Okay ... Uncle Biden ... here is a sign that determines how "successful" your Presidency is ... "the debt ceiling". You are saying that ... "look at the jobs! Look at the growing economy! Look at the rise of small businesses! I am taxing the rich! I am reducing the deficit! I am cutting the spending!"

If all of this is true and if you are actually in the right direction ... then please tell me why do you have to raise the debt ceiling every single year of your Presidency? Why do we have to borrow more just to make the ends meet? Why is America, the greatest nation on the planet, on the verge of default every single year if the debt ceiling is not raised?

How are you a successful country when you have to borrow more and more and more every single year just to pay your bills? How are you a successful country when you go down in debt by the trillions every single year?

This is the "economic fact" where Presidents simply lie and mislead the American people. Even Trump sat there blowing his horn saying "look at the jobs, look at the jobs" when we were going down trillions in debt during his Presidency ... he also raised the debt ceiling every single year. How are you any different to Trump, Uncle Biden?

Well, the good news for Ron DeSantis is that ... Trump and Biden are doing everything possible to lose the White House in 2024. Trump has a long list of crimes ... he could get convicted and become ineligible for any government office. And Biden cares only about blowing up trillions again and again ... we have crossed a debt of $30 Trillion and he comes up with a $7 trillion budget. Biden's disastrous policies and actions literally beg for him to be removed from the White House.

Here is where Ron DeSantis comes into the picture. Ron DeSantis is pretty much Trump without the baggage ... it would be pretty easy to create leadership options for him.

Michelle - designing the next Presidency
This is what Michelle Obama should keep in mind ... if our Chosen Ones don't give a shit about America then America won't give a shit about them. If they cannot bring the reforms that America needs, then no one sees a use for them being in the White House. This is the very baseline to maintain the Presidency ... this is the very reason why they were given the Presidency.

Trump and Biden – Dismal failures
If you look at both ... Trump and Biden ... both have been dismal failures in bringing any reforms in America. I have been warning them since Biden's second year that ... if they cannot lead then SM will work on alternate options to lead America. We are pretty much in this state because of their inaction and soon decisions will be made on who will enter the White House in 2024.

At first the Satanic Establishment was only promoting the concepts of being gay and lesbian ... now, since we are showing some acceptance to these configurations, the Establishment is shoving down the "transgender" propaganda down our throats.

Now, we have to apparently show acceptance to transgenders ... guys who cut off their balls and plant pussies on themselves ... we are supposed to treat them as equal to women. We are supposed to allow them to share women's bathrooms and allow them to compete with women in sports and games.

A new level of deviance and irreligion
This is nothing but a new level of bullshit designed to push us away from God and religion ... and show more acceptance to deviance and irreligion. The fact that the Establishment wants us to avoid using the words man and woman ... and become gender neutral ... this again confirms the ideology that the Jewish Establishment looks at non-Jews as animals.

The track that the Establishment is working on is that ... we should become immoral and animalistic ... and stay away from God and religion.

CNN admits Durham report exonerates Trump 'to a degree,' 'devastating' to FBI

Okay let me break it down for you ... this is what Fox News and Donald Trump don't understand about the Durham report. The Establishment blows up the scheme when it no longer needs the scenario. The Establishment no longer needs a Russian collusion with Trump ... why? Because Trump is going to get convicted soon and he will no longer be President, probably. The Durham report is not Trump's exoneration ... but it is a strong signal that Trump is going to be convicted soon. Sometimes, things are not as they seem.

Bush – War on Terror
Let me give you another example of this ... so that you understand better. Bush was supported and allowed to go on an anti-Islamic spree ... about Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden and bla bla bla ... but when Obama was going to win the White House ... they turned the tables against Bush. The entire War on Terror was an Establishment scheme and Bush was only the frontend element.

But when the Establishment knew that a new face will take over America who does not believe in the War on Terror ... then they turned the tables against Bush and blamed everything on Bush. The Establishment kept itself safe ... out of picture ... while blaming Bush. Why? The entire concept of the War on Terror would go bust soon and they no longer needed Bush.

Lol. Well, you hit the nail on the head, Musky. Let me give you an interesting piece of information for you on this. Satanic Jews don't believe that they are the children of Adam and Eve. They have introduced a new character called "Lilith" ... who happens to be a Satanic creature in the form of a seductive woman. It seems ... Adam took a break from Eve and dated this sexual Satanic woman and had a lot of children with her.

These Satanic Jews believe that they are the children of Satan ... that their mother is actually Satan ... and they look like humans only because Adam was the father. This is why even today in Judaism ... if the mother is Jewish then the children are Jewish. If the mother is not Jewish then the children are not Jewish. They are not seeing Judaism as a "religion" ... they see it as a race ... as a species ... they see themselves as a special human species that is authorized to lie, steal, abuse, mislead and even kill the regular non-Jewish human beings who are the children of Eve.

And since God hates Satan ... since God will put Satan and all of his followers in hell ... they hate the regular human species that comes from Eve. That's why they hate God and all religions other than Satanism.

This might be a shock ... but I am not kidding. Just Google "Lilith in Judaism" and you will get the info. In fact, in Judaism, they love Lilith and they hate Eve. Lol.

So, when you say Soros hates humanity ... he indeed actually hates humanity ... since they think that they are a special human species that come from Satan.

Yes, many SM Groups are furious at CNN for giving a platform to Trump especially when he was found guilty of sexual assault. While it seems unreasonable for CNN to do something like that ... many say that Trump simply "bought" a Townhall on CNN. They say, Trump paid CNN to host a Townhall for him.

Trump has been using his Presidential loot in a lot of media activities ... to remove anti-Trump media personnel, to pull in pro-Trump personnel and also to fully sponsor media outlets to blow his horn. Just take a look at his Twitter feed and you will find several media guys always blowing Trump's horn and you will get the ones financed by Trump.

Trump sponsored media outlets
I had actually told Trump to break the Establishment monopoly in the media to stop the anti-Trump propaganda. Trump couldn't do anything much against the Establishment ... instead he chose to simply sponsor a few outlets to blow his horn. Unfortunately, these few outlets are no match to the mainstream media.

If you track how these outlets are getting their funds then you can actually track how Trump is channelizing his Presidential loot in America to these media channels. You might find some dummy companies in between that are used to move the funds.

This page is for Pro-Trump SM Groups.

Its not 2016
Trump tries to keep on moving forward as if things are during 2016. He had many issues then and he was maintained under several protective shells ... mainly because, we had Hillary on the other side. For the good of America, Trump was protected and kept safe ... so that he could lead America into a new era.

Now, Trump is realizing that things are not as in 2016. We have been telling him since his third year itself that ... "there is no Hillary on the other side ... all of them are anti-war candidates ... you have to lead America out of its Establishment crisis in order to remain President" ... and Trump didn't listen.

Presidential Harassment
Now, if I tell Trump ... we will try to help you but you need to work with us and lead America right ... then Trump will say that "this is harassment ... this is Presidential harassment". So, if we try to help Trump in his bad times then he will try to blame his bad times on us. That's the problem with him. Trump is self-destructing all on his own since a long time now.

Relations were improving with Russia and things were calming down ... this seems to be Establishment malice designed to worsen relations between America and Russia.

A simple call or clarification should manage this situation. This is not something that can be taken easy or ignored ... its something like Russia carrying out a drone attack on the White House targeting the life of the US President. Its similar to an act of war. And we all know who wants this war between America and Russia ... this act is nothing but their creativity.

Whoever carried out this attack ... it is drastic for the relations between Russia and the West ... its horrible for world peace and stability. Biden should contain this situation. If you don't contain this situation right now ... then don't be surprised if Russia plans a tit-for-tat attack. They might already be planning it as we speak. Its highly advisable that Biden doesn't remain silent and doesn't ignore this situation.

America's economic decline continues by the trillions and we continue to remain on the edge of a nuclear war with Russia. Nothing has changed since Obama ... 3 chosen Presidents and all 3 failed to bring systemic change in America.

Michelle ... for how long do you think we will guide and protect America? Its already been 14 years in the game ... for how long do you think that we will continue this? The moment you or me are removed from the game ... a nuclear war will happen.

The "balance" that we maintain out there only ensures that a nuclear war will not happen. The Establishment remains untouched ... there are several attempts to start a conflict with Russia ... the Establishment will continue to pursue this track again and again and again.

We have already lost two good players in the game ... Angela Merkel and Abe Shinzo ... both of them due to health reasons. The Establishment skewed their food and drinks and made it impossible for them to lead. Even Putin is being targeted ... reports are there that even he is getting sick.

For how long do you think that you and me will remain in the game? The moment we get someone who doesn't give a shit about what you say ... then your control will be gone. The moment anything happens to me then ... I will be gone.

As a result ... our kids will get nuked Michelle ... our kids will get nuked. We can simply sit there only averting a nuclear war and our Chosen Ones can continue their trillions of loot again and again ... but eventually, you and me will move out of the game. The Establishment exists in its fullest strength ... its a massive entity ... they will pursue their goals. A nuked West & Russia ... China as the only world Superpower ... the entire world enslaved, controlled and dependent on them is their goal.

Is this why we are in Presidential leadership ... to see our children get nuked? Do nothing but loot? Only to save our ass from nukes and to eventually to see our children getting nuked?

Doing nothing but loot will make sure that our children will get nuked.

Trump Indicted
Well, look at the bright side ... Trump is popular again ... for the wrong reasons ... as usual. If you saw 2016 then Trump was very very popular ... for the wrong reasons ... he wanted to deport millions of immigrants ... ban Muslims from entering the United States ... and got a major sex scandal. Despite all of this negative publicity, Trump still became the President of the United States.

This process that Biden has begun ... it can very well work in Trump's favor ... giving him all of the publicity and coverage that he needs ... getting him billions worth of free publicity. This process will help Democrats only if there is a fast tracked conviction for at least one crime which should disable Trump from holding public office. Until and unless there is a conviction ... this process is only going to help Trump.

Yeah, even I see the efforts that Biden is trying to make to get re-elected ... making sure that he doesn't have primary challengers ... trying to indict Trump ... but the problem with Biden's re-election is that ... it will be a continued disaster for America for another 4 years.

With his current policies, Biden has little support to remain in the White House. This might seem to be good news for Trump ... but even his case is pretty much the same. Both of them don't have strong support to get the White House this time. The common reason being ... both of them don't know shit what has to be done out there ... both of them have accumulated trillions of additional debt every year ... and both of them have failed to live up to the responsibilities that were entrusted to them.

Trump and Biden might not get the White House in 2024
Given the White House to Trump or Biden in 2024 only means that ... we will get another $8 Trillion in additional debt ... all crises will continue ... and we will remain on the verge of the nuclear war with Russia as both of them have not touched the Establishment in any sphere whatsoever.

Yes, I have kept options open for Trump and Biden along with Elon Musk and Bill de Blasio ... but it doesn't mean that Trump and Biden actually have the support to get the White House. The "options" will work for them only and only when they fight for the "right policies" for America. Otherwise, no one sees a need for them in the White House.

A million protesters on the streets in Paris ... and as usual the Jewish Establishment media in the US completely censors what’s happening there.

Why are protests against Macron not covered in the US? Because Macron is a banker puppet and America is itself in a massive debt crisis. If the American people connected "bankers to the debt crisis" then the same protests would happen in America.

The Bankers in America are trying to save their ass by censoring what's happening in Paris. The Bankers would rather prefer a nuclear war between America and Russia than being exposed in the massive debt crisis.

Chosen Ones creating Nuclear War scenarios
Interestingly, our Chosen Ones are gladly creating scenarios of a nuclear war again and again. This is not the first time we are saving the world from a nuclear war. America is on the verge of a nuclear war against Russia since the Obama Presidency. Then came Trump and then came Biden ... 14 years later nothing has changed ... we are still one step away from a nuclear war. Why? Because our Chosen Ones don't do shit other than loot trillions.

America is a burning building sinking $2 Trillion in debt every single year since Trump ... on the verge of a nuclear war ... and what are our leaders doing? Sex obsessed crooks. They are busy with shitty sexual gimmicks so that they can stick to the trillion dollar lottery and not having to bear the responsibilities that come with the White House. In their looting spree, we have come on the verge of nuclear war and they don't even realize it.