So, I guess it is time to help our … ever ungrateful and unthankful Presidential Bums … to manage the war in Gaza. Lol. This is one place where Uncle Biden listens with an open ear … the last thing that the old man wants is his ass nuked. Its okay if America gets screwed by the trillions … its okay if hundreds of millions of American citizens get trillions of debt piled on their heads … its okay if his entire Presidency of 4 years is a total waste of time … but getting his ass nuked is not okay. It’s a must for us to save his ass … as he has to enjoy his billions of loot post-Presidency. Isn’t it Uncle Biden? Grrrrr …

Whatever … for the sake of the people … these are some of the factors in the Gaza war that you have to keep an eye on. Otherwise, things can get pretty nasty … there are very bad players in motion out there.

One. Netanyahu is ready to use Israel as “bait” to start a Nuclear World War
This is the most basic point that you should understand about the “war scenarios”. The Establishment has been begging, pleading and yearning for a world war since Obama. It has repeatedly tried several routes to start this war. To the extent that the Bankers are ready to use “Israel as bait to start this world war”.

Central Bankers have moved their gold from Israel to South China Sea. That’s why you see very heavy military buildup near some islands in South China Sea … this happened during Obama’s final years in office. Israel was created to hold the gold and wealth of these bankers. Since the gold has moved, they no longer see a need for Israel’s existence. In fact, Israel’s existence provides a lot of evidence in several fields against these bankers.

Yeah, this is what happens when Netanyahu is Prime Minister in Israel. Jews are attacked ... killed ... and he starts a war against Palestinians. Its a repetitive gimmick that he has been running since more than a decade.

Interestingly, when he lost the elections ... when he was not in power ... Jews in Israel were safe ... no one was being attacked ... there was hardly any terrorism ... apart from some skirmishes that were well managed. But the moment, he comes to power ... common Jews get killed and there is war.

The easy way of ending this repetitive killing of common Jews and ending these repetitive wars is to ... get rid of Netanyahu from power. That solves everything. That's how we solved things in the US ... get rid of warmongers ... never give them power.

Yes, this can be another Trump war
Yes, yes ... the other side of this story is that ... there is every chance of Trump being involved in it. When Trump starts facing legal pressure, he tries to start wars. Ukraine's invasion was planned to be a very big one ... with not only all of Ukraine being taken but the plan was to take several countries ... and nuclear options were kept on the table. Trump wanted to escape to China in this mayhem of war.

This is the first Pro-Establishment Pope that I see. He is pro LGBTQ ... he is trying to support the climate change propaganda. Since when is the Bible and Christianity pro LGBTQ? The world is collapsing because of climate change, it seems.

My friend ... try to pull Christians towards Christianity ... to hell with LGBTQ and climate change. LGBTQ activities is what pushes people away from Christianity. How can you be the Pope and be Pro-LGBTQ? Open and read the Bible please.

LGBTQ are the activities of "Satanic elements" ... a fear mongering Climate Change propaganda where countries are pushed to spend trillions of their taxpayer money is the activity of Satanic elements. Being Pope, you are supposed to be Pro-God and not Pro-Satan. Jesus Christ.

So, Trump wants to be the Speaker of the House?

That's interesting. I think that I don't mind Trump becoming the Speaker of the House. But here are the technicalities that come with this option.

Firstly, the convictions ahead ... are you aware of the legalities of being Speaker even when convicted? That's the first thing that you have to check.

Secondly, he will outshine the President. Its not that he will do something great ... he will say something drastic, insulting and humiliating ... only to create news ... only to hog the limelight. The President will have to leave running the country and sit and manage the chaos that Trump will create. Lol. Its true ... that's what Trump did when he was President.

Republicans can outsmart Biden
Well, Mr. Biden ... the first thing that you should know is that ... many people know that you are waiting for Trump to get the nomination and then you want to convict him so that it helps you get re-elected. This info is already there in the Republican Party.

Now tell me ... why do you think that the GOP will play your game? Don't you think that the GOP can think and play smarter? This is basic tic tac toe ... its not rocket science ... everyone knows what you are planning to do. What if they don't give the nomination to Trump at all? Ron DeSantis will give you a crushing defeat. Whether you convict Trump or not ... it won't matter to the GOP. Giving the nomination to Ron DeSantis is going to be the winning card for the Republican Party in this election. That's point number one.

Solely Biden is to blame for his failures
The second point is ... please don't blame me for your forthcoming loss. We have told you not once but hundreds of times that there are issues in your policies and you need to change ... but you didn't give a shit. We are not to be blamed for your failure ahead. We tried to help you hundreds of times ... you are the one who rejected our help hundreds of times. The complete blame lies with you.

Ron DeSantis is a good guy. So, here are a couple of tips for you to further improve your style and chances of winning.

Firstly, show a fight ... show a fight to change something that's hurting people ... something genuine and real. Make that fight yours and the people should think and believe that you will fight for them. Stuff like this automatically comes for those who instinctively fight for the people.

I am not saying that you are not fighting for the people ... but you have to present a few crises that exist out there and show how you will fight to change that. This will define your Presidency ... it will be your platform and that's what you will be known for.

Secondly, don't keep putting your resume forward. Don't keep saying what you have done in Florida ... and don't keep enlisting your record. You are not applying for a job here ... no one wants your resume. You are fighting to be the leader of the free world ... this is not a job application. Show where you will lead ... show how you will change ... show a fight for leadership and change. Orient your skills, experience and accomplishments for the fight that you want to take up ahead to change America for the better.

Trump was a good looking guy when he was young. Given the fact that he is approaching 80, he isn't doing that bad as well. He isn't technically a "bad person", I would say.

By the way, Ron DeSantis and Casey DeSantis would make an excellent Presidential couple. She is from the news business and he is a politician ... both of them are extremely well spoken. I think this is the couple that would match Obamas in their conduct and communication. Obamas were lawyers from Harvard ... apart from having a good education and they are super good people. Just like Obamas, DeSantis' seem to be quite good. The DeSantis couple has a chance of touching the Obama level.

America under two extremes
America has seen two extremes under Trump and Biden. Trump was like a volcano ... super dynamic and super energetic ... Biden is like a canyon where you stand at the top and wonder what the hell is going on down there. When Trump started speaking, we used to pray that he wouldn't blow up the world. When Biden started speaking, we would pray that he would come down from the stage without tumbling down. Lol.

After these two extreme Presidencies ... just imagine the dashing DeSantis' taking the White House. Everyone would be like ... ahh thank God, the world is not going to blow up and the guy can finally speak a sentence without looking at the teleprompter and come off the stage all by himself. Lol.

Trump and Biden don't worry me that much. But when Trump and Biden are turning out to be vultures ... Obama is being partly blamed for this inactive and stagnant leadership. I think Obama wants me to work via his foundation. Mr. Barack ... do you understand that this is a "hit two birds with one stone" strategy for the Establishment?

Whoever is putting this in your head ... that my work should be a part of your Foundation ... he is pulling you in a trap. Let's assume, I agree to move my work under the Obama Foundation. After a while, once the work moves into the limelight ... the Establishment will cry "Barack Obama sponsors an anti-Semite!! Barack Obama sponsors a holocaust denier!! The Obama Foundation supports anti-Semites and holocaust deniers!!!"

Tell me, what will you do when they will put this in the headlines across all newspapers in America? With one stone, they will target two birds. They will screw the Obama Foundation and my work simultaneously. You will turn away from me ... they will spoil our coordination, security shells and team work.

Bidenomics Vs MAGAnomics? Really?
Mr. Biden ... there is nothing like MAGAnomics ... Trump himself didn't use this term. It is your content writers that are pulling such terms out of their asses. Want me to tell you something interesting that I told Trump in his first year?

Republicans wanted to abolish ObamaCare and Trump wanted his own version of a healthcare system. I told him don't call it "Trumpcare" ... in fact, think 10 times before you give your name to anything. Don't give your name until and unless it is created by you and you are certain that it will result in good and positive things for the people. Its only then that you give your name to something.

For example, ObamaCare ... it is nothing but a rip off from RomneyCare. Obama copy pasted a healthcare system from a corporate leech ... modified it ... created the most expensive healthcare system possible and gave it his name. Now, Obama struggles to save ObamaCare ... why? It has his name attached to it. Lol ... its not because its a great healthcare system where several things come totally free. Its a pretty darn expensive system and it has nothing much great attached to it. However, Obama struggles and struggles and struggles to save ObamaCare ... just for the name.