As of now, this is the scenario of each candidate.

Donald Trump
He is technically the most disliked person in the race ... mainly because he was busy blowing his horn and looting trillions when he should have saved America. He came with a "Make America Great Again" slogan ... doesn't do shit for one full year and then says ... America is already great so my next slogan is "Keep America Great".

Everybody already knows that our Chosen Presidents don't know what has to be done ... so, they expect coordination, understanding, an open mind and the use of logical thinking and decision making. Instead of doing this ... what they have done is ... they say "I will make America great again! I will make America great again!" And once the Presidency is given to them ... they switch, don't do shit, don't make any major reform, go on a looting spree and call themselves the greatest President ever ... even better than George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

This is the reason Trump is the person who is disliked the most by SM Groups. This is his negative side. However, he has some groups in favor of him ... since he also happens to be the one who coordinated the most via the online mode and at least, he took a few actions to stop wars and disasters from happening ... and supported some positive policies.

What's important about following Trump's policies that it is creating a leading Presidential candidate in the race? Good question. It is not actually "Trump’s policies" ... these are our policies ... these are people centric policies. "Make America Great Again" is only the slogan that Trump came up with. We were talking about fixing America's crises since 8 years even before Trump became President.

Being Pro-Russia, using all sources of energy including oil, gas and coal, no new wars and ending of all wars, holding China accountable, tariffs on China, bringing jobs back from China ... all of these are our policies where we guided Trump how to operate.

Trump learnt and took an entire Presidential term to put these policies in motion. All of these are good policies that build the Nation. Biden was supposed to take these policies forward. But he has done the opposite on most issues ... that's why, America is sinking more rapidly under Biden.

Ron DeSantis – Maintaining America’s success and progress
But when Ron DeSantis is replicating Trump ... he doesn't realize that he is actually copying and maintaining all of the progress that we made during Trump. When Ron DeSantis comes with all Trump policies ... he actually is coming with all of the progress and good things done under Trump. That's why Ron DeSantis is a lead candidate among Republicans.

So, Uncle Biden is wondering if I am going to ask him to rip up his climate change policies. This is what he should understand first … selecting the next President is a 6 hat strategy. There are several SM Groups involved … each of them operate with their own thinking, analysis and objectives. We have to think of how they think and operate … in order to understand what they want next and what they will do next.

When I write about Pro-Trump groups … I will write a different process and strategy. When I write about Pro-DeSantis Groups … I will write a different process and strategy and the same applies when I write about you. Because all 3 of you have support groups with different thinking, analysis and objectives.

So, when I write about other groups … then I will talk about ripping up Biden’s policies … his climate change hoax … ripping up all multi-trillion dollar spending programs. This is because … this is how Pro-Trump and Pro-DeSantis groups will operate … this is what they will want.

Don’t get confused that … this is what I will want from you as well. Because if you do this then it will come as a shocker for all top Democrats and you won’t be able to manage the movement in your favor.

No Coordination is Self-Destruction
When our Chosen Presidents don’t coordinate with me to solve America’s crises … then it is pretty much self-destruction for their political careers. Why? Because … for example … Uncle Biden … he doesn’t know the head or tail of the Establishment. He has no idea what the hell the Establishment is doing, let alone knowing how to stop its malice.

Millions of people died during the War on Terror and trillions were spent … millions of people died during the Pandemic and trillions were spent … now, trillions are being spent on climate change … are we waiting for millions of people to die with complete cities being burnt down? The Establishment has moved from one type of terrorism to another … from wars to pandemics to environmental terrorism … right under Biden’s nose … and he has no idea what the hell is going on.

Each of these terrorism programs have cost us trillions in taxpayer money, millions of lives and our Chosen Presidents don’t know shit. Despite not knowing anything … they refuse to coordinate … thus allowing full-scale flourishing malice of the Establishment across the globe.

No coordination means … no understanding of what is going on … no stopping of malice and crime … no stopping of mass terrorism programs … no stopping of trillions of wasteful expenditure … no stopping of the killing of millions of people. This is what no coordination with us means.

Holding personal grudges against me will not solve anything. "Ow he said this and he said that ... thus, I am going to ignore him and not work with him." This is not going to help in their political career at all.

All of our activities are "people based" ... all analysis is done based on the people ... it doesn't matter if you are Trump or Obama or Biden or Warren or Hillary or anyone else. This is Nation Management ... you are dealing with the top Directors who manage the Nation.

All of our discussions, evaluations, decision making, who will win and who will lose ... everything is based on the people. Its all about how your actions and policies are impacting the people. They won't care if you are a Democrat or a Republican or who you are. You are President because they gave you the Presidency ... you will not be President because they will take it away as easy as they gave it to you.

Have to be “people centric”
This is how SM operates. You are chosen to solve America's crises ... you are not chosen to hold grudges against the very people who gave you the Presidency.

Seems like this election year is going to be quite interesting. During 2020, we were creating the paths of victory for two candidates … Trump and Biden. But for 2024, we will be creating paths of victory for 3 candidates … Biden, Trump and Ron DeSantis.

America’s Crises
The first thing that Ron DeSantis should understand in order to become President is that … America is a sinking ship … it is sinking trillions in debt every single year and it is shuttling towards the iceberg at great speed. There can be a massive economic meltdown in the coming years if nothing is done about the debt crisis and the several crises that interconnect with the debt crisis.

Technically, Trump and Biden were specifically chosen to work on these crises and change America’s direction. But both of them have failed in doing so. Since Trump failed in leading America out of its crises, he automatically created a leadership vacuum which was filled by Biden.

When Trump failed, we created a leadership combination of Biden backed by Obamas to lead America … to work on its crises and to take America into a new era. Biden was given the victory over Trump … mainly to work on these crises. But the moment Uncle Biden got the Presidency, he chose to go on a looting spree rather than work on any crisis whatsoever. Instead of solving any crisis, Biden has initiated several multi-trillion dollar mass spending policies which are crisis in their own.

Our guys continue to follow the Obama Era "parasite model" of working with us. We had allowed and agreed Obama to be a parasite on our work as there was no coordination required at that time. Our works were only about stopping wars and the need for coordination was not there.

America is sinking
Now, America is sinking in trillions of debt every single year. The debt piled up by the entire Establishment by the end of Bush's term was about $10 Trillion. Today, we have crossed $30 trillion of debt under Obama, Trump and Biden. Our three guys have created two times more debt than the entire Establishment combined.

This debt cannot be wiped out via the "parasite model". You can't just sit there and expect solutions from one person and from one website. There are elaborate and comprehensive efforts required that involve specialists from several fields ... systems need to be changed and new systems need to be created ... it is impossible to do this via the parasite model.

Leaders interested only in the loot
What SM Groups say is that ... these guys are sticking to the parasite model as "they have no intention of changing anything in America ... they are sticking to the power just for the loot ... what sense does it make to keep such guys in power?".

This is a change that Michelle has to bring from the leadership in America. If it is not possible from the White House then she should look at options from within the Senate or Governors at the State level. There are several options available ... we only need some "leaders with a conscience" who can do what is right for America.

A very Happy Birthday, King Barack. May God bless you with the wisdom, courage and consistency to work with us to create a new era for America and the world. May God make you one of the key leaders who will reform the world.

May God not allow you to sit on your ass and don't do shit while America burns in debt. Lol.

Thank you Meghan Markle
Thank you Meghan Markle for stopping the trashing of the Royal Family. I hope you find peace, happiness and success.

Musk is "lifting weights" to prepare for the fight?
Well, its a cage fight ... Elon Musk can fight any way he wants. He doesn't have to stick to Jujitsu. He doesn't have to play the other guy's game.

The best way to destroy the other guy ... is by destroying his game. Never play the other guy's game ... instead, play a bigger game that destroys his game and gives you power over him. How do you think we defeat the Establishment every time?

Knowing Jujitsu will help ... you will know what's coming at you. But if you play the other guy's game then know that ... he will have more chances of winning as he is generally good in his game. Instead, use fighting skills that don't even allow him to come close to you. The guy can use Jujitsu only when you allow him to wrap himself around you. He will jump like a frog and wrap himself around you like a snake. If you allow him to do this ... then he will play his game. But if you knock the hell out of him using other fighting skills like kick-boxing ... then he won't even get a chance to play his game.

Moreover, I watched a couple of videos of him ... he isn't that good in Jujitsu. He is just a beginner trying to do what the manual says.