Understanding what’s going on
Biden is baffled as to what the hell is going on in America … why is there so much commotion against him in the country? This page should help Obamas and Biden understand what is going on in America. America is in a transition phase … from a Conventional Democracy into Active Democracy. There is a conflict between democratic forms … Active Democracy is at war against Conventional Democracy.

The Biden Presidency is going down. He has issues of mass spending, a raging pandemic and a self-created crisis in Afghanistan. Biden’s approval ratings are going down … he is getting rising opposition from the media, politicians and celebrities. Based on this track … this can greatly affect Democrats in the Midterms. There is a missing person in America’s leadership and that is the lovely Michelle Obama. She needs to step forward to save Biden’s Presidency, the Democrat Party and America.

Let’s help Biden a little bit … its getting too chaotic out there. After all, it’s the Biden-Obamas team … I have great plans for them.

Good move, bad timing
Mr. Biden … in general, pulling troops back home is a good thing … ending wars is a good thing … what you have done is actually good. The problem is that … the timing is very bad. We have a lot of crises back home … a crisis of mass spending, party influence crisis, Establishment misleading crisis, bad policies crisis, a massive debt crisis … there was absolutely no reason to touch Afghanistan right now.

Biden thinks that I am not with him … that’s wrong … I am with you Mr. Biden. Because SM Groups are turning against you, it doesn’t mean that I am against you. We are not one entity … though we are connected on a common purpose, we are still separate entities. I strategize and they are at the implementation level … everything that they do at the ground level is not necessarily authorized by me. This is a Democracy and everyone works in their own capacity to do what is right.

Biden is saying that “we need to stop making mistakes of the past” but he does not realize that … he is repeating many of Trump’s mistakes.

  • He is going for multi-trillion dollar spending at every turn
  • He is taking no action on the Establishment
  • He is not breaking Establishment monopoly in any way
  • He is bringing no change in the cost of living
  • He has made zero coordination with us yet
  • When it comes to spending, Biden is actually spending 10 times more than Trump and literally put the Establishment in party mode as all of the trillions that Biden will spend … most of it will go to the same Establishment

The New Wave via Coronavirus Variants is Biden’s Failure
Mr. Biden, we cannot blame Trump anymore for the new waves of the pandemic. He is not the President anymore … you are the President … it is your job to save the people from Establishment malice and secure them from malicious activities like the pandemic.

Firstly, a very Happy Birthday to President Barack Obama. May God bless the Obamas and help them become a Force for Good … for America and the world … for generations to come.

Obama’s legacy will begin after his Presidency
Do you remember this line? “Obama’s legacy will begin after his Presidency.” I mentioned this about 4 years ago … during the last months of your Presidency. And look what happened after that …

  • Obama has a coalition
  • Obamas are involved in the making of US Presidents
  • Obamas are involved in what policies will be implemented in the country

This page should help Michelle Obama understand a few simple things:

  • Why she was chosen to lead America?
  • Her role in the game
  • The planning and implementation that happened during different Presidential terms
  • The coordination and security for our work through different Presidential terms

Gangster Tactics
These are the Establishment’s “gangster tactics” … to keep the country busy with either destruction or stagnation. Take a look.

America – War on Terror
What was this? America is the biggest victim of Establishment malice. The Establishment’s exploitation programs leech more than $1 Trillion of American wealth every year. As of now, America is the biggest threat to the Establishment Network. They know that they would be expose and they know that action will be taken against them when they are exposed. So, the solution that they came up with is … keep America busy in terror. “There are terrorists out there! They want to kill you! They hate you!! We must fight a never ending war against them!!” This is the bullshit that they came up with.