At first the Satanic Establishment was only promoting the concepts of being gay and lesbian ... now, since we are showing some acceptance to these configurations, the Establishment is shoving down the "transgender" propaganda down our throats.

Now, we have to apparently show acceptance to transgenders ... guys who cut off their balls and plant pussies on themselves ... we are supposed to treat them as equal to women. We are supposed to allow them to share women's bathrooms and allow them to compete with women in sports and games.

A new level of deviance and irreligion
This is nothing but a new level of bullshit designed to push us away from God and religion ... and show more acceptance to deviance and irreligion. The fact that the Establishment wants us to avoid using the words man and woman ... and become gender neutral ... this again confirms the ideology that the Jewish Establishment looks at non-Jews as animals.

The track that the Establishment is working on is that ... we should become immoral and animalistic ... and stay away from God and religion.

CNN admits Durham report exonerates Trump 'to a degree,' 'devastating' to FBI

Okay let me break it down for you ... this is what Fox News and Donald Trump don't understand about the Durham report. The Establishment blows up the scheme when it no longer needs the scenario. The Establishment no longer needs a Russian collusion with Trump ... why? Because Trump is going to get convicted soon and he will no longer be President, probably. The Durham report is not Trump's exoneration ... but it is a strong signal that Trump is going to be convicted soon. Sometimes, things are not as they seem.

Bush – War on Terror
Let me give you another example of this ... so that you understand better. Bush was supported and allowed to go on an anti-Islamic spree ... about Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden and bla bla bla ... but when Obama was going to win the White House ... they turned the tables against Bush. The entire War on Terror was an Establishment scheme and Bush was only the frontend element.

But when the Establishment knew that a new face will take over America who does not believe in the War on Terror ... then they turned the tables against Bush and blamed everything on Bush. The Establishment kept itself safe ... out of picture ... while blaming Bush. Why? The entire concept of the War on Terror would go bust soon and they no longer needed Bush.

This page is not anti-Trump nor is it anti-Biden … it is pro-people … it is pro-world. We might actually get a nuclear war in the world because of one guy’s self-worship and another guy’s incompetence. Obamas need to step in to manage this crisis.

These are some of the ongoing dynamics that would lead to World War III.

  • The Ukraine War. The Ukraine war itself is a major factor that can lead to World War III. It was originally designed by Trump to create a conflict between America and Russia so that he could flee legal prosecution in the United States and live in a bunker in China while the US and Russia destroyed itself. Biden has failed to stop this war … it should have ended a long time ago. Having the West pitched against Russia is exactly what’s needed for a world war.
  • Sanctions on Russia. Severe sanctions have been inflicted on Russia to contain the war but it has clearly defined the parties in a world war. As long as Russia is going to be isolated from the world … as long as sanctions will remain on Russia … it will only create the enmity required to start a conflict.
  • Poland. Poland was one of the key elements that led to the creation of World War II. It has strong Establishment control and it is always anti-Russia. Poland wanting to join Ukraine will expand the war and get several countries involved.
  • Israel – Netanyahu. The moment a third country gets involved, Netanyahu can strike Iran … he has been wanting to do this since more than a decade. The Establishment is keen on using Israel as a bait to start World War III. Netanyahu is back in power and it is very possible that this can happen.
  • Arrest warrant for Putin. Issuing an arrest warrant for Putin means that the West has ended all routes of negotiation with Putin and that they will arrest Putin if he steps on their soil. This is nothing but an invitation for war.
  • North Korea. This is how the chain of command works. Trump calls Putin … Putin calls Kim Jong Un … and Kim Jong Un starts firing missiles and threatens nuclear strikes. The fact that Kim Jong Un has boasted of hiring 800,000 soldiers in one day to fight against America should not be taken lightly.
  • Donald Trump. Kim Jong Un threatening nuclear strikes on the South when Trump is about to get indicted is no coincidence. Trump is probably back to his original plan of fleeing the US to a bunker in China by starting a nuclear war.
  • Putin meets Xi. At this very same moment, Putin meets Xi … is no coincidence as well. It is nothing but planning for a nuclear strike on the South … and how Russia and China will respond if America gets involved.

Saving both would be great
Saving Trump and Obama is about creating a lifelong Presidential leadership role for either Trump or Obama. However, if we can save both … then it would be great … we would have an experienced Ex-President in each Party that would help us fight against Establishment malice and monopoly.

The only and major issue is that … both Trump and Obama have been a waste of time … pulling them in Presidential leadership was a total waste where no action on the key problems in America has taken place. Let us briefly try to understand the issues with Trump and Obama leaderships … so that we understand what has to be fixed in order to save their leadership.

Saving Trump
The major issue with Trump is that … he is most of the time absorbed in “self-worship” … the world should revolve around him … nobody should say anything against him … everyone should blow his horn and sing his praises … he should be able to loot by the trillions and he should be able to save his ass if anyone came after him. This is the Trump Presidency in a nutshell.

This is Trump’s perfect world … blow your horn, loot by the trillions and use the trillions to save your ass … everyone should worship Trump, which he does himself all the time.

Its not supposed to be real?
That's quite a lame excuse. During the Trump Presidency itself I had clearly shown SM activities on the ground level ... all of these are SM activities.

  • The Arab Spring
  • The Tea Party Movement
  • The Occupy Movement
  • The #metoo Movement
  • Overthrow of entire governments
  • Deciding Presidential elections and local elections
  • Tossing Jewish billionaire and millionaire criminals in jail

These are more than a dozen of open and clear frontend activities of SM. You will find that each of these activities are new ... none of them are carried out by Democrats or Republicans or Obamas or Trump.

These activities don't have a frontend leader at all. Why? Because that is how I designed "people based movements" ... to operate as a network rather than be led by one or two leaders. Yes, the Arab Spring, massive million people protests across the globe in several cities, the Occupy Movement, overthrow of entire governments ... all of these are "applications" of my formulas. These are applications of "people power".

For SM these were just "test drills" ... just to check if things would work or not. Lol.

Have I ruled out Biden?
Personally, I have not ruled out anyone. Its SM support that has moved away from Biden. You tell me ... what are the chances that Biden will turn things around? Biden will stop his crazy mass spending ... break Establishment monopoly ... and create a new era for America? What are the chances of that happening?

Yes, that's the reason why the majority of SM groups have moved away from Biden. Everyone is looking for alternate options.

And when we look for alternate options ... on one hand we have Trump who got scared and started protecting and supporting the Satanic Establishment. When he couldn't do the job ... we pulled Obama in the game ... our wonderful Obama ... he didn't even face the Establishment in any sphere and he is busy creating Party puppets who become nothing but indirect Establishment puppets.

That's why we are trying to pull Michelle n Musk in the game. The leadership is a mess out there.

We love you
For starters … let me make it clear that we love Obamas … both Barack and Michelle. You guys are among the Chosen Ones … the best among them … you have good moral standards, at least at a personal level … and we owe Michelle for the security shell.

We can’t treat you like we treat Satanic Establishment puppets like Bush, Hillary, Mitt Romney and Netanyahu. The key objective in pointing out the issues in your leadership is to create better leaders … create reforms and solve crises.

There are a lot of leadership changes that will happen in these 2 years and we want to give you a heads up … so that, you prepare well in advance.

Obama is stuck in repetitive cycles of his past
Without wasting much time … let’s get into the topic. Obama seems to be stuck in repetitive cycles of his past … he seems to keep on repeating what he has done before during his Presidency.

  • He used us to get the Presidency … he is still using us to get the Presidencies.
  • He never stood up to anyone … he is still not standing up to anyone.
  • He never created any reform … he is still not creating any reform.
  • He let everyone do their shit … he is still letting everyone do their shit.
  • He maintained security for us … he is still maintaining security for us.

There are no new moves … no new activities … no new reforms or changes or movements from Barack Obama. This fine gentleman is stuck in the past.

No, no, no … I am not trashing Obama … I am motivating Obama. Michelle wants Obama to remain in the team … this is her dear request. Obama needs to play a role to remain in Presidential leadership … and the two key roles that have for candidates in Presidential leadership are:

  • Stop disasters and catastrophes
  • Bring great change for the people

You have to do either of the two … preferably both. If you cannot do this … then everyone starts questioning your very presence in a leadership role. Its pretty darn obvious.

Secondly, if I am talking about Obama … and showing him what to do … then it is actually good news. It actually brings attention on Obama and opens routes for his leadership. It would be bad if I stopped talking about you … like I stopped talking about Bush, Hillary, Trump and Biden.

When I stop talking about any leader … then it means that leader is useless for key Presidential leadership … no one focuses on you, no one supports you and no cares to give you victories … because you are useless for the Nation.