So, Elon Musk wants to know what I am thinking?
Lol ... Musky, I was thinking that ... if our guys spent time in changing the world as the same time that they spend in checking my browsing history ... then we would be living in a different world by now. Lol.

Trust me, it is more relaxing ... rather than watch one of your Chosen President walk down the aisle towards the electric chair ... and watch another Chosen President screw America by the trillions and trillions again and again and again.

Want me to give you some fun info? Here it is ...

Donald Trump is going to be Biden's Osama bin Laden
You remember ... Obama went about saying "I got Bin Laden! I got Bin Laden!!" He used it as a "victory card" to support his re-election. It was a feather in his hat that he proudly wore.

Biden is also trying to repeat the same gimmick ... he is trying to hunt down some terrorists in Syria and Iraq ... and he is claiming that he got the "second in command ... the most wanted ... chief operative" and bla bla bla. He is just trying to use the "Bin Laden effect" to boost his re-election chances.

Till now, Biden has failed in this approach because the damn War on Terror is itself over. Looking for a terrorist now to boost your image is like ... sitting like a vulture and a scavenger in a barren war field, looking for a bone to support yourself.

But interestingly, times have changed for Uncle Biden ... Biden has finally found his Osama bin Laden ... and this Bin Laden's American name happens to be Donald Trump. Lol. Very soon ... just like Obama went around saying "I got Bin Laden! I got Bin Laden!!" Uncle Biden will be going around with his victory cry "I got Donald Trump! I got Donald Trump!!" Lol. Yes, Uncle Biden ... your Osama bin Laden was right under your nose all the time ... you didn't have to look into Syria or Iraq.

Well, what this statement actually says is that ... its dawning onto Trump that he might get convicted.

These are the milestones that we warned Trump about even before they happened.

  • One. He will drop in polls and popularity.
  • Two. He will lose the House and Senate.
  • Three. He will get impeached.
  • Four. He will lose his re-election.
  • Five. He will lose all lawsuits against Biden's victory.
  • Six. He will get indicted.
  • Seven. He will get convicted.

Out of 7 ... till date ... 6 have already come true.

Trump is standing there trashing his prosecutors. It helped in 2016 because Trump was the Chosen One ... Trump's opposition was taken down ... Trump was chosen to do great things for America and the little wrong that he had done didn't matter.

But its not 2016 anymore ... and Trump doesn't have "little wrong" with him ... he has a truck load of crimes ... he was already given the White House and he didn't do shit for America. The results of lawsuits against Trump can be a little bit different this time. Its good that its dawning onto Trump what might happen.

No, this is not "predicting" what would happen next. We get info on what some entities are working on in America. Based upon their activities, what they are aiming for and the momentum that they are creating to meet their goals ... we say what will probably happen next. Its not plain predictions ... its based upon on-the-ground activities of several entities. More the entities and groups join the activity, the more likely it will succeed.

Okay ... this is how it is. The Satanic Establishment uses its control points in the media, politics and celebrities for its propaganda. To identify Establishment puppets and control points in these circles ... look what they do and how it correlates with the Establishment propaganda.

Establishment propaganda channelized via celebrities
Megan Fox cross-dressing her sons is not about a "mother forcing her sons to wear girl clothes" ... this an Establishment puppet promoting the LGBTQ propaganda using her children. This is how Establishment puppets get their bread and butter ... this is a part of their contracts and work ... to do whatever the Establishment wants and support Establishment activities and propaganda.

They tie up Megan Fox in some contracts ... giving her some work ... and tell her to do this shit with her sons. Its about her bread and butter. Its not about a mother ... its not about sons ... its about how the Establishment controls your bread & butter and then uses you for its propaganda. This is how the Establishment controls its puppets in all spheres ... they have "control points" on each puppet. Sometimes its bread & butter ... sometimes its legal issues ... sometimes health ... and sometimes even mere survival. And sometimes ... they prefer to use Jews as the ideology coincides.

So, Trump was going to get additional indictments this week ... that's why, you guys were asking me if I will help Trump or not?

Trump – You are a Democrat!
Its very plain and simple ... I already spent 4 years being hated by Trump and had Trump standing against me every time I helped him "when he did not ask for help". He always looked at me with suspicion, hate and called me a "Democrat". 

Lol. Yes, Trump thought that I was a Democrat because Obamas were protecting me. Since the Democrat Party was investigating him, he hated me as well. So, why should I jump into this mess all over again?

Need to get rid of the hate and suspicion
If Trump needs my help then let him contact me and I will see what I can do. I am not refusing to help Trump, am I? I will be just and fair with him. When someone contacts you for help ... it means that he needs you and that he trusts you at some level. At least, we will get rid of this hate and suspicion when Trump will contact me. How is it fair that I get only hate and suspicion from the same person that I am helping?

Trump thinks its 2016
I hope Pro-Trump groups are satisfied with this proposal. And just so that you know, we have alerted Trump several times that "this is not 2016 ... this is not 2016 ... you do not have the same security shields as then ... you do not have the same SM support as then" ... but he doesn't seem to realize. He is going about his Presidential campaign as if nothing happened since the past 6 years.

US state removes Bible from schools

Bravo ... happening in the largest Christian country in the world.

Amusingly, the largest Christian country in the world has hundreds of politicians and media outlets who immediately fight for Israel and Jews when a single statement is made against them ... but when it comes to Christ and Christianity there is silence and fear. How many politicians stood up for the Bible? None. How many media outlets stood up for the Bible? None. Why? Why the silence and fear to stand up for your own faith?

The largest Christian country in the world needs someone who can fight for Christ and Christianity.

Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't believe in heaven or the after life?

Mr. Arnold ... trust me ... once you are terminated ... you will be back.


Pence is running for 2024?
Seems like Mike Pence wants to hang Trump's chances of becoming President again. Lol. Mike Pence's slogan will probably be ... "Hang Trump 2024! Hang Trump 2024!!"

Well, he has made one thing pretty clear ... he doesn't want to be Trump's VP ever again. Pence hitting the campaign trail would be like ... your wife going on a campaign trail telling everyone what a shitty husband you are. Lol. Pence is going to get a lot of support from Democrat donors, probably.

"It has to be Biden"?
Some groups want to support Biden for 2024? Lol. Well, here's the bottom line for me ... any candidate that works with me, protects and supports my project ... then he can have the White House. I don't care if it is Biden or Ron DeSantis or anybody. As long as America will get its reforms and progress is being made ... I will work with and support this guy for President. This is my basic formula.

The problem that we got till date is ... these guys give only signals and when we give the White House to them ... they don't do shit. Its like they are scamming us and fooling SM Groups ... owing to which SM Groups are furious and one thing is leading to another.

Verify … verify … verify
As long as you can practically "verify" that the candidate is working with me, supporting and protecting our works ... then I don't have a problem with the guy that you choose. Don't blindly give the Presidency to anyone ... verify ... verify ... verify. We have wasted a truck load of time and got a truck load of debt because we did not "verify".

Failing Establishment candidates is not enough
You went along with the strategy that I gave for each candidate and the only thing that you guys verified was that the candidate was not an Establishment puppet. This verification is the first step in choosing the right candidate. But the issue is that ... we are successfully failing Establishment candidates and giving the Presidency to our Chosen Ones ... but we are not verifying if our Chosen Ones will actually work with us to reform America. Our Chosen Ones are busy doing some shit of their own ... which involves pocketing the moolah and turning a blind eye to all of the crises that they are supposed to solve.

We are very successful in the first step of failing Establishment candidates ... but all of the next steps are a complete failure as no progress is made and not a single step is taken forward.

Will I help Trump if he asks for help?
Well, firstly ... one should understand that ... if someone asks for your help then it actually means that he trusts you at some level ... that he needs your support and he trusts you in helping you in that particular crisis. Till date, what has happened is ... either Ivanka started tweeting about the problems or Pro-Trump groups approached for help. In both cases there was no direct request from Trump.

When we approached and helped without any direct request from the person who needed the help ... this person always looked at us with suspicion and doubt. He was ready to blame us for the crisis that he was facing. And when we would pull him out of the crisis that he was facing ... we would get hate and opposition instead of thanks.

Now, if you ask whether we would help Trump if he asked ... then the answer would be yes. But ... but ... the actual help that he can get will depend upon what he is asking for. For example ... if Trump gets a 100 years in jail for his several crimes ... and then if he asks for our help ... then obviously, this "help" that he is requesting ... is not about making him President. It is about reducing his jail sentence or getting him a pardon.

If Trump asks for help in becoming President ... then he should understand that ... as long as he is not convicted of any crime ... then technically he is still free to run for any office. But since he already has indictments against him then there is no actual guarantee that he will become President.

Pro-Trump groups surprised that I am not helping Trump?
Yeah, I think they are used to the fact that ... every time Trump was in trouble we helped him out. But they don't realize the fact that ... Trump turned against us when we tried to help him ... he did this almost every time. He always tried to blame me for what is happening to him and he called our help "Presidential harassment". Let me explain.

  • Firstly, now ... if we try to help him ... his first reaction will be "aha, so you are behind this?"
  • Secondly, when I try to show him that ... this is what he has done wrong and this is what he should do ... then this is automatically "Presidential harassment".
  • Thirdly ... as a thanks for my help, I get hate in return. "I will shut you down ... I will do this and that to you."
  • Fourth ... during his Presidency itself ... he didn't change his track ... he didn't work with us nor did he stand up to the Establishment. Is he doing anything different now?
  • Fifth ... I am not the one who actually helps him. I only strategize what has to be done in each scenario ... it is SM Groups that step forward to make change at the ground level. During Trump's Presidency itself, they were fed up of Trump ... he didn't take any action forward and kept on falling in trouble again and again and again. Except for a few Pro-Trump groups, no one wanted to help him. I had to push SM Groups to help Trump for America's sake.
  • Sixth ... today, he has a long list of crimes ... of financing wars and pandemics ... of creating an insurrection ... issues with women, classified records, taxes, business transactions and on and on and on.
  • Seven ... Trump never asked for my help. I am not being cold towards Trump ... if Trump needed my help then he could have asked. He never asked. For example ... whenever I need Michelle's help ... I ask. I literally shoot an email to her ... she knows that I need and welcome her help. So, she keeps an eye on me and helps me several times without even asking further.

Trump is an unthankful and an ungrateful person
I hope you guys understand ... Trump has mostly been an unthankful and ungrateful person ... who always troubled me and created issues for me whenever I helped him. It might have been in the Mueller Investigation or jail traps or impeachment or wars or disasters or whatever. We helped him with everything ... every time I had helped him, I had to pull Michelle to protect me from the guy that I was helping.

This is Donald Trump ... an unthankful and an ungrateful person. I took the risk of helping him for America's sake ... for the people's sake. Now, for heaven's sake ... why do you guys want to push me in that mess all over again?

About Trump's legal issues?
I have absolutely nothing to do with Trump's legal issues. A criminal is in trouble because of his crimes ... we have nothing to do with it. In fact, we tried to help him and warn him several times ... that all of these activities will backfire ... but he didn't care to listen.

Our job is of a "think tank" ... to analyze, guide, help and support Presidential candidates. To add to this ... when SM Groups get involved, they make everything even more easy. But when our guys don't listen to us and they continue to do self-destructive activities ... then we are not to be blamed. Trump has done nothing for us ... we owe him nothing. He has never done anything for us.

The Biden Presidency is hanging by the thread
Its not only Trump that is in trouble ... even the Biden Presidency is hanging by the thread. Even Biden doesn't listen to shit other than avoiding a nuclear war and maintain some security. I am not to be blamed if Biden loses 2024 ... he is going to lose because of his own inaction. Just like we guided and helped Trump ... we also showed the issues with Biden's policies a hundred times ... but he doesn't listen and he doesn't change. So, how am I supposed to be blamed for it?

If he is working with me ... working on actions and policies that we have designed ... then yes, I will step forward and take responsibility. But this is not the case ... our candidates are on a self-destructive looting spree. Now, when they have legal issues or if their Presidency is hanging by the thread ... I am not to be blamed.

Jewish groups, allies demand CUNY Law lose funding after student's 'vile' anti-Israel commencement speech

CUNY law school graduate's controversial graduation speech

There are hundreds of politicians and media personnel condemning this speech and showing their love and dedication for Israel. Well, if you guys love Israel so much then why don't you show your love by being and living in Israel? Why remain puppets for Israel in America? Why are you making America a puppet of Israel? This speech is protected by the First Amendment in America. She has the right to express her views and opinions ... she conveyed the facts. Good job CUNY!

Talking about the fact that Israel kills and bombs innocent civilians in several neighboring countries ... it is simply "hate" for Israel ... its just hate speech. We need to simply stop hating Israel and turn a blind eye towards all of its atrocities, killing and land grabbing. We need to love Israel and support Israel in all of its murderous activities ... because that's what good human beings do. Isn't it?

Talking against the Israeli Government is not anti-Semitism
And by the way, talking about the atrocities of one government is not anti-Semitism. Being against, talking against or doing something against a simple common man only because he is a Jew ... this is anti-Semitism. She said absolutely nothing against a common Jew.

Okay ... Uncle Biden ... here is a sign that determines how "successful" your Presidency is ... "the debt ceiling". You are saying that ... "look at the jobs! Look at the growing economy! Look at the rise of small businesses! I am taxing the rich! I am reducing the deficit! I am cutting the spending!"

If all of this is true and if you are actually in the right direction ... then please tell me why do you have to raise the debt ceiling every single year of your Presidency? Why do we have to borrow more just to make the ends meet? Why is America, the greatest nation on the planet, on the verge of default every single year if the debt ceiling is not raised?

How are you a successful country when you have to borrow more and more and more every single year just to pay your bills? How are you a successful country when you go down in debt by the trillions every single year?

This is the "economic fact" where Presidents simply lie and mislead the American people. Even Trump sat there blowing his horn saying "look at the jobs, look at the jobs" when we were going down trillions in debt during his Presidency ... he also raised the debt ceiling every single year. How are you any different to Trump, Uncle Biden?

Well, the good news for Ron DeSantis is that ... Trump and Biden are doing everything possible to lose the White House in 2024. Trump has a long list of crimes ... he could get convicted and become ineligible for any government office. And Biden cares only about blowing up trillions again and again ... we have crossed a debt of $30 Trillion and he comes up with a $7 trillion budget. Biden's disastrous policies and actions literally beg for him to be removed from the White House.

Here is where Ron DeSantis comes into the picture. Ron DeSantis is pretty much Trump without the baggage ... it would be pretty easy to create leadership options for him.

Michelle - designing the next Presidency
This is what Michelle Obama should keep in mind ... if our Chosen Ones don't give a shit about America then America won't give a shit about them. If they cannot bring the reforms that America needs, then no one sees a use for them being in the White House. This is the very baseline to maintain the Presidency ... this is the very reason why they were given the Presidency.

Trump and Biden – Dismal failures
If you look at both ... Trump and Biden ... both have been dismal failures in bringing any reforms in America. I have been warning them since Biden's second year that ... if they cannot lead then SM will work on alternate options to lead America. We are pretty much in this state because of their inaction and soon decisions will be made on who will enter the White House in 2024.