaders ... the least that a person needs to survive and live ... that's the greatest accomplishment that they will ever make.

Treated me like a President?
Heh ... I call that bullshit. Its more like treated me like their pet ... the golden goose that keeps on giving. What do they do for me? Make sure that I have enough funds for my expenses and that I am safe. What do you do for your pet? Make sure that it has enough to eat and that it is safe.

It is not Presidential treatment ... it is "pet treatment". And when President Obama is in a really good mood then the best that he comes up with is ... "go get some" as well. So generous, isn't it? Lol.

Presidential Parasites
SM has been calling them parasites since Obama's last year itself. Obama sat there doing nothing but keeping me safe and allowed the Party to run America. He was replaced by Trump ... he also turned out to be a parasite for 4 long years. Again, he was replaced and we pulled Obama-Biden back in the game ... and guess what? Instead of taking anything forward ... Obama-Biden go back to being parasites all over again.

They love it when they get the White House and get to loot trillions. They think that they got it because they kept me financially and physically safe. When SM starts dismantling their Presidency because they didn't do shit for America ... didn't bring about any reforms ... they tend to threaten the little security that they provide for me.

This is what the Presidency has been for Obama, Trump and Biden. Use me as a Presidential lottery ... and then remain a parasite on me to learn how to avoid disasters ... not give a shit about changing anything in America ... go on a looting spree ... and then get pissed when the Presidency is being taken away from them.

The Black US soldier that ran into North Korea has no freaking idea into what kind of hell he has entered. But it is pretty easy to save him and Biden can get some good media attention by saving him.

All that Biden needs to do is call Putin. Kim Jong Un follows Putin's orders ... the moment you pull Putin in managing North Korea, it becomes a different ball game. You will find Kim Jong Un to be very friendly and cooperative, the moment Putin is involved. How do you think Trump created history by meeting Kim Jong Un? It was via Putin. Its mostly a publicity stunt ... but you will end up saving one life that is in the wrong hands.

One thing that you should understand is that ... North Korea can end up killing this guy. The last American that was retrieved from North Korea came home "brain dead". The drugs that they give him, they will destroy his brains and nervous system. As of now, you have no freaking idea what they might be doing to him.

Well, that's Trump's way of seeking help. Every time he enters the trouble zone, he will start tweeting about it. He did this during his Presidency and SM groups used to help him out. But the more he lagged in bringing reforms in America, the more SM moved away from him. During his Presidency itself, it came to such an extent that I had to literally push SM groups to help Trump. He didn't care about America and America stopped caring about him.

But if we have to help Trump now ... its a different scenario out there. I have already told him to get in touch with me. We will see what we can do for him when he works with us.

Honestly speaking, there are several groups out there who are looking for Presidential leaders whose names are not Obama, Trump or Biden. Honestly ... like it or not ... this is the current scenario out there. In this scenario, saving Trump from the several crimes that he has committed ... its a totally different ball game.

How am I supposed to help Trump when he himself doesn't connect and work with me?

Yes, my dear Michelle ... I know my endorsement is important. But you should understand that we didn't endorse Obama-Biden to go on a looting spree while ignoring all of the crises that the people face. This is not what they were chosen for.

The worst thing that Obama comes up with is "hey, we maintain your security." And the best thing that he comes up with is "go, get some". Either he screws my security or I should go screw someone ... this is the best and the worst that Obama shuttles between. Lol.

We brought him in Presidential leadership to screw with my security, is it? Or did we bring him in Presidential leadership because I need his divine blessings to "go, get some"? We didn't pull him in world leadership just to affect one life ... this is a role where you work for billions of lives. But our lovely Obama, shuttles only between ... security and pussy.

A classic political gimmick
Other than that ... we have got nothing but a "classic political gimmick" of saying whatever is needed to get elected and then go about doing whatever shit you want. This is what Obama, Biden and Trump have done ... made all of the promises that we needed to hear ... and once we gave them the White House ... they said screw all of these crises ... I want my moolah. This is nothing but a very old classic political gimmick.

Lol. Were they fuming when they were enjoying the trillions in loot? Lol. Yeah ... that's the issue with my job. I make the most powerful man on the planet ... using a strategy that would provide great results for the people. These guys screw the strategy and go on a looting spree.

The issue is that ... I am not alone in making and dismantling Presidencies. It is SM who does that. So, I have to kind of be the mediation point for the Presidency and SM. One is the frontend world and another is the backend world. Whatever happens in the frontend world, it is planned and designed by the backend world.

The guys think that ... they became President because I endorsed them ... they don't understand how SM works to create Presidents. And then they think that, their Presidency is getting dismantled because I write against them ... they don't understand the complaints and frustrations of SM Groups and how they dismantle Presidencies.

Things don’t happen because I am popular
This is not magic ... this is not just media and my popularity ... this is an entire backend world of managing the Nation. Whatever happens on the frontend ... it is very carefully planned and strategized with key objectives. Things don't happen because “I am popular" ... but things happen because there is an entire massive network that works on these activities.

Hillary’s realization
Heh ... Hillary had the best expression on her face ... that too for several days. I told her ... "Lady ... do you see these people in your rallies ... the media attention that you get ... the tours that you make around the country ... all of this is nothing but the frontend show. Its already decided that you will lose the election against Trump. What you are doing right now is playing the role of the losing candidate ... someone has to lose the election ... and you were chosen to lose the election." Lol.