This page is not anti-Trump nor is it anti-Biden … it is pro-people … it is pro-world. We might actually get a nuclear war in the world because of one guy’s self-worship and another guy’s incompetence. Obamas need to step in to manage this crisis.

These are some of the ongoing dynamics that would lead to World War III.

  • The Ukraine War. The Ukraine war itself is a major factor that can lead to World War III. It was originally designed by Trump to create a conflict between America and Russia so that he could flee legal prosecution in the United States and live in a bunker in China while the US and Russia destroyed itself. Biden has failed to stop this war … it should have ended a long time ago. Having the West pitched against Russia is exactly what’s needed for a world war.
  • Sanctions on Russia. Severe sanctions have been inflicted on Russia to contain the war but it has clearly defined the parties in a world war. As long as Russia is going to be isolated from the world … as long as sanctions will remain on Russia … it will only create the enmity required to start a conflict.
  • Poland. Poland was one of the key elements that led to the creation of World War II. It has strong Establishment control and it is always anti-Russia. Poland wanting to join Ukraine will expand the war and get several countries involved.
  • Israel – Netanyahu. The moment a third country gets involved, Netanyahu can strike Iran … he has been wanting to do this since more than a decade. The Establishment is keen on using Israel as a bait to start World War III. Netanyahu is back in power and it is very possible that this can happen.
  • Arrest warrant for Putin. Issuing an arrest warrant for Putin means that the West has ended all routes of negotiation with Putin and that they will arrest Putin if he steps on their soil. This is nothing but an invitation for war.
  • North Korea. This is how the chain of command works. Trump calls Putin … Putin calls Kim Jong Un … and Kim Jong Un starts firing missiles and threatens nuclear strikes. The fact that Kim Jong Un has boasted of hiring 800,000 soldiers in one day to fight against America should not be taken lightly.
  • Donald Trump. Kim Jong Un threatening nuclear strikes on the South when Trump is about to get indicted is no coincidence. Trump is probably back to his original plan of fleeing the US to a bunker in China by starting a nuclear war.
  • Putin meets Xi. At this very same moment, Putin meets Xi … is no coincidence as well. It is nothing but planning for a nuclear strike on the South … and how Russia and China will respond if America gets involved.

North Korea can actually carry out a nuclear strike on South Korea. This is not North Korea wanting to start a nuclear war ... but this is Trump getting pissed off at getting indicted soon.

If Biden wants to actually indict and convict Trump then he should make better preparations for the same. Trump can very easily be managed at the domestic level ... Biden has failed in managing Trump at the international level. The ongoing Ukraine war is an example of Biden's failure to understand what is going on and how to manage it.

Trump had already planned a nuclear war between America and Russia so that he could flee to China during this mayhem. A nuclear attack by North Korea is not a biggie for Trump. Something that Biden should understand about Trump is that ... the guy worships himself ... he would rather destroy the world than go to jail.

No enemies means no character - German morals
Jesus: Yeah, tell me about it.

Lol. I am getting complaints that I fight with everybody. I was wondering how to respond to this complaint and a couple of days ago I hear this German saying that "no enemies means no character". Lol.

I am like ... perfectly well said. Even Jesus would be like ... "yeah, tell me about it. I know one or two things about it."         

If you see Jesus's life then he had a lot of enemies. Why? Because of his character, faith and courage. If you are strong in character ... then it automatically means that there will be someone on the opposite side who you will not agree with.

When you agree with everybody and you have no enemies ... then it only means that you have no character ... you are flexible to everything and okay with every activity. This was not the case with Jesus ... he clearly drew a line between what is wrong and what is right ... what should be done and what should not be done ... and thus, his opposition automatically propped up.

I love Jesus's character, faith and courage ... the only thing that I regret about Jesus is that ... he had more enemies in powerful places than friends. Had he traveled ... had he looked for more friends in powerful places ... if he had more power on his side ... then the world's history of the past 2,000 years would have been totally different.

Meghan and Harry should stop trying to make a "career" out of trashing the Royal Family. Stop trying to commercialize trashing your own family. Okay, if you were abused or something illegal was done to you ... file for damages and then call it a day. You can't go on and on and on ... trashing and ridiculing your family again and again ... only because the media companies in the US are paying you for it.

You are being used and exploited by Satanists
This is what you need to understand about the "media in the US". 90% of it is owned and controlled by the Satanic Establishment. They follow a Satanic ideology ... these guys capitalize on "negative and destructive" activities ... like war, friction and conflicts. These guys are "crisis profiteers".

Which means that ... yes, they will give you repeated $100 million contracts ... to trash and ridicule your own family. They will capitalize on your conflict and friction. But they will never provide a solution ... they will never solve any crisis ... they will never unite your family. They will only push you more and more and more to create more friction ... to demonize and ridicule your family even more. At the end of these repeated cycles of demonization and ridicule, you will not have a family left for you.

The US makes assessments on training Ukrainians to fly F16s?
End the damn war. This is nothing but an escalation. Russia will shoot down our $64 millon planes like peanuts. Ukraine will never be able to pay back the billions that we are spending there. All goals have been successfully accomplished in Ukraine.

  • A world war has been averted.
  • A nuclear war has been averted.
  • Annexation of more countries has been averted.
  • Full annexation of Ukraine has been averted.
  • A huge section of the territory has been taken back.
  • Putin himself is calling for peace talks.

Its hands down victory. It doesn't matter if Ukraine lost some territory ... as it is, a huge section was occupied by Russia even before the war started. Its high time to start negotiations and end this war.

America and Europe should not get carried away by Zelensky's aim for a never ending war. Its plain bullshit. We gave all the funds, time and resources to Zelensky to take back the territory that he could. Further financing of this war is nothing but mindless killing. Its time to wind up.

Yeah, yeah ... I know. They want Dalai Lama. We give the White House to Pornstar bangers and guys who finger his colleague's pussy ... and these wonderful gentlemen want "complete Monks" in their Presidency. Lol.

They look for the tiniest and shittiest excuse not to coordinate. This is not new information ... why do you guys get upset over it? If they want to work with Dalai Lama, then let them work with Dalai Lama. Let's see if Dalai Lama can get them re-elected or if he will help them solve America's crises. Lol.

Its not about wanting Dalai Lama ... its actually about sticking to the trillion dollar lottery without having to solve any crisis ... that's what it is. They want to keep the Presidency but they don't want to dismantle the Establishment, they don't want any responsibility and they don't want to solve any crisis. That's what the scheme is all about.

Who would I choose between Obamas and Trump to work with?
Interesting question. When it comes to security, I feel at ease working with Obamas as I know with experience that they will protect me in all scenarios. But the issue with Barack Obama is that ... when it comes to do things differently ... bring about change ... stand up to his Party ... then it is like hitting your head against the wall. Doesn't matter how much drastic the actions and policies are ... doesn't matter if it is Establishment malice or not ... Barack doesn't change his direction and continues with disastrous actions. It might be the war in Libya or Syria ... or Climate Change or the Ukraine war. We keep hitting the wall when we need change.

This is why we had brought Michelle in the game ... to bring change ... to do things differently ... but nothing much seems to have changed since Obama's Presidency. The same things keep repeating ... though Michelle still keeps me safe.

On the other hand, we have Trump ... my security is an issue ... personally, I don't feel at ease with him. But when it comes to bringing about change ... doing things differently ... Trump is extremely active and he stops all wars and disasters. He leads the Party and he is not a puppet of the Party.

I am getting interesting proposals from SM Groups on who should be the next President of the United States.

Michelle n Musk
Technically, if this configuration gets activated and they coordinate with us to revolutionize America … then this is the best option to take America forward. But there is no movement from this combination and several SM Groups are getting frustrated with their lack of action.

What I would tell these SM Groups is that … Elon Musk never said that he wants to run for President. I designed this configuration … there is no guarantee that he actually wants to run for President … let alone revolutionize America. So, you can’t get frustrated at someone so soon … we don’t even know if he wants to lead America.

Donald J Trump
Yes, I know that Trump might be interested in working with us … but the issue with his candidacy is that … he has too much baggage associated with him. Not only he has to coordinate with us to revolutionize America but there a few pre-conditions that he needs to meet. I alone don’t hand out the Presidency … SM is involved as well. He has to prove himself to SM in order to get the Presidency.

Let’s support the Devil this time!?
The interesting proposal that I got recently to handle the current leadership crisis in America is … “let’s support the Devil this time!?” Why is this being proposed?

So, AOC is against Jesus is it? Ads about Christianity and Jesus are "fascism"? Very interesting.

Here is where AOC shows her anti-religion Communist foundation. All of her Socialist policies have also the grounding of being anti-religion, anti-Christ, anti-Christianity and anti-Christian. The entire concepts of Socialism and Communism were designed by Satanic Jews to rule over Christians mercilessly by suppressing Christianity and treating each Christian as an equal ... equal to an animal ... equal to a sheep and a cow ... that's the basis of Socialism and Communism.

When AOC shows her anti-Jesus and anti-Christianity side ... she is actually showing the very foundation where she comes from ... where her ideology comes from.

This is what Biden and Democrats should realize ... "Climate Change and other multi-trillion dollar "free for all" policies" come from the Satanic Establishment. That's exactly what AOC is championing.

Her policies were correctly rejected by Trump ... and since Trump rejected them ... the Establishment channelized these policies to Democrats. Democrats picked these drastic wealth draining policies, just to be anti-Trump ... to do what Trump doesn't want to do.

I congratulate all Christian groups ... especially the "He Gets Us" campaign ... for getting the word out there ... for spreading Christianity and the words of Jesus Christ. God bless you ... you are doing a wonderful job. Invest more ... spread his word more ... and fight back if required.

There should be at least someone in the largest Christian country in the world who can FIGHT FOR JESUS.

Saving both would be great
Saving Trump and Obama is about creating a lifelong Presidential leadership role for either Trump or Obama. However, if we can save both … then it would be great … we would have an experienced Ex-President in each Party that would help us fight against Establishment malice and monopoly.

The only and major issue is that … both Trump and Obama have been a waste of time … pulling them in Presidential leadership was a total waste where no action on the key problems in America has taken place. Let us briefly try to understand the issues with Trump and Obama leaderships … so that we understand what has to be fixed in order to save their leadership.

Saving Trump
The major issue with Trump is that … he is most of the time absorbed in “self-worship” … the world should revolve around him … nobody should say anything against him … everyone should blow his horn and sing his praises … he should be able to loot by the trillions and he should be able to save his ass if anyone came after him. This is the Trump Presidency in a nutshell.

This is Trump’s perfect world … blow your horn, loot by the trillions and use the trillions to save your ass … everyone should worship Trump, which he does himself all the time.

Its not supposed to be real?
That's quite a lame excuse. During the Trump Presidency itself I had clearly shown SM activities on the ground level ... all of these are SM activities.

  • The Arab Spring
  • The Tea Party Movement
  • The Occupy Movement
  • The #metoo Movement
  • Overthrow of entire governments
  • Deciding Presidential elections and local elections
  • Tossing Jewish billionaire and millionaire criminals in jail

These are more than a dozen of open and clear frontend activities of SM. You will find that each of these activities are new ... none of them are carried out by Democrats or Republicans or Obamas or Trump.

These activities don't have a frontend leader at all. Why? Because that is how I designed "people based movements" ... to operate as a network rather than be led by one or two leaders. Yes, the Arab Spring, massive million people protests across the globe in several cities, the Occupy Movement, overthrow of entire governments ... all of these are "applications" of my formulas. These are applications of "people power".

For SM these were just "test drills" ... just to check if things would work or not. Lol.

Have I ruled out Biden?
Personally, I have not ruled out anyone. Its SM support that has moved away from Biden. You tell me ... what are the chances that Biden will turn things around? Biden will stop his crazy mass spending ... break Establishment monopoly ... and create a new era for America? What are the chances of that happening?

Yes, that's the reason why the majority of SM groups have moved away from Biden. Everyone is looking for alternate options.

And when we look for alternate options ... on one hand we have Trump who got scared and started protecting and supporting the Satanic Establishment. When he couldn't do the job ... we pulled Obama in the game ... our wonderful Obama ... he didn't even face the Establishment in any sphere and he is busy creating Party puppets who become nothing but indirect Establishment puppets.

That's why we are trying to pull Michelle n Musk in the game. The leadership is a mess out there.