Trump in a nutshell
Trump definitely made progress when compared to other Presidents in terms of leadership to do what is right. He started working with facts and logic to do what is right … surpassed misleading from all directions … ended wars, did not start any new wars, stayed away from all disasters of Socialism, mass spending and Establishment propaganda like Climate Change.

Generally, the Establishment misleads and pulls President to the wrong track and fails their Presidency … like Bush and Obama. Bush was a complete failure while Obama was understanding and trying to dodge Establishment malice. But when Trump was concerned, the Establishment didn't fail Trump ... Trump failed Trump.

Trump chose to remain in "cycles of humiliation" when the Establishment would continuously humiliate him, demonize him, investigate him, initiate lawsuits and try to put him in jail … Trump would put up with all of the humiliation and still he would never take action against them.

He chose to protect the Establishment and also started calling himself a part of the Establishment. Yes, there were no new wars and disasters during Trump but there was no progress either … trillions continued to drain from the country every year … and we got the highest debt and deficits under Trump.

Trump was completely self-obsessed … doing nothing, making no reforms, taking no action on the criminals destroying America … but continued to blow his horn, loot by the trillions and save his ass. He started calling himself better than George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with this kind of performance.

Trump loves two things … money and fame … politics give him both. He gets to loot by the trillions and gets to blow his horn on the National stage.

Politics is a business transaction for Trump … he invests his money and multiplies it by hundreds of times. Leadership is not about bringing reforms, changing lives, saving people, making a great America … Trump is nowhere connected to all of this. Its always all about him ... Trump is about Trump.

Trump stopped all new wars not because it was the right thing to do but mainly because wars were a "jail trap" from Trump by the Establishment. SM was protecting Trump from the Establishment's investigations and lawsuits … but if Trump started new wars then SM protective shields would drop and they would allow Trump to be sent to jail. It was about Trump saving his ass and blowing his horn for maintaining peace.

When the pandemic began and Democrats didn't have anyone to match a candidate against him … Trump entered a self-destruct mode.

Trump started a lot of large scale criminal activities by teaming up with Establishment elements and world leaders … like multiplying the pandemic by 10 times, trying to take the entire US Capitol hostage, sky rocketing the border crisis, sponsoring the Ukraine war and he has been trying to defy and fail the Biden Presidency from every angle possible.

The guy that was chosen to save America and the world … he gave in to the Satanic Establishment and got involved in genocidal and large scale destructive activities. This is the Trump Presidency in a nutshell … a wonderful, unique and rare Presidential disaster.

The third unique and rare Presidential disaster - Joseph R Biden
Since Trump failed miserably … takes 4 years and doesn't do shit … other than looting and blowing his horn … we needed someone who could "surpass Trump" and take America forward. Thus we created the Obama-Biden Presidency.

We needed someone who had prior knowledge of at least the concepts of Establishment malice … when we lost Trump, Obamas were the obvious choice. Establishment misleading was rampant during Obama with several wars and several countries being destroyed … Obama had learnt some basics about the Establishment malice in terror events, the false propaganda, the involvement of Netanyahu and Israel and how Russia could help us wipe out terrorist armies.

Training a fresh candidate on the job takes a lot of time … it takes years … Obama himself completed two terms with only basic know how of Establishment malice in wars. We wanted to speed up a few things … so, we created a configuration of a new President backed by Obama. So that Obama could work with the new candidate and take things forward rapidly instead of wasting several years only in intro information.

Along with Biden, Obama failed as well
Logically, the concept made a lot of sense … but Obama's leadership was disappointing. He couldn't lead, he couldn't change anyone, nobody listened to him and the very purpose of making him a part of the team became useless.

Biden never understood the words "surpass Trump"
Trump surpassed conventional politics … stood against his own Party leaders … made his own decisions in several spheres trying to stop wars and disasters … Trump made the Republican Party a party of Trump. Biden didn't understand this at all … nor did Obama succeed in guiding him correctly.

Obama played a very childish scheme of "pretend to contact" … take the Presidency … and then do whatever the Party tells you to do.

Obama-Biden made a complete reversal into conventional politics
Of party puppetry, Establishment propaganda, Establishment's disastrous trillions of spending, false schemes of Climate Change to spend trillions of taxpayer money … they were not able to stop new wars either … nor do they have any control over their own Party ... everybody does their thing.

Biden's zero initiatives against the Establishment
Obama's style is "be friends with everybody" … the same is being preached by Biden … "I want a united America!" … which means that Mr. Biden will also not take any action on the culprits that are burning down America.

Trump made a hefty payment to Biden not to take any criminal action against him … no indictment and no convictions despite the many large-scale criminal activities. Instead of taking action on Trump … Biden has made Trump his Guru. The guy can't take a stand against a simple hotel owner what will he stand against $500 Trillion Bankers with an Establishment network of tens of thousands of companies?

A disaster in every direction
As a result of a "united America and being friends with everybody" … we have a disaster in every direction under Biden.

  • The Establishment continues to drain wealth by the trillions creating the highest debt and deficits.
  • The Establishment has launched new schemes of looting by the trillions like Climate Change. Climate change is real but no way in hell it needs trillions of taxpayer money to fix the problem.
  • Biden is on a looting spree of his own with about $2-3 Trillion in almost every scheme that he comes up with.
  • Trump is busy sponsoring disasters like the multiplication of the pandemic, the border crisis and the Ukraine war … he is exploring several other locations for wars as well.
  • Obama is as usual everyone's darling … following White people, following the Party and making some moolah in the process.

As an end result, what the American people have got is … the highest debt, trade deficits, inflation, cost of living, new wars, world migration, pandemics and on the verge of a war against Russia.

Biden's record breaking multi-disaster Presidency
Never ever before America did go through all of these crises simultaneously … highest spending, highest debt, deficits, inflation, cost of living, wars, pandemics and be on the verge of a Nuclear war with Russia.

The best solution that Biden has for all of these crises is … "look at the jobs … everything is fine".

  • Paying 3 times for gas? Look at the jobs … everything is fine.
  • 1,000 Americans dying everyday? Look at the jobs … everything is fine.
  • Inflation is skyrocketing? Look at the jobs … everything is fine.
  • There is a world migration crisis? Look at the jobs … everything is fine.
  • There is a war in Ukraine? Look at the jobs … everything is fine.
  • We are on the verge of a world war? Look at the jobs … everything is fine.

He is not able to rectify a single crisis whatsoever.

Wonderful, unique and rare Presidential disasters
We failed Establishment candidates and gave the Presidency to new leaders … Establishment independent leaders … who were expected to create phenomenal changes and take America into a new era.

But amusingly, if you observe … the Establishment puppet, George Bush, created a debt in the range of $200-400 Billion per year and our wonderful "Establishment independent" candidates … each of them has created a debt of about $1-3 Trillion per year … making them 10-15 times worse than George Bush.

  • Obama is a unique and rare Presidential disaster who shows incompetence and inaction in every crisis … he allows everyone to do their shit and never takes down the bad guys. He stood in front of a burning building giving long moral science speeches on hate, fear and division while burning 6 other buildings and not realizing that his own building is on fire.
  • Donald Trump is a unique and rare Presidential disaster who is not incompetent … but he is a self-worshiping criminal psycho … instead of saving America, he is busy burning down the world … thinking that this will get him re-elected. He was busy building a border wall around a burning building and then he went on a looting spree inside the burning building.
  • Joe Biden is another wonderful unique and rare Presidential disaster … who is running a multi-disaster Presidency … allowing everyone to create their disasters. It’s a combo of all disasters possible … from Bush's wars to Obama's incompetence to Trump's looting spree and Establishment malice. Every disaster is in its fullest form in the Biden Presidency. “What burning building? What disaster? I need my trillions … I need my trillions. This is the Biden Presidency.” He doesn’t give a shit about anything or anyone but his trillions.

Michelle n Musk … this is just a preview of how lovely the disasters that Obama, Trump and Biden are. It is in this time of multiple simultaneous crises and massive misleading from all directions that we have to design the next Presidency. No way in hell should Michelle n Musk follow any of these 3 Presidents ... all are unique and rare disasters on their own.