Trump in a nutshell
Trump definitely made progress when compared to other Presidents in terms of leadership to do what is right. He started working with facts and logic to do what is right … surpassed misleading from all directions … ended wars, did not start any new wars, stayed away from all disasters of Socialism, mass spending and Establishment propaganda like Climate Change.

Generally, the Establishment misleads and pulls President to the wrong track and fails their Presidency … like Bush and Obama. Bush was a complete failure while Obama was understanding and trying to dodge Establishment malice. But when Trump was concerned, the Establishment didn't fail Trump ... Trump failed Trump.

Trump chose to remain in "cycles of humiliation" when the Establishment would continuously humiliate him, demonize him, investigate him, initiate lawsuits and try to put him in jail … Trump would put up with all of the humiliation and still he would never take action against them.

He chose to protect the Establishment and also started calling himself a part of the Establishment. Yes, there were no new wars and disasters during Trump but there was no progress either … trillions continued to drain from the country every year … and we got the highest debt and deficits under Trump.

Trump was completely self-obsessed … doing nothing, making no reforms, taking no action on the criminals destroying America … but continued to blow his horn, loot by the trillions and save his ass. He started calling himself better than George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with this kind of performance.

Obama in a nutshell
Let's not spend too much time bashing Obama … as we need to discuss Trump and Biden as well. To summarize Obama's Presidential leadership, this is basically what we got …

  • America is a burning building and Obama was busy burning 6 other buildings. It took 8 years for Mr. Barack Obama to realize that his own building was on fire and to slow down the burning of other buildings.
  • Obama gave lengthy moral science lectures on politics of hate, fear and division while standing in front of a burning building, while he was burning 6 other buildings (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen).
  • We gave him an incredible and almost impossible leadership role of creating and managing the next Presidents of the United States … a role that no other President in US history ever got. Obama very eagerly took this role but he screwed up every candidate that he worked with … Oprah, Warren and Biden. Not only we lost the Obama Presidency, but we also lost 3 other good Presidential candidates.
  • Obama is a mongoose who loves to be friends with everybody and doesn't like to get on anyone's bad side … he cannot put his foot down in a time of crisis to decide between what is right or wrong … he lets everyone do their shit … thus we get multiple crises and disasters in every direction.
  • Obama doesn't have the influence or power to change anyone … nobody gives a shit about Obama … not Warren, not Pelosi, not Trump and not Biden either. Obama couldn't change anyone and nobody bothered to give a shit about Obama.

All SM Groups question … what is the point of having Obama in the lead when nobody listens to him and he cannot change anyone? He has zero influence to bring about change. America is a burning building … it is a crisis in every direction … almost every field needs a revolution. How will Obama lead "revolutionary changes" when he can't change one person who has been his VP for 8 long years? He cannot change even the closest friends that he has in Washington? What's the point of having Obama lead in this crisis?

The majority of SM Groups only fear that after 4 screw-ups, Obama will create the 5th screw-up with the next candidate. This is Obama's Presidential leadership in a nutshell and this is why everybody wants Elon Musk or the next Presidential candidate not to follow Obama in anything whatsoever, unless and until his action or policy is approved by us.

Interesting accomplishments
The wonderful common thing between Obama, Trump and Biden is that … each of them is a unique and rare Presidential disaster. We chose them to lead the Nation into greatness and into a new era … but each of them turned out to be a screw-up. We chose them for greatness and glory … but amusingly they seem to create records in a different direction.

This page is important for Michelle and Elon Musk … it will help you understand why you should work independent of Obama, Trump and Biden.

Understanding the elimination of Obama, Trump and Biden from Presidential leadership
Why are SM Groups working to remove Obama, Trump and Biden from Presidential leadership? The example of the burning building will help us understand. America is a building on fire … and these three fine gentlemen are blocking and rejecting the access of the building to fire fighters. They stand at the gate of the burning building and do not allow anyone to save building nor do they save the building either. They allow the building to burn and allow people to die.

Obama has been doing this since the past 14 years … Trump has been doing this since the past 6 years … and both of them are misleading Biden since the past 2 years. All 3 were chosen to save America but in reality they turned out to be failures and disasters.

What's happening in Ukraine?
So, what's happening in Ukraine? Exactly … Christians are killing Christians during Christmas … thanks to Establishment malice and our lovely incompetent leaders.

A question comes to mind … where is Radical Islam and where are Muslim terrorists?
If you observe what's happening in Ukraine … then this is what we have …

  • A country is being bombed
  • Funds and weapons are being supplied
  • America and Europe are channelizing their resources
  • Cities are being destroyed
  • A world migration crisis is being created
  • Hundreds of thousands of people are dying
  • Tens of millions of people are being displaced from their homes

Something like this happened during Bush and Obama as well … the only thing that's missing in the scene is … where is Radical Islam? Where are Muslim terrorists? Why isn't anyone talking about Jihad or about how the Quran preaches hate? Hundreds of thousands of people are dying and there is no Muslim in action?

Havva havva … what's going on?

Excuse me Fox News … could you kindly air one of your telecasts about … how bad Islam is … and how Muslims become terrorists? I think it’s the perfect time for some talk about Radical Islam and Muslim terrorists.


Yes Musky ... you can go after Biden's mass spending. The guy doesn't care about fixing any problem ... he is in just for the loot ... trillions of loot. If America burns, then let it burn ... if a thousand Americans die every day, let them die ... if countries get destroyed, let them get destroyed ... if millions die, let them die ... if he drowns in shame, failure and disasters, then let it be ... the only thing that Biden cares about is "trillions in loot". As long as he is getting his trillions ... its a wonderful world out there. This is the Biden Presidency.

I warned about this to Obama in Biden's first year itself ... Biden's failure is going to be an Obama failure ... and not only an Obama failure ... but there will be a big question mark on the concept of the "Obama Coalition". Not only Obama's leadership role will be dismantled but the Obama coalition would also become meaningless.

Elizabeth Warren
This is exactly what is happening out there. If nobody listens to Obama then what's the point of having an Obama Coalition? Warren didn't give a shit ... she didn't listen and didn't change ... and continued with her disastrous $130 Trillion spending campaign ... she was failed and flushed out. Warren kept on saying that "Obama's economists" had endorsed her spending plans. Lol.

Let's help Michelle and Elon Musk understand the wonderful leadership that Obama, Trump and Biden have provided through their Presidential years. It will help them understand where the initial issue is … hopefully.

A preview of Establishment malice in America

  • About a 100,000 American citizens die every year … 60K per year due to drugs and 30K per year due to gun violence … this is before even any wars began.
  • Trillions are drained from the American people and the government every year … the public and the government is trillions in debt and the corporations make trillions in profits.
  • Several countries being destroyed … a million plus people being killed … repeated world migration crisis … non-stop wars
  • Pandemics where more than a million Americans have died
  • The highest ever debt, inflation, deficits and cost of living

America is literally a building on fire … the American people are screaming for help … every single day about 1,000 Americans die due to Covid, drugs or gun violence … every single day. The National debt created last year was about $1.8 trillion … which means every single day about $5 billion of debt is added to the National debt. America is dying at the rate of 1,000 American citizens per day and sinking by $5 billion per day as we speak … which means during the last month ... we have lost about 30,000 American citizens and $150 billion have been added to the debt crisis.

This is the horrific, mind blowing and disastrous state that America is in … as we speak.

Yes, we make Presidents
Yes, yes … we make and dismantle Presidencies. Making President is as simple as a team building exercise for us. The next Presidency in the works is the … Michelle-Musk Presidency … at least, it is already in the screening process. Let’s give a brief overview to Michelle and Elon Musk … what the actual crisis is … how it has to be solved and what has happened under the wonderful leadership of Obama, Trump and Biden. So that, it helps you take things forward.

The Establishment Crisis
America and several countries especially in the West are plagued by an Establishment crisis … this crisis is facilitated by the Establishment monopoly in the banks, corporations, manufacturing, media, politics, education and even control in religion. The end result of this monopoly has been …

  • Trillions in wealth drain … the people and the governments go trillions in debt while the corporations make trillions in profits.
  • Wars and death. Al Qaeda, ISIS, the War on Terror, the anti-Russian propaganda … a possible nuclear world war and a new world ruled by the Communist China … are all nothing but results of the same Establishment monopoly.
  • Pandemics. When we averted wars and world wars … the Establishment has put the world through various diseases and pandemics … Ebola, Zika Virus and Corona are some examples of their activities.
  • End Result. The end result of this Establishment monopoly and its associated malice has been … the killing of millions of people, the displacement of tens of millions of people, the destruction of several countries, several wars, pandemics, the highest debt, deficits, cost of living, inflation and we are on the verge of a war against Russia.

This is nothing new … this is a situation that has been evolving to be more and more drastic and destructive since George W Bush … that is since 2000 … since 22 years. Things are becoming worse and worse … more and more destruction and more and more countries are being destroyed … thanks to the wonderful incompetence of our chosen leaders … Obama, Trump and Biden.

SM furious at Barack Obama being kept in the team
There is fury all across SM Groups as to why Obama is being kept in the team. Several SM Groups want Obama, Trump and Biden out of Presidential leadership ... I am working against them to keep Obama in the team. They are questioning as to why I am giving in to the request of one Lady and giving instant access to Presidential leadership for a guy who has been a disaster through 4 Presidential candidates.

Their question is ... the guy doesn't even care to coordinate with you ... he only maintains complete stagnation, allows others to go for their trillions of loot, destroys one Presidency after another ... then we have to pick a new guy to do things differently ... but Obama enters the picture and screws up even the next guy. For heavens sake, why is this guy in the team?

Barack will be Michelle's responsibility
Well, let me just say that ... firstly, Michelle is promising change and the right type of leadership. Secondly, we will put in measures so that the next President doesn't get screwed again. Yes, it is because of Michelle's request that Obama is being kept in the team ... and I will make it her responsibility to manage her hubby.

Russia wants America to stop Ukraine's attacks on Russian soil. Yes, its true that Ukraine should not attack Russia ... it is an escalatory measure. But it is also true that Russia should not attack all of Ukraine as well. When Russia is destroying all of Ukraine's energy infrastructure ... when Russia is bombing all of Ukraine ... then, how is it a balanced approach to tell Ukraine not to attack Russia?

Both sides should be condemned
Both sides should make sure that the conflict remains within the disputed territories. Russia cannot attack all of Ukraine ... destroy all of their infrastructure and then expect the world to stop Ukraine from attacking Russia. Putin should think by placing himself on the Ukrainian side ... what would you do if someone was attacking, bombing and destroying all of your energy infrastructure across Russia? How would you respond to that country?

Would you behave and keep the conflict only within the disputed territory? Would you turn a blind eye to all of the destruction created all over Russia?

Both sides should be condemned for their escalatory measures. Yes, Ukraine should not attack Russia or Crimea ... but at the same time, Russia should also keep its attacks, missiles and wars within the disputed territory. Both sides need to be controlled.

"Musk’s Neuralink faces federal probe, employee backlash over animal tests"
Its going to be very interesting when Elon Musk becomes President and he starts federal probes into Biden's mass spending schemes and Trump's criminal activities. Federal probes into Elon Musk's business activities are "old school gimmicks" that won't work. Michelle should step forward to protect Elon Musk in all of these investigations.

Its very amusing how our selected and elected leaders become frauds, go on a looting spree and then also become authoritarian and try to shut down their competition. They don't do what they are supposed to be doing ... and they do everything that they are not supposed to be doing. Heh.

Heh ... I am supposed to train them how to dodge and overcome every possible obstacle that the Establishment can throw in their way. But amusingly our lovely selected and elected leaders try to create every obstacle so that they don't even get in touch with me ... let alone learn something to dodge what is wrong to do what is right.

Biden is running a full-scale fear mongering campaign against Republicans ... most of his fear mongering is false and misleading. This is again the repetition of an Obama re-election gimmick ... we showed that Mitt Romney is a corporate leech and it would be a disaster under him and great things are possible under Obama. This was actually a fact during Obama. Right now, Biden is trying to repeat the same gimmick trying to demonize Republicans and show them as a threat to America ... when in reality it is completely untrue.

Biden is a mega disaster
As per the current state of affairs, Biden is a mega disaster ... not Republicans or Trump. There were no disasters under Trump ... no several multi-trillion dollar spending programs ... no blowing up trillions on climate change ... no shutting down of oil, gas or coal ... no wars ... no inflation and no high cost of living ... all of these disasters exist under Biden.

Amusingly, the guy who has several simultaneous ongoing disasters under his Presidency is saying that ... "no, no, no ... I am the good guy ... my opposition is the one who is bad". It is all false information and hollow fear mongering.

Obama campaigning for Biden is going to backfire on him ... let alone helping Biden get votes, it is going to reduce Obama's legitimacy more and more. The more Obama is going to associate himself with Biden's policies, the more people will lose trust in him.

I have been alerting since one year of the SM plan to remove Biden, Obama and Trump from Presidential leadership. I alerted them ... told them to mold and change policies several times ... but all requests fell on deaf ears.

So, now why the shock and why the surprise when your defeat and elimination is standing right in front of you? You didn't give a shit for an entire year ... and now, you are surprised.

This is not about just you and me ... Presidential leadership is not arranged by just you and me. Obama-Biden remain continuously stuck in "conventional politics" where they either blame me or ignore me or try to bargain with me ... they completely under-estimate the Ocean that holds their ship afloat.